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  1. Besides Qatar Airways, which I fly more often, Virgin Atlantic used to offer anytime dining option, at least in Upper Class. It’s been years since I’ve flown them though, as the schedules/connections changed and they were no longer convenient. As for the “bottle service”, on South African airways about a decade ago, not only the flight attended let my companion and me sample a few bottles of South African wines (it was a long flight) she gave me several of them that I liked the best to go after we landed. I ended up visiting the winery in the Capetown area afterwords to refill my stock.
  2. Here’s the website: http://www.classichousemassage.net/index.html I did not see their Line, but phone and email are listed there.
  3. Nice going: How is it that 16.3% of Ukrainian deaths are just a “fraction more” than Russia’s 12.7%, while Lithuania’s 12.7% and Kazakh 10.7% are “considerably less”? https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/World_War_II_casualties_of_the_Soviet_Union I would love to see Armenia try and arrest Putin! This is just a rhetoric from populist Armenian politicians annoyed at Russia’s unwillingness to enact the Article 4 of the CSTO (of which Armenia is a founding member) and stop Azerbaijan’s actions in Artsakh or Nagorno-Karabakh. It’s like listening to Russian politicians blackmailing the World with threats of nuclear winter. Meanwhile, Russian “Peacekeepers” are in all the former Soviet States of Transcaucasia and the majority of Central Asia, terrorizing local population. So are Lithuania and Estonia. So is Finland. Yet they decided to forgo their neutrality and join the NATO. The NATO continues to intercept air incursions into the airspace of the Baltic States, where locals feel uneasy next to such irreverent a neighbor. So is Armenia - not in the Ukrainian war, but everywhere else. Up until Russia turned its back on them in their conflict with Azerbaijan, Armenia was probably the most loyal ally of Russia; more so than Belarus. Furthermore, Lukashenko is Putin’s ally - that does not mean that all Belorussians feel the same way. Russia is made of many different ethnicities, quite a few of them have completely lost their ethnic identification since all names were “Russified” many generations ago. However, those who still identify themselves as ethnic minority within Russia claim that the death toll from much of the Russian wars (past and present) have been disproportionally affecting poorer ethnic communities.
  4. 27 million were Soviets, not just Russians. It includes the nations that Russia is currently terrorizes. Per capita, the losses for some of these nations were far greater than those of Russia.
  5. Yes, I’m glad you’re acknowledging that you’ve been brainwashed. No, you did not. However, instead of welcoming the fact that the nations of Vietnam and the US are able to put the tragedies of war behind them and move forward with the partnership that has a potential to bring them closer and benefit both of them, you started chiding democrats for collaborating with a communist regime! Guess what, Nixon was not a democrat and he resumed the relationship with China, despite the fact that it had a communist regime. Russia’s love affair with republicans is misguided at best. Really, it’s all about Trump. However, historically, true republicans have always been much more hawkish and anti-Russian than democrats. Trump is not a true republican and various fractions within the Republican Party will point that out to you. Trump is an anomaly. He has destroyed the Republican Party and his movement will be entered as the pages of shame in the US political history - much like McCarthyism has been. I am neither condoning, nor justifying any atrocities that the US has committed. I am fully aware of them and with my voice I try to influence political processes. That’s more than I can say about quite a few Russians in relations to their country.
  6. There’s a difference between daddies and grandpas, and it’s not all age related but more so determined by overall health, agility and virility. But then, there is gerontophilia as well: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gerontophilia
  7. There are museums of Russian/Soviet occupation in the Ukraine, Georgia, the Baltic states. The rest of them will pop up as others rid themselves of the Russian “friendship” which, in fact, is pure terror… as for the Jewish genocide, don’t forget that the word Pogrom entered many languages, including English, directly from Russian: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pogrom
  8. Dorogaya, you seem not to have liked my short response to your post, so let me expand on it: Russia has hundreds more years of atrocities compared to the US, including those it is committing as we speak, both within and outside of its borders. And it is yet to apologize for any of them. So, get the logs out your own eyes before you point out specks in those of others. I welcome the fact that Vietnam is open to enhancement of its relations with the US, for the sake of peoples of both nations. The thread is about Vietnam, or would you rather have Vietnam without Vietnamese? So much like Russia’s policies towards its neighbors…
  9. А Россия опять в жопе Meanwhile, Russia’s still in a sh*thole
  10. Maybe because they were not over 60 🤔
  11. Episode 1 of Only Friends is available on Youtube. The couples are First/Khaotung, Force/Book, and Neo, all grown up, making out with 2 guys in this episode: Mark, who seems that will be his partner in this series, as well as Drake, who played Neo’s brother in his very first BL series ‘Cause You’re my Boy 5 years ago. Here’s a trailer:
  12. Plenty of atrocities committed by that Zasranets Putin - not only the same party, but the same a**h**e! How about he start apologizing for those before he sh*ts himself to oblivion.
  13. Screenshot from the link quoting your president and his spokesman:
  14. Here’s logic for you: the implications came from Trump. Hence, you are acknowledging that he’s racist.
  15. I should have guessed that satire would be lost on Trump’s beloved “poorly educated”. Reference to Ms. Chao came from the attacks of your “Liebe Führer” and his spokespeople after she resigned from her position: https://www.newsweek.com/everything-trump-has-said-about-elaine-chao-she-finally-fires-back-1776666 And here’s a reference to Cindy Yang, whom you conveniently omitted: https://www.huffpost.com/entry/fbi-investigation-cindy-yang-trump_n_5cd4d51ae4b0796a95d8ff69
  16. You only acknowledge Russia as a successor of the USSR when it’s convenient for you. Wasn’t Putin was KGB operative of the USSR first? Although, I should agree that the two are different: USSR was a superpower, which Russia will never be. Economically, it’s just a decrepit gas station, and politically, it matches the title of the famous Griboyedov play you mentioned in your post.
  17. At least he did not marry one: or set her up to sell access to the president:
  18. Swalwell confirms that McCarthy is a p*ssy: https://www.huffpost.com/entry/eric-swalwell-kevin-mccarthy-fight_n_64c2df44e4b021e2f2924b09
  19. Also, on August 6 in 1940 USSR annexed Estonia
  20. Update on the Thai remake of Cherry Magic with TayNew: release dates speculate as soon as early September to as late as December 2023. Official pilot:
  21. At least they’re human, unlike that troll that’s in charge of Russia
  22. I think, in this case, it’s more ignorance than magic
  23. I pity English speakers that don’t know the difference between you’re and your. Trump does say: “I love poorly educated”, which pretty well explains the usual ramble coming from this sort.
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