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  1. Yes, several times. Timely, dependable and pleasant folks, start to finish. A friend with more mobility issues than I regularly used the full range of options: met when getting off the plane, golf cart to immigration, VIP line through immigration, luggage pick up at the carousel, taken directly out to where the limo was waiting and delivered to the front door of his hotel. It made the trip possible for him. Because you're brought through the Diplomatic lanes at Immigration they DO request no tank tops, flip flops or "other wear that might be deemed inappropriate by the officers". Around $55USD if you also book a limo (at an additional cost), a little more if you want to get your own taxi.
  2. That sounds like the best idea overall - thank you. He's traveling with a taxi service I've had good luck with for the last few trips and they've replied advising him to allow five to six hours for the trip, too.
  3. Thanks for all of the suggestions so far. He's in Pattaya for a convention that weekend and has an obligation in Pattaya on Saturday evening that'll prevent an overnight in Bangkok - that was my first thought, too. I'm booking the taxi for him so I'll see if the suggestions on routes help. At this point I'm just building slack into the schedule so he doesn't miss the flight from DMK. There's still a couple of weeks before this needs to work.
  4. Although there are more than likely a thousand variables involved with getting from Pattaya by car to catch a flight out of Don Muang airport I'm trying to come up with an answer for a friend visiting soon for the first time, and any & all input (well, beggars can't be choosers!) would be appreciated. He'll be catching a flight out of there early on a Sunday afternoon, and the best I've been able to gather so far is to allow five to six hours. That means leaving Pattaya early on Sunday morning, so maybe the worst of the traffic would be in Bangkok itself? I've never made this transfer myself - haven't even been to DMK in seven years.
  5. Thank you, vinapu! I learned something new about the forum today... and no day I learn new things is a wasted day. Across the spectrum of my interests I only participate in perhaps six to eight other forums altogether; I'll check it on them, too.
  6. A suggestion/request... if it's possible to add. At the top of a thread on some forums there's a spot to click that takes you to where the thread was when you last saw it, i.e. the "First unread post" on Gaybutton's board. Maybe I'm in a minority that use those, but they're handy. Thanks to all involved for the time and effort involved in keeping this behemoth moving forward.
  7. I appreciate the time and effort. On to the next, and away we go!
  8. I've had copies of a few editions of The Men of Thailand, and it IS worth searching out. I've seen it at the Dasa Book Cafe on Sukhumvit... I'd try there. 714/4 Sukhumvit Rd
  9. Hmmm. Here's another new-ish member standing there "innocently" stirring up silt on "how much to tip", "bare-backing", "using the term boys" and the likes. It's as if nobody notices him repeatedly regurgitating topics already beaten to a pulp before being locked.
  10. Besides, he left out - the city you were born in - the name of your first pet - your mother's maiden name, and - bank routing/account number to send your 1,000,000 USD for transfer. Please help.
  11. Hopefully they'll do justice at the new location. I have fond memories of two visits to the Dusit over the years - one into the night for Loy Krathong. Evidently there will be one less beautiful spot to observe it this year if they close on the 30th of September.
  12. Thank you, paborn. Rather than go off topic I've sent you a PM. DivineMadman is currently the best reference for massage shops, though... no question.
  13. True about the partial half-full items. Two ounces of liquid in a six ounce container still doesn't pass. I bring a couple of empty 2-ounce bottles and fill them if I have to take a short trip with just a carry on.
  14. While casual Public Displays of Affection don't bother me (regardless of who's participating) I think it's nice to go along with the old saying "when in Rome, do as the Romans" and show reasonable restraint when others are present who may be made uncomfortable - and that'd include at breakfast with mixed couples and families.
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