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    BL8gPt reacted to jason1975 in One week in Bangkok (Nov/Dec 23)   
    Day 7 (Monday) - last full day in Bangkok on this one week trip and what a packed schedule. In morning after breakfast, I went to nearby St Louis Catholic Hospital to pass some money to my cha nuoi (godson). His condition had gotten worse since the last I met him and he had to be admitted to hospital for 2 nights. He had asked me to help him pay part of his hospital bill during his discharge and I said no problem. The hospital is just next to St Louis BTS. Modern and clean. Cha nuoi was staying on 20th floor. I knocked on door of his room and went in. A nurse was helping him take off the IV drip. Two of his Vietnamese friends were there as well to take him back home. One of them works at same packing and delivery business while the other was a stunner! He had tattoos on his left arm and was well-built. I had to ask.
    "You work in bar?"
    "Yes," he said in very low sexy voice.
    "Which bar?"
    "Jupiter." I was half-expecting that answer.
    I thanked him for looking out for my cha nuoi and then proceeded to ask him for his Line account. "Ok. No problem. My name is Man. You good friend. You help Tiep (cha nuoi's Vietnamese name) long time."
    "You good friend. Tiep sick and you help him."
    I swear cha nuoi was rolling his eyes at my shameless flirting.
    After the nurse finished her task, she left the room and I passed cha nuoi the money. I said my goodbye and wished him quick recovery and of course I also said goodbye to good friend from Jupiter.
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    BL8gPt reacted to jason1975 in One week in Bangkok (Nov/Dec 23)   
    Blackjack night ended just before midnight and my 4 guests left happy. I had invited Z, my current infatuation to blackjack night, but he was shy and didn't want to go as he didn't know the other guys personally. I sent Z a message on Line:
    "What time does DJ Station close?"
    "You want go."
    I rushed off to Hotmale Beer bar downstairs, passed Z a 1000-baht note to pay for his off. Another waiter saw and he looked at me and pointed at himself. "Sure, let's go together!" So no change received and 3 of us were on our way to DJ.
    No queue to get in but it was packed inside. 300 baht for 2 drinks represent very good value in my opinion, as compared to the 400 to 500 baht charged for one drink in gogo bars. We wandered the different areas in DJ Station but spent most of time at K-pop dance area. Z likes K-pop but he doesn't know the dance moves that the DJ Station regulars were doing. "You learn. I learn. Next time we come here. We dance like them same same," I said to him. Ok he nodded. I hope I don't have regrets! At 1.45am, we decided to leave before the inevitable huge exit crowd at 2am closing time. I thanked and tipped them before we split off and I went back to hotel to sleep after an eventful and fun day.
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    BL8gPt reacted to reader in Thailand’s Father’s Day 2023 is Today   
    From Pattaya News
    Today, December 5th, marks a day of special significance for the people of Thailand – it is Father’s Day, commemorated in honor of the late, great King Bhumibol Adulyadej, whose birthday falls on this date.

    Although the beloved monarch passed away in 2016, his legacy lives on, and Father’s Day remains a cherished occasion for Thais to express their gratitude and love for their fathers.
    As Thailand celebrates Father’s Day, families gather to honor their fathers, expressing their love and appreciation through heartfelt gestures and meaningful interactions. Many Thais also wear yellow shirts, the color associated with Monday, the King’s birthday, as a symbol of respect and gratitude.
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    BL8gPt reacted to 10tazione in One week in Bangkok (Nov/Dec 23)   
    That's the most unsuspicious way to sneak 4 gogo boys into a hotel room!
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    BL8gPt reacted to jason1975 in One week in Bangkok (Nov/Dec 23)   
    Hotmale Beer Bar downstairs was quiet at 9pm on a Sunday night. Just as I started to enjoy my drink while ogling the Sol Bar guys at the balcony, it started pouring! Everyone made a beeline for shelter. All the Sol Bar guys escaped into the bar. Thankfully the rain lasted only 10 minutes and life went back to normal.
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    BL8gPt reacted to jason1975 in One week in Bangkok (Nov/Dec 23)   
    Back in hotel room, I chilled out until night time. At 8pm, I received a message on Grinder. Thai guy. Mid 20s. Kinky photos on his profile. He doesn't work at bar or massage shop. He's a freelancer. He stays only 150 metres away from hotel.  Can walk over in 5 minutes. OK why not. An hour later, both of walk out of hotel towards different directions with him towards his home while I headed towards Hotmale Beer Bar downstairs.
