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    BL8gPt reacted to maump in Filipino boys vs Thai boys   
    I'm in Manila now with a brown skinned 24yro province boy (from Facebook,). First trip to Philippines, but  Not my first Filipino . Very affectionate, clingy.   This one Not jealous (rare here) type.  Not very experienced, teaching him to bottom.  All Filipino cocks are cut strangely, lots of lose skin and not usually large (same as Thai).  Definitely a white daddy fetish here. Hotels are more expensive lower quality, mass transit sucks, taxis are cheap but all negotiated, food is so-so but cheap.  
    Headed to Isabella province to hook up with another local province (straight?) boy. (3 some) 19yro cute twink 1000p\day for sex and companionship.  Daily wage for labor in province is 300p\day. 
    Want to go to Angeles city (CLK old usa Clark air force base).  Not sure what I will see\do yet .. 
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    BL8gPt reacted to Boy69 in Filipino boys vs Thai boys   
    Colombia in comparison to Thailand:
    Hotels - more or less same Thailand sometimes cheaper excellent quality like Thailand.
    Mass transit - cheap and mostly good for interurban connections, inner cities ( except Medellin) too crowded and complicated for foreigners.
    Taxis - cheap and reliable little bit expensive then Thailand.
    Food - relatively cheap but in Thailand it's much cheaper and better quality.
    Language barrier - in Colombia it's very difficult to get by without Spanish in Thailand is much more easy.
    Safety - in contrary to what people think Colombia is safe but have to be very cautious at some parts of the cities after dark. Thailand is definitely more safe.
    Weather - extremely varied Bogota is cold at nights in day moderate to cold.At the coast tropical and hot. Other cities mostly moderate and nice .
    Boys- more choices and divers than Thailand from blacks to light skin blondes very fascinating boys to choose from,better than Thailand.
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    BL8gPt reacted to reader in 50 Thais trapped in burning Cambodian casino   
    From ABC News
    26 bodies found as search ends at Cambodian hotel fire site
    POIPET, Cambodia -- The search for bodies in the wreckage of a burned-out casino hotel complex in western Cambodia has concluded with 26 people confirmed dead, a senior official said late Friday.
    Banteay Meanchey province Governor Um Reatrey told The Associated Press by phone that after 39 hours of rescue and search operations, there were also 57 injured survivors from the Wednesday night fire at the Grand Diamond City casino and hotel in the town of Poipet.
    Seventeen of the dead were from Thailand, one each from Nepal, Malaysia and China, and six bodies were yet to be identified, he said.
    The Disaster Prevention and Mitigation Office of Thailand’s Sa Kaeo province, just across the border from Poipet, said there had been 27 deaths — 26 in Cambodia and one in a Thai hospital. It said of the 112 people injured, 27 remained in hospitals and 85 had returned to their homes.
    Thailand’s Ruamkatanyu Foundation, a social welfare organization that sends volunteers to disaster scenes, said Friday the search operation in the main 17-story building of the casino complex was completed, and it was withdrawing its teams. It said its searchers could not enter the more badly damaged 6-story part of the complex because it was too unsafe.
    An initial investigation found that the fire may have been caused by New Year’s holiday decorations that drew too much electricity, causing wires to overheat and burn, local authorities said.
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    BL8gPt reacted to TotallyOz in Anyone else getting a message saying security cert is out of date?   
    Yes, sorry, I have been traveling and the programmers will put on soon.
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    BL8gPt reacted to vinapu in The legendary Madrid   
    Madrid Tavern will not return to Patpong acorrding to the owner I talked to few days ago so legend is closed permanently and for good unless somebody else will take name and premises over. 
    Restaurant relocated to new location in CHAROEN Krung soi 49 and is now named Madrid Cafe. 
    Happy to report food, included famous pizzas remain as tasty as ever. Prices more it less also the same. New location has two levels and toilet has the shower so bring your towel, lol. It, s in the house formerly occupied by the owner. 
    Soi 49 is roughly across the street from Assumption Roman Catholic cathedral compound on the stretch of CHAROEN Krung between Silom and Suriwong. Long but doable walk  from Silom ghetto or take a BTS to Saphan Taksin and it, s perhaps 7 minute's walk from there. Once you find soi 49 just walk in, at the end  there's sharp turn left and Madrid is in 3rd building facing elevated highway. 
    Sounds complex but in reality is very easy to find, just go there
    Bon apetit ! 
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    BL8gPt reacted to 12is12 in 2nd report on Pattaya: Boys Town (BT)   
    B and I got to BBB just in time for the 22:30 show. The place was packed, about 20% female - either with their boyfriends or in groups. We were sitted right flank (further from the door) front row; good view.
    Some 20 guys were standing on stage, dressed, offering themselves to be offed. The majority were not twinks. Some were offable, but none really excited me. 
