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  1. Patpong gogo bar, Pink Panther, next to Screw Boy Drink 130b Ladies drink 180b Bar fine 800 b Short time 3000b
  2. Launch Party 19 May 2019 A couple of Dreamboy boys were invited.
  3. Soi Twilight has closed and most of the bars moved to Patpong 2. For a ripped fitness model type, try Moonlight bar.
  4. Le Meridian, Crowne Plaza, Pullman G
  5. Jasper


    Moonlight will be closed 18 May (Saturday)due to Buddhist Non-Alcohol Day.
  6. Jasper

    Screw Boy

    How do you know Nut? from Muay Thai?
  7. Jasper

    Screw Boy

    Men in uniform party
  8. Drim, is that your hand touching cowboy hat guy’s body at 3:20?
  9. Drim, Jupiter dismantled shower booth and replaced by a couple of tables and chairs on the elevated floor for the better view.
  10. Sexy Sexy Lover
  11. Jasper


    Has anyone noticed that Moonlight model Lucky is listed under “our staff” page on the Prince website. http://www.theprincebkk.com/our-staff/page/3/
  12. Yes they do. Surprisingly they only take small spread. Once I have exchanged £1000 worth of baht to GBP there.
  13. Jasper


    This evening Babe and Boom were spotted walking Suriwong road with two Chinese female customers who seem to be friends with each other. I wonder they are sharing the same hotel room.
  14. Jupiter boy #76 has been taken off from the bar scene by a Chinese female customer recently. He was spotted in Moonlight dressed in Gucci head to toe accompanying the customer. Increasingly, I hear female customers are keeping her boy away from working in the bar and retaining him while she has an infatuation with him.
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