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    BL8gPt reacted to jason1975 in One week in Bangkok (Nov/Dec 23)   
    After L left, I went to Foodland Patpong for my late lunch. As fate would have it, a fellow forum member had just finished a massage at nearby Adam Massage at Soi 4. He came over to chat. I told him that I needed to get more Thai baht and he kindly walked me to X-One. It was my first time there. Very well thought of process of limiting the number of customers inside through ticket system. Rate offered was indeed better than the other money changers in Silom area. After that, we took a leisurely walk and ended up outside Queen Club aka previously New Twilight. Directly opposite it was Golden Cock! There were 3 guys inside and one of them recognised fellow forum member and they chatted about the relocation and how's business. After short chat and update, we continued walking and saw Super A. The lights were not on but we took a peek and saw that there were guys inside. Hooray for them! Glad that these two niche bars are still surviving. Fellow forum member and I then continued walking to soi 6 and we said hello to the many massage guys who recognised him. We then resumed our walk and we finally separated at Soi Patpong where he went to Silom Complex and I went to get beer for a blackjack party I was hosting at night.

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    BL8gPt reacted to reader in Massage shops on Sutthian Winitchai Rd.   
    As I wind down this visit, a few observations on these shops.
    First, I would generally reject manger/mamasan recommendations. I’ve accepted them three times over the past few trips and all were disappointing. My advice is to review the offerings on line and decide on a list of your top three. You can choose to reserve via Line or phone (never been asked for deposit on same day request) or simply choose on arrival. If mamasan says “he not work today but how about this one?”, I’d move on to my next choice. If you exhaust all three of your picks, I’d consider using tablet or moving on to another shop.
    Most shops open at 11a.m. but many of the boys are still sleeping or working other job. I think best time to come is mid afternoon. Your chances of getting your choice in fresh condition are improved.
    Coming from Saphan Kwai, only One Spa is on left side of road. All others on right are BT House, KK Massage and Home Spa.
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    BL8gPt reacted to jason1975 in One week in Bangkok (Nov/Dec 23)   
    Day 6 (Sunday) - I had L the massage guy visit me in my hotel room again in afternoon. It's my 3rd massage with him - one in his shop and twice in hotel room. By now, he knows me intimately and vice versa. Advantage of having a regular. After session, L was wearing his pants and looking out the window when he suddenly pointed to a building. "Casino," he said, "Now close." I then asked him whether he gambled. He said no but he knew of friends who did and they told him about that particular gambling den. I had a deck of cards and poker chips in my luggage and I took them out to play a few rounds of blackjack with L. Then he asked me,"I show you Vietnam poker" and I said sure. Vietnam poker has a points system with 3 cards. While I was trying to get the hang of it, L suddenly realised that it's time for him to go back to massage shop. "It's ok. Next time I meet you. You teach me," I said.

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    BL8gPt reacted to jason1975 in One week in Bangkok (Nov/Dec 23)   
    Day 5 (Saturday) - A tale of two Thais
    I had pleasure of meeting two very interesting young Thai guys - both in mid 20s. I got to know them through Grinder. They hit me up yesterday and I am only able to meet them today one in late morning and another in evening.
    One of them is a masseur at Olivia Massage. Shall call him O after his shop. English is very basic. He uses Google Translate when he messages me. But to be frank, during massage and sex, language does not matter. O is a cute twink. Very friendly and loves to kiss! Hardworking as well. Strong massage strokes. I had him come/cum (Lol!) to my hotel room for massage in day time so I had to pay an off fee to shop. O loved doing massage in hotel room. He took pictures and videos of city from window of room. After leaving, O sent me a message: "Let me know in advance when you want me to go your hotel. I can go before work or after work. I can also go during lunch break. You no need pay my shop."
    The other young Thai guy I met speaks fluent English. He even types all his messages in English. He is the epitome of the young modern educated Thai person. He has travelled to all of the major countries in Asia except China and he has even been to a number of European countries. He studied aircraft engineering and works at airport where he stays nearby. He is looking for an older boyfriend after some previous relationships. We talked about interests and personal life and I found him to be a remarkable young man. He came from a complicated family background and is currently out on his own. His name starts with L but to differentiate him, shall refer to him as L+. When I complimented him on his achievements at such a young age, he was on the verge of tears and hugged me tightly. I think not many people have given him positive affirmation in his life. I hope he finds the right guy for his boyfriend and happiness together.
