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  1. That strikes me as asking for trouble. You're buying her as a commodity, in order to show him that he's something more than a commodity? Think about the social dynamics in terms of Thai culture. Who gains or loses face, remembering that face is not a zero-sum game? And it's a three-way (at least) transaction, so even more complicated.
  2. "Daddy" can also refer to someone in a particular kind of relationship, which might be inappropriate.
  3. I have no personal experience of Club Med, but "all-inclusive activities" and "childcare" are prominent items on their website: "Club Med specializes in premium all-inclusive vacations packages for families "
  4. igPay atinLay is where you move the first letter to the end of the (English; translation not required) word and add "ay", or similar. (Polite request to all: please don't ! 🤫. I think we've quite enough thread drift, from Phuket massage to members' vowel habits.)
  5. perhaps I should add that the above is from Wikipedia, not personal experience 😀
  6. Yes, don't mix alcohol with metronidazole (aka Flagyl). Not because it makes the antibiotic ineffective but... ... the "disulfiram-like reaction" consists of nausea, vomiting, flushing, dizziness, throbbing headache, chest and abdominal discomfort, and general hangover-like symptoms among others. (Disulfiram is better known as Antabuse.)
  7. Look out for smallpox. That one's a killer. Oh, wait... nobody seems to get that one any more. I wonder why not?
  8. In about 25 years of trips to Thailand I've only been questioned once, for a slightly different reason: I checked in (with Emirates at LGW) with a return ticket, but the return was dated more than 30 days after the outward flight and they noticed that I had no visa. I explained that I had tickets from BKK to Delhi and back from a different airline, so I would actually have two stays of less than 30 days in LoS. They took my word for it.
  9. which reminds me, one thing in its favour that Scandic used to offer was the full-body foam "massage", but I suspect they stopped doing that some time ago.
  10. Yes, I'd recommend Gun, but I have no recent experience of any of the other Scandic staff so can't comment on them. He was formerly at Narcissus, then moved to Ambiance when Narcissus closed. Good to know he still enjoys his work.
  11. In principle, there's the MRT, but TiT so it's a 650+ metre walk (according to Google) from Bang Sue MRT to what may or not be an entrance to Krung Thep Aphiwat.
  12. Look closely at the lower right corner of the video (don't let the activity above distract you 😊) - you can just make out (I think) "OnlyFans.to". It's clearest around 35-40 seconds in.
  13. Sorry, couldn't resist. It gave a whole new meaning to the title of a TV series from a few years ago called "City in the Sky" . Missed approaches start near the runway but the procedure may take you to a hold the best part of 10 miles from the airport before you can be slotted in for another go: "Climb to 3000 straight ahead until passing 1580 or I-AA DME zero inbound whichever is later, then left onto track 036. Keep the Premier Inn on your left. On passing LON DME 10 proceed to NDB CHT at 3000. Pass between Bentley Priory and Shree Swaminarayan Temple not above 3500." Or something like that. 😊
  14. Never mind the noise, that sounds remarkably dangerous. How does the missed-approach procedure work? 😊
  15. Yes, of course 😊. You can see it on the right in the Street View picture.
  16. Literal translation of Nong Ngu Hao "cobra swamp", which is what the airport site was called before its current name ("Golden Land") was bestowed.
  17. For the avoidance of inadvertent offence - actually it's Sikh (Gurdwara Sri Guru Singh Sabha), not Hindu. There's another shortcut across the Wat Chai Mongkon car park (Google Street View) (handy hong nam if you're desperate!) to a gate on 2nd Road (Street View).
  18. "Woke police"? Someone's been reading too much Daily Mail and believes everything they are told. 🤣
  19. Thai pronouns and honorifics are highly nuanced and I don't pretend to know any of the subtleties. น้อง (Nong) literally means "younger sibling" regardless of sex. Here I think it's used to imply a respectful relationship to the customer. (Thai doesn't make the same distinctions in familial relationships that we are used to. For example there are words for father's younger sibling, mother's younger sibling, parent's older brother, parent's older sister, but not for the other combinations of father/mother older/younger brother/sister.)
  20. No point in interacting with people who aren't arguing in good faith. Whataboutery (look it up) is the key word here.
  21. Only Thai nationals, unfortunately, unlike MRT where it's everyone over 60 regardless of nationality.
  22. In Japan, visiting the sento/onsen, often as a family or social group (sports team, bunch of friends etc etc) is still very much part of the culture even though everyone has baths at home. The big sento have all the other things you'd expect at a spa, restaurants and so on, so people often stay for many hours. At the other extreme, I've watched the sun set over the sea at a seaside onsen that was just a vouple of natural pools in a space between some big rocks. That was mixed bathing - the women wrapped themselves in towels, the men were naked. A visit is definitely recommended if you like eye candy, but you need to know the etiquette.
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