    [I prefer to get mine through apps: nudes, written understandings, no interactions under unbearable noise.]
    These guys returned to the stage for the break, and after the show had ended. By then their numbers have dwindled, hopefully bcs some had been offed.
    The show was a mix of BBB's group (dancers, drag singers, straight big cocks) and the famous B Boys; it was a really professional high class show. 
    In the first act, the cock guys were wearing white tongas, standing above blow holes that were lifting the tongas Marlyn Monroe style, thus exposing the cocks. One of them was right in front of us; I really wanted to reach out and grab.....
    In total the show lasted 2 hours. [At an early point I put in my ear plugs, which helped.] People gave tips to specific performers they liked, either directly if they were sitting front row; or through an usher, who then pointed out with a laser beam the back-sitting benefactor, so the performer cld gesture his gratitude.
    There was one old ugly lady who persistently came on stage, to tip every performer at a certain act. Guess she earned that right by her largesse, but it was really annoying. A couple of times an usher had to come up to escort her down.
    When the talented and sexy B-Boys gave 2 especially great performances, B gladly tipped them when the hat was passed, sighing: "If only they were offable..."
    The big cocks were attuned to the ladies, whenever a person from the audience was invited up, or when they got down into the audience. However, the ladies werent screaming disruptive dominating, so - contrary to some reports here - they didnt spoil my fun.
    Towards the end, the big cocks went around all the audience, to offer a grope. I shook hands with every cock that wasnt condomed (except one with a hideous inserted bean), tipping 100 each. One of them responded by planting a kiss on my forehead. I reciprocated by planting one on his cock; he recoiled.
    Bottom line: great time, to b had (if one is so inclined) for a mere 200 per first drink.
    After the show we/I peeked into the other clubs there. Toy Boys, A Bomb and X boys were lifeless: 2-3 boys, no cstmrs, zero energy. Dream Boys was dfrnt. Outside was a sexy twink, dressed in white undies, full of energy: "u want come in, sir? "U want me? I suck u, u boom boom?"
    I peeked inside; no cstmrs, but many boys. By then both of us were tired, but I decided to return.
    Great Pattaya-introductory evening!
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    BL8gPt reacted to 12is12 in 5th report on Pattaya - Jomtien : Double Shot bar   
    Act I:
    On our 1st bar night, B said that in Double Shot at 22:00 the boys take their shirts off, so of course we headed there. Nude chests inject erotica into the sex-lessness atmosphere I mentioned in my previous rprt, and indeed it was rewarding to eye-candy them.
    I like the lean-athletic type. Most of them were nice to ogle at, and I wanted to invite a boy to sit and drink, but all of them were a bit...full, or with just a tiny belly. All of them that is, until I dtctd my dream guy at a corner: taller and browner then the others, perfect flat chest, joyful smile. Alas, he was sitting with another boy at a table with two patrons.
    Unashamedly I stared as that man did everything I wanted to do. He sat the boy on his lap facing outward, stroked his chest, kissed his back, pinched his nipples, etc. The boy didnt reciprocate, but seemed fine with it.
    Since there were no signs the patron was going to leave, and since no other alluring boy appeared, after about 30 mnts we left. Not before I asked for the boy's name - Jinno.
    B is well aquainted with one of the bars' managers, who speaks prfct English. We asked him why dont the rest of the bars emulate this business enhancing shirtlessness idea. He explained that Thai ethics prohibit such copycatting competition. 
    Our loss )-:
    Act II:
    The next night I returned alone. Didnt see shirtless Jinno, so I asked where he was. Turned out he way at the back with a cstmr. The boy I asked was the same smiley one who gave me Jinno's name the night before. He jestured he was going to call him; I said 'but he is with cstmr"; smiley wasnt deterred; and for some reason Jinno deserted that guy for me.
    We sat together for almost an hour, chatting via ggl about the usual stuff. He was rather assertive friendly-like, at one point - without asking permission - downloading Line on my phone and then establishing contact from his. Here is one not hesitant about marketing....
    I enjoyed getting up close and prsnl with him just like I had fantasized, and he sometimes put his arms around me or gave a hug or poorly imitated massage movements. 
    Smiley came by a couple of times, one time playfully touching Jinno's groin. I did the same; nothing interesting there. At no time did he even hint at offing, and I didnt try. Had a feeling he's better at being touched than sexed. 
    Jinno had two whiskies on me, and I tipped him 500 b.
    Great host bar experience.
    Act III:
    Having sent B photos of Jinno on my lap and my hands all over him, B decided that we go there again. Good decision for an additional reason.
    Turned out there was a birthday party for one of the boys. The occasion calls for no shirts off; rather they all wore narrow-fitting white shirts. Looked good.