    O and L+ are two Thai gay guys whom I will not forget and I suspect I will be keeping in touch with them for years to come. Most of the guys I got to know well during my trips to Bangkok are not Thai (and not gay!) They are mostly from Myanmar and Vietnam (due largely to their English proficiency). There are Laos and Cambodia guys I know as well but I need Google Translate when I meet them.
    Oh yes, report on night activities - I was at Screwboys after supper at Foodland Patpong with fellow forum member. But no.93 wasn't there. Hopefully he will turn up tomorrow.
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    BL8gPt reacted to Moses in how do i hire an escort in bangkok for multiple days?   
    "Pro" for bar boys: they are a little bit cheaper than professional guides, you will pay off fee + 1500-2500 THB per day + food + gifts, you may f*ck them when you want, they will sleep in your bed.
    "Cons" for bar boys: their English mostly is very limited, half of them aren't Thai, so you you will pay for them in each temple and museum you want to visit, most of them have no idea about Thai history or interesting places to visit, their knowledges about city are limited to gay areas and some shopping districts, you easy may meet situation when site you visiting has day off exactly at the time of your visit. Police and touristic police may stop and check their ID and question them about their guiding license in most of historical places of Bangkok, so is better to avoid visits to most famous places like Royal Palace, Emerald Buddha, Wat Pho, Wat Arun and so on. They will be jealous if you will talk with other boys. You can't change boys in your bed every night. You never know whom you hired - he may be good boy, or criminal at past, or drug user, or thief, your safety is only your problem. At evenings they will be not very happy to visit bars of competitors.
    "Pro" for guides: they have professional license and a lot of knowledges and experience, their English is for sure better than English of bar boys, guides know all touristic traps and overprices places, their job is to entertain you so you never will be bored, you may ask them to show to you not only historical places, but also the theme of tour may be arts, craftsmanship, sport, nature, animals and so on. They will care about your comfort and safety. Their past is checked and guys made already hundreds tours for other tourists.
    "Cons" for guides: they will not sleep with you, they will never visit your room. They will cost you a little bit more more: current prices in Bangkok are 3750 THB for 14 hours for guide's time + expenses (mostly transportation). You still need to off boy to f*ck.
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    BL8gPt reacted to PeterRS in how do i hire an escort in bangkok for multiple days?   
    Although @Moses has come in for a bit of criticism in recent weeks for other issues, he does run the Siam Roads site which provides excellent guides in many cities around Asia. Presently there seem to be three guides in Bangkok and all get very good testimonials from those who have hired them. The guides have fixed daily and evening rates, can take you to all the known and several less-known sights in and around Bangkok. are not avaiable for sex but know and can take you to almost all the gay venues. Not sure of the cost and it seems to vary according to city/country. Plus naturally you pay all the guide's expenses. But I expect overall it's probably less expensive that paying the daily off fees and daily tips to a boy from a bar. Others may now more.
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    BL8gPt reacted to jason1975 in One week in Bangkok (Nov/Dec 23)   
    After fellow forum member left at 11 plus, I decided to go to Dreamboys. Show was midway. Seats all taken but mamasan managed to squeeze me in left corner. There were both male and female customers. I was seated diagonally across the hall facing a certain Hotmale Beer Bar waiter with Japanese lady customer in private sofa booth. I also saw many guys who were at Circus and Balcony in Soi 4 earlier in evening.
    Show was same as when I watched in June. Mix of different types of performances for everyone from the casual curious tourist who just wandered in to the seasoned visitor. Ladyboy diva singing, energetic dancers, slapstick masked face comedy, macho man in heels dancing and the usual erotic dancing with cocks exposed - this had everything for everyone! The entire show lasted till 1am with 10-minute intermission every half hour where the guys went on stage for prospective customers to off. Half the audience left at midnight after big cock show. After 10-minute intermission with guys on stage, the show continued. Coyote dancing at 12.30am saw an appreciative customer giving 100 baht tips to the 9 guys who danced. They formed a line to collect their tips with one guy even kneeling and wai-ing!
    At 1am, the music stopped and show was over. I headed to Screwboys to off the guy I saw last night (no.93). Unfortunately he had been taken. So I went back to hotel alone on day 4.
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    BL8gPt reacted to jason1975 in One week in Bangkok (Nov/Dec 23)   
    Back to last night. It was a fellow forum member's last night in Bangkok. I have known him since Soi Twilight when he used to sit at Maxis. During the past few nights, I have been hanging out with him at Hotmale Beer Bar downstairs. We also met other fellow forum members for dinner and drinks. When it was finally time to leave, there were hugs and goodbyes for him from the waiters. "Take care and see you next year!"
