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  1. Jasper

    sending money

    abidismaili, They are trolling you. I have visited gogo boys’ apartment a few times, very local Thai only apartment block with rental fee from 3000 - 8000 baht per month. They receive postal mails at their rooms. Each apartment has room number written at the door. I don’t know if apartment care taker delivers to their each letter box rather than postman. I have also bought gym equipments for gogo boy and he wrote his apartment address when asked by the shop assistant where to deliver. The delivery company called 30 min. before and delivered & installed the equipment on time. A Jupiter boy has once told me he bought a fake gold chain on internet for 200 baht, so even gogo boys do shop online. lol
  2. Nattapol Diloknawarit is the guy who plays Keaton in the Netflix series. The actor is also known as Max from “Together with Me.” Instagram account. maxiiin_
  3. Kings Corner 1 is a mixed go go bar. Ladyboys and girls working together. There are also ladyboys working in Kings Garden.
  4. #34, a Myanmar boy with nice brown body without tattoos. #34 on the right
  5. Jasper


    Yes. He still work at Fake Club. His Instagram account is blend.pan
  6. The new Dreamboy is on Patpong 2 opposite side of Screwboys.
  7. Jasper

    The 13

    This documentary is on Netflix.
  8. Jasper


    Mr Nakkie OMG
  9. Jasper


    The new Dreamboy still has ladyboys “Miss World” contest show, consequently, ladyboys big cock show that alone put me off greatly whereas Moonlight has only minor role for ladyboy. Jupiter also does not have stand alone ladyboy show and always with boys.
  10. Thais can only travel visa free to Albania and Russia in Europe and it’s not easy to get Schengen Visa either. https://www.henleypassportindex.com/passport
  11. I do the same. Wear a pair of gloves and clean table and screen with antibacterial wipes. Wear a face mask to keep out germs from people coughing and eye mask for sleep however I don’t bring a blanket with me. As she said in the video, I don’t care what people think since I hate getting sore throat / fever after flights.
  12. Is the presenter “Boss” the same guy with “Q”, T’s old boyfriend in Bangkok G Story episode 21-23 Ko Samet version?
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