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  1. Yes. Dreamboys had it on their closing show. On their last night one of the boy dancers was illuminated with ‘farewell tonight’ painted on. It was almost the only reference to the place closing down. They were definitely promoting the paradiso in some mic name checks. I’m not sure if it was a final night special but there was an interminable scene where one fat old ladyboy was screwed by two of the big cock guys including full audience tour for tips. The other noticeable thing to me was how many women were in the audience. For the later show I’d guess 25 out of 60 were asian women and quite a lot of couples/mixed sex groups. When I walked past their new place on its first night there was an overspill of the boys having to sit out on the street. If that capacity issues continues will certainly catch the eye of passers by. other brief observations I did a daytime reccy. In the right spot on pat pong 2 you are less than 50 yrs from the entrances to four new bars. Also totally mixed in with the girlie scene. Will the big topless pool bar soon be torsos not tits? New hotmale must be several weeks away judging by building work. Reckon it will hold 150. Decent size space. New fresh boys clearly took over an out of use girlie bar. Again I’d guess 150 if packed in. the interesting place is luckboys. That is big and had some decent capx at one stage. It’s got a small Vegas stage style. It has three tiers and reaching the upper level won’t be for the less nimble.... it wasn’t that well suited to moving people in and out quickly but given its set up and that market now seems to be about tourist ‘shows’ I’d guess it will be the story of 2020.
  2. Now he (bandana man) is touting for Moonlight and perched at entrance to their soi new routine last night saw three of the Moonlight models, including babe, doing towel only dance. Getting more revealing than they were before. sadly no Tam, Sunny or Nicky........
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    Yes. His hair look is better and possibly a venue requirement. I prefer also. The models, and the dancers, join the tables. Of course the reaction from the tables will determine how long they stay and you can see that they know they have to circulate. Esp the popular ones. Most of the time they seem happy with drinking the whisky shots and generally sharing the drinks, often decided who drinks shots after drinking games. All part of making the club work and tick over I guess if they stayed a while it seems a tip of 100 was the market rate. my Thai friends would do this or tell me to from time to time and I wasn’t sure if it was based on how long the guys stayed or how much they were appreciated (or if they’d asked). but certainly not heavy pressure to tip There was a lot of tipping on the runway including the banknote garlands from I guess the Chinese who really love that part Fook did ask for a 100 at the end of night as we made him drink some shots to finish bottle and I did give at beginning of night as guessed it meant he’d keep returning It is a good fun night with some Thais or I guess some Moonlight models in tow and it is much more of a club/party scene than boy to hire and I prefer that vibe For variety there used to be App club but that burnt down apparently and so now not sure if there is much else. Is a place called joob bar and another smaller one on sukhumvit somewhere I think? but Fake is definitely the big grand daddy of them all.
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    Mr Fook from Fake Club last night. Previously of Moonlight
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    So went back to Fake club last night. Less busy so chance to meet models and dancers who as hank75 says do a great job of getting customers to keep drinking.. And who do I see in first 15 minutes but Mr Fook as badge calls it, aka Fluke very friendly and amazing physique he was really working tables well and perhaps Moonlight has given him experience/confidence as clearly one of best at it. Also conscientious to keep rotating we chatted about his shower show and for his second table visit I’d found his shower video which he thought was very entertaining and was showing others no fancy costumes this time and indeed on catwalk show part he was one of star performers moving down catwalk with speedo around his knees as he gyrated and collected tips, hand strategically placed of course. at one point Mr babe came past and they greeted like long lost friends - are they about to poach another?! I couldnt see who he was with anyway I left with his line ID and memories of one sexy dancing/touching at end of night. He was pretty drunk at the end of the night but really friendly. A fun night.
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    I went to fake for New Year’s Eve and have been a few times. Always go with Thai friends and great fun the way they congregate together around the tables. It’s basically a club and I enjoy being somewhere that is less than 1% western faces. Much less of boys on catwalks and dancing this time. Only one show after 1am which was a bit raunchier than before but still at tease end of things. Models circulate on floor for drinks and to engage. Must have strong livers if do it every night. I agree it isn’t a place best to go alone. On Moonlight is there any news of boy I think wore no.8, from south Thailand? He had the best smile I ever saw and lovely personality.
  7. Just thought I’d bounce this back up to say ,for once!, I was a trend setter calling the Moonlight popularity. Haha Was back in there thurs 27. Full but not packed. Didn’t have quite the same energy with routines I felt. And pricier. but still worth a visit ps, what happened to the really cute guy with amazing grin. Worked in the shoe shop and was from southern Thailand?
  8. 18 US DOLLARS in 1982 would be about $48 now. So on exchange rate of today would be about 1500 baht. Of course you also have exchange rates changing and inflation varies in different sectors.