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    BL8gPt reacted to jason1975 in One week in Bangkok (Nov/Dec 23)   
    Instead of continuing about the rest of my night (at Dreamboys), I want to share this video of a group of Brits taking over Hotmale Beer Bar downstairs for their Christmas party on a Saturday afternoon. They were originally at Shenanigans but they moved to Hotmale Beer Bar downstairs presumably because the beer is cheaper. And obviously they requested the music to be changed to Christmas playlist!
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    BL8gPt reacted to jason1975 in One week in Bangkok (Nov/Dec 23)   
    It was a crazy Saturday night at Hotmale Beer Bar downstairs because two regular lady customers visited. One Japanese lady customer was locked in embrace and kisses with a particular waiter at the sofa. They then adjourned to Dreamboys in private sofa seat with bottle service to enjoy their show. Yours Truly happened to go to Dreamboys and sit directly opposite them. The particular waiter looked half drunk by the time they left after midnight.
    The rest of waiters at Hotmale Beer Bar downstairs became half drunk due to a Thai lady customer who showered them with whisky shots. She's a regular and when she comes, most of the staff crowd around her. They even change their music from English songs to Thai just for her and they sing, dance and drink throughout. She ordered shot glasses to be brought out and she personally poured bottles of Jagermeister into each shot glass full to the brim and then gave them to the waiters to drink. Most got 2 to 3 shots while her favourites got more than 5 shots. I presume she tips them when she leaves. I wasn't around to see the tipping but I did find out that her total bill for drinks once hit 20k baht in one night!
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    BL8gPt reacted to jason1975 in One week in Bangkok (Nov/Dec 23)   
    Day 4 - In morning, I got hit upon via Grinder by a university student at nearby Chulalongkon University. Early 20s. He wanted to come to my hotel room and he asked for 2pm. So I did not have anything planned for early afternooon and waited patiently. 2pm and there was no word from him. I had to send a message asking if he was coming. At 2.30pm, he replied that due to school work, he had to postpone to 5pm. At 5pm, he messaged to say he would be late. I smelt a scam. I wanted to cancel but Netflix saved him by keeping me occupied the whole afternoon. "Near now. Please wait," he said at 5.30pm. He finally arrived at 6.10pm. I was glad that I waited. He was very willing to please and worth his short time tip.
    However, during the afternoon while waiting for uni guy to appear, I rejected 2 opportunities to meet - one was from Soi 6 massage guy L whom I saw yesterday and another was young Thai working as engineer who found me on Grinder. In fact, I would count it as 3 opportunities lost because fellow forum member went to One Spa and I could have joined him but didn't. Thankfully, uni guy and I clicked when we met so I  have no regret at the 3 missed opportunities.
    In evening, I went to Circus on Soi 4 for dinner. Sat at front row perfect view to eat slowly and watch people passing by. I enjoyed seeing the reactions of curious straight tourists who walked in and did a U-turn back out. Seeing the Jupiter guys report for work was a treat. I stopped B, a Laos Jupiter guy and offered him dinner. He said he had eaten but he was accommodating to sit with me for a few minutes to chat. B is a longtime guy I know from Banana Bar.  I swear he gets more handsome every thing I meet him. He agreed to an off for Sunday night.
    I noticed many (Asian) bears going up the stairs to Hugs Bar. Glad to see that there are niche places for different interests. A group of European-looking older gentlemen sat to my right at Circus and had beer. Later, I would see them at front row in Dreamboys watching the show. Circus had a cabaret show inside srarting at 9pm, with its Aussie owner taking limelight as show announcer. At 9.15pm, I paid my bill and made my way to Hotmale Beer Bar downstairs.
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    BL8gPt reacted to jason1975 in One week in Bangkok (Nov/Dec 23)   
    I decided to check out Screwboys so I went in after saying goodbye to the guys at Hotmale Beer Bar downstairs. It was about 11.40pm. Few customers and 2nd show was going on. It was erotic dancing with some guys touching and rubbing a guy with erected penis sticking out. After that was big cock show where the guys went looking for tips. The guys in basketball singlet and shorts seated outside came inside for rotation on stage after the big cock show. Twinks galore! But I wasn't offing anyone. I just spent the next hour looking and ogling. Something new at Screwboys is mamasan calling the guys to catwalk down the narrow aisle one by one. Really nice way to showcase them and introduce them to audience. I saw Sol Bar do this yesterday night and of course it's copied from Jupiter.
