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  1. Kayak also had an option of selecting +-3 days for both outbound and return dates, which effectively captures 7 days of flights each way and uncovers those airlines and routes that may only be available on certain days of week
  2. Unless you are running out of time and proposed holistic/non-traditional “treatments” do not interfere with protocol(s) recommended by your physicians.
  3. Happens to the best of us 🙂
  4. Not unless you mind your spelling of their country and nationality 😉
  5. Not to mention the evolvement of the virus due to millions of new/re-infections and emergence of new strains that are resistant to the existing vaccines
  6. @macaroni21 What do you think is the actual number of sex purchases by tourists, based on your observation, that is significantly lower than 330 a day (apps, massages and bars combined)?
  7. Majority (if not all) of the States in the US have a similar practice, but instead of dual pricing, they call it a resident discount. While it’s usually practiced by governmental entities, I’ve seen private companies adopt it as well, especially in the areas that are getting larger incomes from tourism. Other discounts offered alongside the resident ones are those for seniors, veterans, military, student, children, etc.
  8. alvnv


    I thought gay and bottom was interchangeable in Thai: Top or (Real) Man vs. Bottom or Gay
  9. Why do anytime dictators are failing, they start pushing anti-gay agenda? Is it to distract their people, or to assert how macho they are? Putin, yes that one - a run of the mill goblin and this century’s Russian dictator - in the midst of failing at the most recent war of his choice in the Ukraine, and allegedly shitting himself following a fall, found time to sign a new law aimed at preventing the spread of non-traditional lifestyle propaganda: https://www.aol.com/putin-continues-russian-culture-war-165906142.html A bit ironic, isn’t it? The “partial” military draft he signed earlier this year has sent thousands of 18 to 45 year old Russian men abroad to avoid getting killed in Putin’s war. Reportedly, many have to resort to non-traditional means of supplementing their incomes.
  10. Thanks, @fedssocr - my knowledge of Asian music is rather limited. After I was introduced to BL series, I found myself more and more enjoying Asian music featured in these shows. The single from the original post is from Japanese BL Eternal Yesterday. There are some songs that I clearly prefer the chorus parts, such as Ominotake’s single from Cherry Magic: or that of Dunk Phunkorn from FahLanRuk: Quite a few Thai BL actors are also musicians. Here’s Jeff Satur (most recently, Kim from KinnPorsche) and his song from 2019 BL He She It: I’m glad that BL - my guilty pleasure - is widening my horizons in more ways than one.
  11. More familiar faces coming back in 2023 in what seems quite a steamy BL “Only Friends”:
  12. Maybe I have missed something, but I don’t recall seeing any threads about music (with the exception of the sound levels in the go go bars). As much as I value and enjoy musical arts, it seems to me that the older I get, less knowledgeable I am on the news and trends of this industry. Furthermore, I used to listen mainly to European and American music. This day and age I’m able to discover and savor music from all over the World. Today I would like to present you with a single from Japanese artist Ayumu Imazu, Sunshower:
  13. alvnv

    Trouble in CSTO

    Members of the Russia-led Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO) call for a truce at the summit in Yerevan, while the prime minister of the host country refuses to sign the joint document: https://www.txtreport.com/news/2022-11-24-putin-explodes-and-throws-pen-video!-csto-member-states-call-for-a-truce--and-some-people-refuse-to-sign-documents-international.H1jixWpUj.html
  14. For the fans of TayNew and/or Japanese BL “Cherry Magic”: Thai adaptation coming next year! Poorly subbed clip of the announcement:
  15. Traditional Medicare is alive and well. Private companies are trying to lure customers to their Medicare HMO and PPO plans by offering extra items or services, from shiny new blood pressure cuffs or blood sugar testers to various discounts and incentives. However, it is completely up to individual benefit recipients to change their coverage to private companies - I just hope that they understand what they are trading in.
  16. It’s the IATA code for the Las Americas International Airport. Most of the time it’s a combination of the the letters from the names of the cities they serve, or the airfield. Sometimes IATA codes do not make a lot of sense, i.e. most (if not all) Canadian airports start with Y. Sometimes they throw in an extra letter (X in LAX)
  17. The road to Hell is paved with good intentions.
  18. Big Dragon has 2 more episodes left. Besides the recommendations above, there’s Fahlanruk you may enjoy (still ongoing) as well as Love in the Air, which just ended (except for a special episode airing this Sunday), so you can binge watch it. I’m also watching Ai Long Nhai and Remember Me, both still going on.
  19. Based on the midterm election results that have been confirmed as of now republicans have 211 seats of the 435 total. In order to have a majority they need 7 more seats to get to 218. Democrats as of now have 204 seats. They need 14 more to get to 218. There are 20 seats that have not been called for. All these are midterm election results for the house in 2023 and 2024. Based oh the last election (in 2020) the senate was split (with democrats having a tie-breaking vote of VP) and democrats had the house.
  20. Senate for now is split 49:49. Democrats need at least 1 of the remaining 2 contested seats: Nevada most likely will go into recount, while Georgia is heading to runoff election in December. 50:50 gives democrats the Senate with VP as a tiebreaker. House majority is achieved at 218. Republicans are closer to it with 211 current seats. Democrats at 202 need 16 more of the remaining 22. Tough, but not impossible.
  21. There’s still a hope that might not happen
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