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  1. There is a short documentary BL: Broken Fantasy with Bright and Win of 2gether and Still 2gether, as well as a couple of series that address the BL industry: Call It What You Want (2 seasons, 6 episodes each - allegedly based on the controversy with 2 Moons) as well as War of Y which is currently streaming on GagaOOLala (8 of 20 episodes available) - pretty telling.
  2. Right on the dot… almost You’re either a psychic, or have been watching way too many Thai BLs 😀
  3. How is it? Do you wish you were in Thailand?
  4. Well, it depends how stupid the said employees are. In the US there are a number of jobs that require licenses that are issued by professional boards (Medical, Nursing, Bar, etc.) at the State level. These boards randomly monitor social media profiles of their members and if they see anything suspicious, they will either mark them for personal interview at the time of the license renewal or, depending on the severity, they may suspend their license pending i.e. ethics investigation, or completion of mandatory class, or even rehabilitation. So, if you are performing a surgery in the morning, don’t post your drunk pictures on social media, or better yet, don’t post anything related to Marijuana consumption (edibles, smoking, vaping), albeit legal in that State. Failure of a random drug test will result in employment termination and license suspension, even if you indulged in these substances on your days off.
  5. I live in the US, but I would like to retire abroad. So far, I’m considering Mexico, North-Western Mediterranean, or Thailand. As much as I would like to retire at 60, I may have to wait till I’m 65 in order to secure finances to allow a comfortable living.
  6. Пришёл Поручик Ржевский и все опошлил Translation: Then came Lieutenant Rzhevskiy (fictional character of Russian jokes) and trivialized everything
  7. Has anybody tried BL Celebrity Massage Spas? TayNew - Bamboo Secrets (by Bamboo Spa): https://www.instagram.com/bamboosecrets/ or Tul -Nature Massage: https://www.instagram.com/naturethaimassage.th/
  8. and certainly not as bad as the one that @Olddaddy has been suffering with since he got back from Philippines.
  9. Wesley Snipes will always be Noxeema
  10. Tucker Carlson? Really? Why not have Fred Phelps advocate for gay rights? Both are immoral pieces of sh*t!
  11. Thanks @vinapu! I thought I remembered so.
  12. Jason Alexander will always be George Costanza
  13. My favorite “brand” used to be Skunk Special circa 1990s in Amsterdam: Strong smell and velvety high
  14. I think @Olddaddy is confusing Mac of SiamRoads (see the original post of this thread) with ShamelessMack, who, besides being a well respected member of this board, has been running a very interesting, informative and entertaining travel blog for (off and on) many years: https://shamelessmacktwo.travel.blog I hope I’m not violating any rules by “outing” you, @macaroni21 - I am also a fan of your blog.
  15. I wouldn’t be surprised to hear that such “deserters” are first jailed, then drafted. As I mentioned earlier, given the human rights catastrophe there, I believe that a host of countries would accept genuine asylum-seekers from Russia.
  16. War of Y turning up steam: Full episodes on GagaOOLala
  17. Try https://www.bilibili.tv/en/search and type: Love in the Air Episode 4 Eng Sub as fedssocr noted, there are several users posting the video. Select the one that has a run time of 53:22 of close to it. The scenes I was referring to are at the very end (starting with the bathtub, moving to the bed)
  18. Have you thought about asking for asylum? Given current conditions in Russia, there’s got to be a number of countries that would grant entrance to asylum seekers from Russia for multiple reasons. Good luck!
  19. I agree. The whole storyline/character development is messed up, but the episode 4 brings some very nice flesh scenes: Love in the Air episode 4: https://www.bilibili.tv/en/video/2043183368?bstar_from=bstar-web.search-result.0.0
  20. I was rewatching Bangkok Love Stories 2: Innocence on Netflix and noticed that Jennista’s house looked very familiar - seems they used it as Kamol’s house in Unforgotten Night
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