    After midnight, groups of Thai ladies came in. They ordered bottles and invited the cutest guys to sit with them and drink. I counted 15 ladies against 5 lonely male customers at 1am when the 3rd show began with ladyboys singing. I decided to leave. As I walked out the door, I scanned the guys seated outside and tipped one guy whom I took a fancy to. Number 93. Later on back in hotel room, I spotted him on Grinder and I sent him a "Hi" message. He replied immediately.
    "Thank you for tip. Tomorrow you come my bar?"
    "Tomorrow I wait for you."
    And that ends Day 3.
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    BL8gPt reacted to jason1975 in One week in Bangkok (Nov/Dec 23)   
    After massage, I took a nap. I had such a good sleep that I was surprised to wake up at 7pm! I had slept for 3 hours! I had a dinner appointment with fellow forum member at 8.30pm at Wine Connection at Silom Complex. I went there and we had dinner with our partners. 4 of us shared a bottle of wine and ordered individual salad dishes and a pizza. My Vietnamese con nuoi (godson) came along even though he was down with dengue fever a few days ago and is currently slowly recovering. Unable to work at his logistics packing and delivery job on doctor's orders, he had to forego his wages for these few days so I quietly slipped him some money to tide him by. I asked him why he only wanted to work at Dreamboys at night when he could easily work at Sol Bar and Screwboys (which I confirmed had Vietnamese guys. Report on Screwboys later). Con nuoi said those bars few customers compared to Dreamboys. We finished our dinner just before closing time at 10pm and parted ways. I was on my own for the rest of the night and of course I made my way to Hotmale Beer Bar downstairs.
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    BL8gPt reacted to jason1975 in One week in Bangkok (Nov/Dec 23)   
    Day 3 - L, the massage guy from yesterday's massage came to my hotel at 2 plus. Yesterday, at the room in his massage shop on Soi 6, he had his clothes on until midway when he asked me if I would tip him for extra service. Only then did he get naked. This time, the moment he entered my hotel room, I started unbuttoning his shirt then lowered his jeans and black boxer briefs. (Same as yesterday? Or does he have several pairs of same type?) I also got naked and led him to my bed for massage to start. I believe it was easier for him to massage because the hotel bed is much bigger than massage bed. He was literally on me as he massaged me body on body, with his warm expanding cock rubbing against my a-hole. He didn't bring any massage oil or cream but the massage still worked because of his skilful strokes. It was one of the best sessions I had, erotic massage leading to sex. Yesterday, I asked him if he would cum with me. He had replied that he was working so he couldn't. But on hotel bed, HE got so horny that he begged me to jerk him off. He said he was man so he won't bottom but surprisingly, he allowed me to finger him deeply. I found his G spot and finger fuck him while he jerk his cock furiously. Finally he let out several cum shots which reached his chin. I kept him on hold and didn't let him wash up until I unloaded my cum on his sexy abs. After that we showered, I paid him his tip and he went back to his massage shop to work. Sorry this report sounds like amateur porn but I am just reporting what really happened. Hehe.
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    BL8gPt reacted to jason1975 in One week in Bangkok (Nov/Dec 23)   
    I asked P if he was not with me, which show he would be in. He said the erotic dancing. He also said some nights there's a shower show and he would be in it. "You do shower show for me in hotel?" I asked. Yes he said. After the SM show, the Sol Bar guys came up on stage. I gave 100 baht tips to numbers 10 and 14 - one for nice smile and another for well proportioned body. Both I suspect our forum member @vinapu would approve. I didn't do the @vinapu tuck into their white shorts though. Finally, P, being a good friend, asked me to consider tipping his friend, no. 18 and I did willingly. I love how P looks out for his friends.
    We left Sol Bar and in hotel room, P kept his word and gave me a shower show. He's a true pro. Well worth his tip!

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    BL8gPt reacted to jason1975 in One week in Bangkok (Nov/Dec 23)   
    At 10pm, I left the merry folks of Hotmale Beer Bar downstairs to enter Sol Bar to watch the show. Mamasan led me to a seat on right side at second last row. The big pillar in the middle prevented a clear view of the stage but at least it had full mirror on it which allowed the back view of the guys to be reflected when the guys stood in front of the pillar as part of their rotation.
    P, whom I got to know from last night, was waiting for me.  He was in white singlet and white shorts but no number. About 15 other guys were on stage and they had numbers embroidered on their singlets and shorts. I asked him why he had no number and he said something but I couldn't catch the explanation. No matter. I told him I wanted to watch the show. I definitely was taking him off so he could change to his own clothes. He took his leave and I surveyed the bar. There were low round sofa type of seats ideal for groups right below the stage.
