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  1. Don't forget that Prostiturion is also illegal in Thailand!
  2. They throw flowers on the ground in front of him!
  3. Too intelligent, and ruffling feathers. I fear, though, that the 'establishment', including you know who, are out to get him. See the recent Constitutional Court decision to investigate him, over a Cabinet Minister who had a conviction. The move to suspend him only failed on a 5 to 4 vote. Crazy. I hear that there are also moves to bring back Yingluk, and go through the farce of a pardon.
  4. Well, I have a Samsungphone, and have downloaded the latest update, so I will try. I am a bit of a dinosaur on IT, so we'll see!
  5. I just chose a good looking masseur, asked for a full body massage, as you then get a room, and 20 mins later was fucking him! Just chance I suppose. I had another guy there, who was more than willing, kept in touch by txt. I have also had the legit foot massage.
  6. I agree that it's not high on a list to visit. I only go there on business. Hotels, offices and shopping malls. Crowded. Too hot for me as well. Food good, though, but pricey. Airport can be a nightmare, as, in my experience, foreigners, even though they provide the cash, are treated like cattle!
  7. Also the fact that most clients in Dubai are Arab locals! Talk about double standards!
  8. I find the Onespa posts not that helpful, as they are in Thai, and often do not say whether boys are top or bottom! I know it's a Thai website, but they must know a lot of English speaking guys are looking at it.
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