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  1. Not a "violation". Wrongly accused of violating their "SPAM policy" though I can't imagine how. As he says, "I could be accused of a lot of things, but spam is the last thing that comes to mind. I asked for a review of their action and hope to be back online soon." See recent postings on Gaybutton's blog.
  2. No, Greece. Educated in France, Germany and UK.
  3. If your favourite exchange in Pattaya is closed, take a walk along Soi Buakhao. They are nearly as frequent as 7-11s. 😊
  4. Not quite the best. I used to find better rates still in a little enclave in the Siam area at Soi Ratchadamri 1 just off Soi Petchaburi 30, behind Pratunam Pier. Something like 6-8 exchange shops all in one block. Street View will give an idea.
  5. Silom 4: Balcony Pub http://www.balconypub.com/ 500ml draught Chang 140 baht. London: hard to find exact prices. Expect to pay 5-7 UKP in Soho. Exchange rate: do your own conversion!
  6. "Would they"? They do. Just turn on the "traffic" option in Google Maps and see for yourself.
  7. The popcorn hasn't run out yet 😉
  8. So when will you be naming the posters here who you claim are their owners and "tricked" you into visiting? Inquiring minds want to know.
  9. You say that as though you think it's a good thing.
  10. So why don't you you name them, and their bars? Never mind the alleged owners, can you even list the bars in Sunee?
  11. Really? Perhaps you could name them so in future we won't be swayed by their biased comments. And "to get there was a nightmare 30 minutes" ? Via where? Sunee is all of 270 metres from the VC hotel on Pattaya Sai 2.
  12. " they have killed tourists in this soi a few times" "the police pretend to make arrests" I think you're over-dramatizing. Many of the regular posters on this forum have a long and intimate acquaintance with Pattaya and their reports don't match what you are saying or indeed my own experience. I took your advice and Googled and yes, The Pattaya News has a number of recent articles reporting where the police have indeed made a number of arrests recently. As for "killed tourists" the only ones I found were riding the motorcycles, not innocent bystanders.
  13. To hear the word in question, go to Google Translate, choose Thai, paste in the word เงี่ยน (here I've done it for you: https://translate.google.com/?sl=th&tl=en&text=เงี่ยน&op=translate ) and click the "listen" icon (ignore the "Ngeī̀yn" you will also see; that's just Google's own weird transliteration which nobody else uses. It's a letter-by-letter substitution for the individual Thai symbols, and doesn't even approximately indicate the pronunciation, not least because it knows nothing about the way Thai compounds 15 vowel symbols to make about 50 different sounds 😕) No, that's เดิน with a completely different vowel (no ย): https://translate.google.com/?sl=th&tl=en&text=เดิน&op=translate
  15. Cue a new thread: "how do I find a trustworthy internet lawyer in Thailand?" The other kind have filled many an Andrew Drummond blog page...
  16. Maybe not if it's the local product e.g. Sangsom 🤢
  17. May not only be the thunderstorm spending itself 😉 ...
  18. Not sure about that... Depression can be insidious and the sufferer may be unaware of it, or so demotivated they don't seek help. I don't see "some guy on the internet knows better" but "some guy on the internet suggests you might consider getting professional advice".
  19. Certainly. (Probably better still to talk to a pharmacist - they are likely to have more detailed knowledge of things like drug interactions etc 😀.) But the site I linked may provide helpful basic information to answer most of the questions that have been asked above (how long does it last, what are the side-effects etc.). It's a bit more than "Dr Google" : the information is authored by a team of identifiable doctors, name-checked complete with their professional registration data.
  20. Cialis lasts longer (something like 36 hours compared with 4 for the others) which may be why it's also prescribed for BPH. Otherwise just try them and see which has fewest side-effects (headaches etc) but also note that some of them can interact with other medication and some heart conditions. You can find more useful medical information on the Doctor Fox website. (But note that as a registered and regulated online UK pharmacy they won't deliver abroad 😕)
  21. Indeed. Two phrases for anyone who thinks it's fiction: Killing Fields and Tuol Sleng. When I first visited back in the late 1990s a couple of statistics stuck in my brain. At that time the median age of the population was around 16 years, and around 1 in 250 of the population were amputees.
  22. You mentioned islands, so you might want to note that the weather in Ko Samui and the Gulf islands doesn't quite follow the same pattern as the rest of the country. November there is the wettest month.
  23. In the UK, any pharmacy can supply Viagra Connect (50mg) without a prescription. For bigger doses or alternatives to sildenafil there are online GP services where you just fill in an online self-assessment form and a real GP signs a private prescription (for a fee, naturally). Also useful (and cheaper than the high street) for getting anti-malarials and other travel medication that needs a prescription. The reputable ones don't bombard you with emails.
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