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  1. And now Banana Bar has just confirmed their earlier than planned Soi Twilight bar closure too - very sad, so many happy memories there with their end of an Era party on the 29th March :-(
  2. Actually in the UK at least I believe the threshold for additional scrutiny being required IS the £10k and over mark, so just take care that you're not quietly flagging up your own account for further attention else where if there's movements there you'd rather HRMC etc weren't looking at "too" closely ! I'm guessing it's fairly much little odds now as it seems HMRC etc have some super duper new joined up computer / software that is already pulling info about us from ALL sorts of places that we wouldn't immediately think if such as flight ticket purchases, ALL electronic money transfers, investment income and interest, property deeds held with rent due on them and an absolute ton of other stuff - I actually watched a programme about it a while back, all very interesting / scary IF true. Or a damned good well placed fake news story they've released to encourage people to play straight. I do know from conversations with HMRC staff that versions of the above DO actually exist so I'm guessing there is some truth to it all as well. Oh.....a quick google search confirms the existence of same it seems ....... https://www.companydebt.com/hmrc-tax-problems/hmrcs-connect-computer-system-used-tax-compliance/ https://www.telegraph.co.uk/tax/return/taxman-unleashes-snooper-computer-information-does-have/
  3. Ha, I'm glad someone else noticed as I thought it was just my OCD kicking in, but yes you're absolutely right, almost impossible to close the door without losing a knuckle each and every bloody time !
  4. Moses said - "Good try. But I will not buy it dear.' Hmmm? There was no attempt at "trying" anything, dont be getting all defensive again there Moses. I (wrongly it seems) assumed that you farmed out your server hosting and back up etc to another company to do and so assumed that it was their systems that had fallen over and also assumed that they'd simply reloaded from the wrong back up ( as I said in my post). As apparently that's not the case and it is just you yourself hosting on your own server there then fair enough, these things happen I guess and if you've only lost 12 hours of posts then it's not the end of the world. My point about maybe losing random pearls of wisdom "forever" by posters was of course totally tongue in cheek as I doubt the world revolves on anything posted on any of the boards ( no matter how much some posters might like to think otherwise about the importance of their and our collective posts !)
  5. Looks like someone has reloaded from an old back up - lets just hope that they HAD made their more recent back ups as they should have and that it's just a matter of they've selected the wrong file to go from otherwise it looks like posts will be forced back to 10th November perhaps and anything past that lost maybe - fingers crossed. I'm sure Moses will be having words with those responsible, either for the breakdown or lack of swift action to repair and or replacement of correct last back up as for any server company to tell you "sorry it's the weekend we'll have a look at that but it might be Monday before we get anywhere with it - and then install the wrong / an old backup " maybe wouldn't be a company you'd instantly be thinking of hosting your site on. But maybe there's a simple explanation and all will be repaired and updated back to normal again shortly - lets hope so anyway - as I dont know WHAT we'll all do if even just some of the many pearls of ( alleged) wit and wisdom that are shared there between some of us are lost FOREVER never to be recovered !! Ohhh the very thought if that - God FORBID!!! lol
  6. And ( perhaps NOT) more surprisingly do you mean that farang are STILL hammering out "My Way" as out go to standard karaoke song !?? I mean COME ON guys. get with the times, it was funny when the boys were laughing at us 10 and 15 years ago as "my way" was apparently the only song they thought farang knew, but hell it's 2018 we're STILL at it it seems, it's just embarrassing ! I mean surely come on as ....now.......the end is near and so we face the final curtain...... SHIT ! we're off again it seems ! :-)
  7. Actually I'm with Bucky on that one as the amount of Chinese tat that's being sold in the malls and stalls in Thailand now is ridiculous - and the same for many other Asian Countries - and actually even bloody Benidorm in spain etc ! The Chinese seem to have set up a world wide distribution and supply centre for "tourist tat" as no matter where I go it's the same shite from the same factories and if you're lucky it's got the correct name of the Country you're in printed on it - and actually sometimes I've even seem gifts with the WRONG Country name on it too no less ! ( Handy if needing to lie to the metaphorical missus that "no love of COURSE I was in London at a business meeting - whilst actually getting sucked off in Bangkok ! :-) The above items ( especially in Europe) do all seem to be distributed in Chinese owned shops, all selling at roughly the same prices and EXACTLY the same Tat and I wouldn't be surprised to find in years to come that it was a Chinese Government programme to flood the west with their goods and was used as a vehicle for people smuggling and god knows what ( just like chinese restaurants are known to do still even now!)
  8. Foolish shop keeper, I'd of told you to crack on and buy it from China then - in the hope that it eventually arrives with you, in one piece and is of a similar quality of that which you hoped for, especially without you being able to stop and look at it and decide on the purchase, whilst standing in her shop that she's paying the rent for that enables you to have that very benefit - to which your reply is "I can get it cheaper in China" - yep, you'd be told to go head - and to stick your phone where the sun doesn't shine on your way out the door as you went.
  9. Whilst if I took the notion I would help whoever if I so chose ( I VERY rarely do !) but when I receive the usual random "can you help me" bullshit punts I always use the same (half) true answer i.e "Awww I'm so sorry, I'd love to help you if I could but I have an Asian BF here and he and his family need my money first and this month he needs even more than I even have for him, I'm sorry". So, whilst they KNOW that's all probably just as much bullshit as their original request they somehow respect the reverse bullshit and realise you're playing their game right back at them, but if they're left with an doubt somehow it seems that they also seem to accept and believe that if I do and did have an (Asian) BF here that sure as hell MUST be already getting his claws into whatever spare cash they think I've got and so to them my ship has sailed and they just say "ok, no problem" and quickly move on to their next more gullible victim. It's also interesting when they tell you some very specific detail about why thy need the money ( sick parent, motorbike breakdown etc) and a few months from now you ask "so, hows your mothers kidney op going now or how's your new exhaust that you needed?" the first response you usually get is " what, my mums fine what do you mean" quickly followed by a " OHHHH yeah, my mum, yeah she's fine now, her kidney grew back just last week" etc lol - meaning you KNOW they were full of shit the whole time. The crazy thing for us then being that we assume we'll never hear from them again once they've been busted whereas they think nothing of being caught out and just carry on as normal ( if we're stupid enough to let them that is !)
  10. What if the last digit is 2 - so, no tip then ?
  11. Thank god that a Pattaya resident has FINALLY realised that there is life (and sex .....and free sex at that) outside of the pattaya bubble. I've been saying this for years and some just cant' imagine it and I think their own self worth has dropped that low that they figure ( incorrectly) that thats all they'll ever be able to get now - they're wrong - there's a whole big world out there and its definitely worth checking it out sometimes ! PS....."topped me in his prison officer uniform" no less.....now there's the start of a good porn movie scene if there ever was one !
  12. Some pics taken about 3 weeks ago or so I think for what they're worth, they show both the newly concreted Soi and the building work going on in LCR ( I took the pics as I knew that "someone" would be sure to ask ) and also the ( usually) crazy, busy, hard to cross main street at the end of the Soi - so if some one wonders what the quietest of the low season looks like this perhaps gives you some idea !
  13. Yes Christian said that you were very rude to him and just walked on........ shame on you !! lol ( sorry Christian :-)
  14. Thanks for posting, a lovely read on a relaxed Sunday morning here, sounds like a wonderful trip.
  15. BB Inn rooms - basic but fine for short time. Bottom end of Soi twilight, turn right and they're 30 seconds up that street, very close. Or any of the boys will happily take you there / show you I'm sure ( for a drink / tip / fuck).
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