  9. A few thoughts, questions and debate. Welcome feedback as it used to help me decide and be informed. So hopefully helps others as well as me. All this is on limited visiting this time but enough to get a feel. So here goes: 1. Jupiter is clearly now the big daddy of them all. This Sunday night pretty full, say had 150 ish in over whole evening. 350 entry with drink included and second drink just 150. So you can have 4 drinks for 800 which is really very fair given you get a show as well? 2. Show very similar to previous visits [for me 1 last August and 1 in april). The song starts up and you know exactly what you are getting. They also drag out the time between routines. Lost almost half attendees by interval. Certainly great looking model boys but really quite chaste. I do like more clothes and tease but this is really vanilla now. Is that reflecting Asian audience preference or what good looking boys/dancers will do? 3. Only briefly in soi boy. Ate at maxis. Full. Soi Felt lively on Saturday night. Streams of Chinese heading to dream boy. Big sign up saying ‘not closing’. So I guess carries on for foreseeable. Anyone have recent intel? 4. Also made me think is there a Chinese site like this one that raves about dream boy and other places. How does the marketing reach target audience? 5. Went late night - 1.20am ish to screwboys. Only because stayed out watching live premier league. Hated it. Show was just drag queens, and poor at that. And then big rotation of mainly twink types. Expensive for one drink at 450 imo. Do they have any boys show? Does it have redeeming feature or is it just the late licence place? 5. Moonlight best all rounder for me. Mixes Jupiter with sleazier stuff. Have done separate post update. Pricing good. Model show gone or on hold?
  10. Ok, brief sojourn in Bangkok and back to the scene of the crime, so to speak. Moonlight bar on a Saturday night in mid August. Busy but not heaving. Maybe 60 to 80 in across show time. I did notice rotation of customers is quite fast and many leave without finishing first drink. That’s your Asian market not stingy old farang for you! At 350 entry ticket with drink and 200 second drink {and third if wanted] it’s certainly good pricing. Show was almost all new numbers from 4 months ago. Good mix of humour, routines and sleazy imo. Still like that they make their boys parade a bit more entertaining. It feels like they think about it. No model parade. Has that ended or low season hiatus? One of the models, I think, with blonde highlights, did a solo shower that was as sexy as hell. A lot of tease can be more fun than just whacking it out. They have one main dancer, who can really move. Makes the others look flat footed. The dancing makes him sexy as hell. Anyone know who I mean. Not quite as good as April visit but I’d still recommend very much. Will do another post on few other sites and sounds. Fair to say it all felt ticking over, the Chinese, Asian visitors keeping it going for sure.
  11. Hey Jason. On my recent trip I thought Moonlight was the best show and that no.8 had the cheekiest smile and zinger personality. I reckon Moonlight will be the star bar of 2019 as word spreads
  12. My last visit to Dreamboys I also found a bore. Too many ‘skits’ with ladyboys and dragged out for poor humour. Non stop commentary which is annoying too. The other shows take too long to transition and of course it’s pricey. I thought Moonlight had it right this time around. More relaxed, more fun, attractive talent.
  13. Had a recent quick stay in Bangkok either end of a business trip to region. First night was during Songkran. Loved the party spirit and water fights. Stayed out by the university and great to see the local area on holiday. Drenched by smiling kids. At night went with Thai friends to app arena. They move the whole club outside and rig up ‘sprinkler scaffolding’ so you spend all night drinking and dancing under constant rain. Brilliant fun. 95% locals, guess 750 there at least. Sharing whisky bottles and getting soaked through. Great jet lag cure and so much more fun than the commercial tourist scene. Next weekend checked out silom area and took probably last chance to stay at Dustit Thani - good value offers available as hotel winds down. It was post Songkran and quiet in bars. Thought new place Moonlight getting it right. Good humour in routines, right balance of sexy fun and sleazy. No ladyboys. Good range of Handsome boys who come out into audience to mix. No.8 has the cutest smile in the entire City so got to know him more....... Dream boys so dull. Too much ladyboy and laboured sketches. Relying on some ropey old boys in shows. Jupiter too much a fashion show. Attractive boys but come on, show a bit more. So chaste. Is this standard now? Also enjoyed spotting local guru Paulsf and then having a chat. Lovely man.
  14. Isn’t it more likely that the ‘show’ boys are receiving higher payments for performing and attracting the crowds in, which a higher off fee helps to fund.
  15. Not long till Christmas now. Not long till Bangkok too. Any more tips or thoughts around the holiday season? Just two days till arrivals for me. Can't wait. Who else is going/already there? What are your plans? And enjoy the countdown everyone, wherever you are in the world.
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