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  1. Opposite side to Screwboys.
  2. The recipient of the show is chosen by Mamasan on the day or the previous day. Normaly regular customer or their friend become the recipient. Beforehand Mamasan ask them if they are ok to appear on the show or not. You get to touch six pack of Arm and Boom. lol No garland necessary. My friend who is a regular customer was asked by mamasan if he wants to appear on the show but he declined saying he is not bottom. lol
  3. I was talking to a Cambodian boy who does visa run every 2 weeks. He said it’s a 4 hour journey to reach the border in a van.
  4. Vinapu, It’s a matter of logistics rather than applying for mamasans permission. In order to do DIY garland. 1. You buy stapler at nearby “ All 60 baht shop” 2. You arrange baht notes evenly and staple together at your hotel before you go out. 3. You got to smuggle the garland discreetly into the bar and hide it if the boy sit with you in order to surprise him later. 4. If you are sitting far away from the stage, you need to run to present it as soon as the boy appears on the stage. I decided it’s a too much hassle so let mamasan do the dirty work. LOL
  5. You just give the money for the garland to mamasan with 100-200 tip. They would staple baht notes together and present it to your favourite boy. Unless of course you want to present it by yourself with a kiss. lol
  6. Jasper


    Apparently this Taiwanese clinic can heal Babe’s HHD ( Horny Hard Dick ) Syndrome. LOL
  7. Thanks for recruiting? P to Jupiter. Lately there was a severe shortage of boys particularly show boys in Jupiter and mamasan and owner sometimes had to make a emergency call to show boy such as Arm on off duty day asking to come to do the shows. I hope P can dance. Him being a Thai helps too in terms of avoiding absence penalty of 500 baht a day. Ex Jupiter Cambodian boy who left recently and move to Freshboy told me that he does visa run every two weeks so he had to take days off and pay penalties to Jupiter.
  8. The last year on Buddhist holiday 24 October, the whole soi Twilight closed while Jupiter, Moonlight, Screwboys were opened serving non alcoholic drinks.
  9. Karaoke singers with 1000 baht garland each given by a Thai customer.
  10. Let’s hope the new Dream boy would reduce off fee too. My friend’s regular boy apparently said that almost all customers complain about 650 baht off fee to him as if there is something he can do about it.
  11. After we left Moonlight we decided to go to Screwboys since they open late night. We entered the bar, initially shocked by cigarette smoking ambience and on second look, the place was packed with 30+boys all shapes and sizes, very very thin almost starving looking boys included.I couldn’t see the back of the bar clearly but the bar seemed full of customers. I found ex Jupiter boy smiling at me, he moved to Moonlight last November but now he is at Screwboys. We sat at near stage as the good seats were already filled with customers. All boys were wearing white and blue striped underwear and the place looked like an old fashioned sleazy gogo bar from old times. The difference of boys attitude was striking, boys looking at you smiling, obviously eager for an off, my friend commented it’s a quite refreshing as he got so used to Jupiter/Moonlight boys. Unfortunately, mamasans, customers and boys are all smoking cigarettes like there’s no tomorrow adding the place is very compact and stuffy, I decided I could not stay any longer since I wasn’t wearing gas mask. Mamasan said the show starts 1:00 am. The drink was 300 baht.
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