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  1. Yet most of the mass shootings take place in the states with the least restrictive gun laws. As for the “much of the US”, here’s a list of gun laws by state: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gun_laws_in_the_United_States_by_state
  2. A Swedish teenage environmental activist: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Greta_Thunberg
  3. Trains run either on diesel, or electricity, generated, mainly by burning fossil fuels. Until we are able to generate electricity using renewable resources we’ll be stuck in this rut, forced to choose the lesser of the evils. Otherwise, for air travel she can take a hot air ballon or zeppelin, and for ocean crossings - a sail boat, nuclear submarine, or galley (good luck getting rowers, though - unless you are able to recruit some diehard gym bunnies)
  4. Although Overture claims to use sustainable aviation fuel and be net-zero carbon 🤔
  5. Putin does speak both, German and English - the former much better than the latter - but he always uses interpreters in official meetings where English is needed. Trump’s literacy, in any language (including English), is questionable at best.
  6. They did not allow US interpreter - just Putin’s one
  7. Thai walking distance or farang walking distance? 😆
  8. It’s not unique for Thailand. It would be harder to get away with crimes in the “beacons of democracy”, however, there are plenty of examples for that, too. The mechanism could be different, it may involve “dream teams” of lawyers, close relations to the royal family, or fanatic political base. It could be easier (and less expensive) in Thailand, but there’s corruption in G7, or G20, or anywhere else in the World.
  9. I wouldn’t want to be on a plane that lands nose first
  10. Unfortunately, Montreal did not make the Economist’s Top 10.
  11. I don’t believe Vienna, Zurich, or Geneva are known for their affordability either
  12. And thoroughly inspect the masseur for any rashes, lesions or swollen lymph nodes 😱
  13. The lists we should be looking at are those for LGBTQ+ tourists and expats
  14. They must be from one of the autocracies and must not know any better
  15. It seems to me that this list is based on the quality of life for locals - and not necessarily for foreigners.
  16. Trees/greenery would have helped with the noise levels, too
  17. I took it as a reference to Jupiter 2018 guys
  18. To each their own… For me, time is more valuable, so rather than taking extra day off, I fly business/first, shower and relax during layover, and arrive refreshed. If the layover is more than 8 hours, I opt for a day room, or a hotel. If it’s less than 8 hours, I’ll try to fit in a massage or spa treatments. I do not do it at the expense of my accommodations, or activities either. More you spend on travel, better the perks accrued, and at a higher rate. Once I’m retired, or on a fixed budget, I may alter my traveling habits. However, at this point I can only take a very limited time off and it’s worth it for me to spend a little extra to travel in comfort.
  19. I just watched “Uncoupled” on Netflix. It evoked some “Sex and the City” vibes (or, it could be just a confirmation bias as I saw that it was produced by Darren Starr). Overall, I enjoyed it:
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