    Only about 10 customers including one Asian customer to my left seated with former Hotmale twink who had changed out of his waiter uniform. Asian customer (looks Taiwanese or HK) was taking him off but like me, wanted to watch the show. The bar started filling up quickly. Two separate groups of Thai customers came in and ordered bottle service. Each group called down some guys down from stage to drink with them for the night. Just before the show started at 10.22pm, (yes, I checked my watch), a group of 4 farang women tourists came in.  They took front row sofas below stage on the right side. Midway through the show, one of the Thai groups would move to front row sofas below stage on the left side.
    Sol Bar has adopted the best practices of the other bars. Their show started in a similar fashion to Jupiter where the guys took turns to walk individually and present themselves to audience. Unlike Jupiter, they didn't have the cold lifeless model stare. The guys of Sol Bar were free to smile at audience. Most removed their singlets to showcase their upper bodies. Some seemed awkward with runway walk. They need more model training. Also unlike Jupiter, the numbers on their shorts were visible for all to see. Very accessible for any customer who wants to off a guy.
    Regarding the show, there's only 2 ladyboy singing - the opening act (backed up by 2 dancers) and the fifth performance (a solo item). Total 8 performances and I don't count big cock show. The other performances are all performed by the Sol Bar guys themselves - mixture of dance numbers and slow erotic dancing. But overall what stood out was the last performance - a SM act between a master and a slave. The slave was stripped, pulled on a leash, thrown onto the floor, "whipped" and had candle wax poured on his body. Audience members were invited to pour wax - one lady from the all-girl farang tourists in the front row and the Asian customer sitting with ex-Hotmale guy. I suspect the latter arranged for him to go up on stage. Customer seemed sheepish but I could tell he enjoyed it! The twist at the end of the act was that the slave turned the tables on the master! I have watched similar shows at Freshboys and Tawan but this particular performance made it into an unforgettable viewing experience with a storyline. Kudos for best SM show in Bangkok, Sol Bar! Maybe Sol Bar should rename itself as Sol SM Bar!
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    BL8gPt reacted to Nasherich in Pattaya Massage shops review 2023   
    I'm writing this in the afterglow of a 90 minute oil massage at The Paradise Spa in Pattaya.
    This place goes to number 1 in my rankings, a much needed boost after a couple of disappointing experiences over the last couple of days of which I will share in another post.
    Not at all cheap, you get what you pay for imho. The facilities are top notch, the best I've encountered in Pattaya.. The rooms are clean with en suite shower (but not a toilet), mirror, stool etc and massage bed. Not the sort with the head hole which I prefer, but comfortable enough with the provided cushion and wide.
    And the masseur was accomplished and delivered an excellent massage, therapeutic, sensual and erotic in turn keeping me on the edge for almost the entire time.
    I would almost be afraid of returning again in case it didn't live up the today's experience!
    Highly recommended
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    BL8gPt reacted to Fred Joos in Adam's Apple Club   
    We have now survived the first year after the pandemic, which was not always easy; the many tourists who used to come stayed away for a long time. Now, for this year's Loy Krathong Festival, things are looking up again. We would like to thank our loyal community from the bottom of our hearts for supporting us during these difficult times.
    The Adams Apple Club Chiang Mai team wishes everyone a Happy Loy Krathong Festival 2023.

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    BL8gPt reacted to jason1975 in One week in Bangkok (Nov/Dec 23)   
    After Z went back, I had time to myself in morning. I was at swimming pool for half an hour then back to hotel room for Netflix and Tiktok. At 1.30pm, I had lunch appointment with fellow forum member. He suggested we eat at new Foodland branch at Park Silom. Very clean and new but not as big as I expected. Prices are same as Foodland Patpong. However, atmosphere will never beat Foodland Patpong!
    Fellow forum member and I then continued our conversations while we walked around Patpong and Silom. We did one full round from Park Silom to Silom Road to Soi 6 to Surawong Road to Soi Thaniya then along Silom Road to Soi 4 and back to Soi 6 where we accepted the invitation of two cute massage twinks. Massage for 60 minutes was 500 baht excluding tips. I was very satisfied with my guy, L and I got his Line after finding out he's willing to come to my hotel room before/after work. Finally, I have to share this sad photo of the place that used to be Coffee Grnder Silom.  
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