    Jinno had no problem unbuttoning a bit for my searching fingers, and we were back to our ystrdy's moves. 
    B found himself another boy, much more proactive than Jinno. He began some dancing moves, which caused B to enthusiastically follow suit, claiming: "Farang CAN dance even if their preference is that we sit"! 
    I wanted to join in, but Jinno claimed he doesnt dance and or that he is tired bcs he didnt sleep well. When I asked why, he said he is worried about his parents. I stopped there, bcs the direction might lead to hints at money... 
    At some point B's guy disappeared, which didnt prvnt generous B from leaving with Jinno a tip for him.
    To honor the birthday boy, management brought the B-Boys troupe (we saw a couple days before at BBB) to perform. See below sexual act with the embarassed guest of honor, and an impressive fire show. The vids were too heavy/big to upload here, so I attached only snippets.

    GREAT last night for me at Jomtien Supertown.

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    BL8gPt reacted to 12is12 in 7th report on Pattaya: 2nd visit at Boys Town and Sunee   
    After touring Walking St for the 1st time, I went by myself on a 2nd clubs round, Sunday 21:30-22:30.
    Didnt visit BBB, bcs had already seen the show, and wanted to head to J bars.
    4 clubs - I peeked for a mmnt and decided not to sit.
    Winner: 1 boy with cstmr, 1 on stage. No one appeared when the bell rang.
    Toy boys: no cstmrd, 8 boys, none for me.
    A bomb: 3 boys, 3 cstmrs, no interaction.
    X boys: 3 boys, 1 cstmr.

    Now for the two clubs I did stop at.
    Nice Boys:
    11 boys same as in previously reported visit.
    Unlike empty then, there were 2 cstmrs when I arrived, and one joined after me. Each of us took a corner seat.
    C1 was busy wnkng a boy, who was watching straight porn on his fone. Later a 2nd boy wld b called to the other side, so C1 was wnkng on each side. I think one of the boys had the least tiny dick in the club, bcs its head was showing above the wnkng palm. 
    C2 was sitting with the only attractive boy. I think he started wnkng him only after he noticed that's what I was doing.
    C3 was apparently well known to the boys. Every cpl of mnts he wld jesture one over; the boy wld stand in front of him and lower his panties; C3 wld play with his package, smack his butt playfully, and send him back with a 50 b tip.
    I didnt find anyone to my taste, but wanted to exprmnt, so I called over the twink most vigorously wnkng beneath his panties. He sat by me, ordered a drink, I jestured to lower his pants, and out came the tiniest dick I have ever seen. Furthermore, it had 3 inserted round beads which I really dont like.
    Nevertheless I started wnkng, and on came the porn but the boy cldnt get it hard.
    He put his hand on my thigh, I moved it to my groin, but he wasnt very good at that either. I then gradually unzipped, guided his hand a bit, and then whipped mine out. The boy said "big", continued watching porn & wnkng me, and not getting hard. After three more mnts I discharged him with 150 b. 
    By then the attractive boy had rtrnd to the stage from C2, so I beckoned him over. We went through the same routine, this time he had no beads and also got hard. I gave him 250 b, and left. 
    The whole visit lasted 10 mnts. While I m glad to have experienced such public promiscuity for the first time, I wont b back to a place with such tiny palm-covered dicks and (to me) unappealing boys.
    Dream boys:
    10 boys on the stage; jeans, no shirts; nmbr tags; 3 of them sort of nice.
    A group of 3 cstmrs left as I entered. 
    The boys made dancing moves on stage, and the whole atmosphere was btr than in all other clubs.
    I ordered a drink; and the stern-looking mamasan sat by me, again and again jesturing at the stage. I asked about the hot boy #45 we had met 4 nights ago, but she didnt rspnd. 
    Fortunately, a cpl of mnts later a group of two pairs (man woman) entered, and then a pair of men. The mamasan jestured to the boys to direct their attention to them. I then decided to bypass bar mangement: instead of asking boys over for a drink, I approached the stage and shoved a 100 b bills into the jeans of the 3 nice ones. The 1st seemed a bit srprsd. I thnkd them all and left, on my way to livelier Jomtien.
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    BL8gPt reacted to Keithambrose in Bangkok Gay Massage   
    Indeed! I went to Green Massage in Surawong, just for a relaxing foot massage before bed. I picked a good looking twinkish guy, and he suggested a back massage. When we got to the room, he took his clothes off and we went from there. He let me fuck him, and came in my mouth. Quite a welcome to Bangkok. Also a good masseur, but not much English. No tip mentioned, and I gave him 1,500, he seemed pleased!
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    BL8gPt reacted to young11 in Bangkok Gay Massage   
    a lot of info available here but in many different posts, so hard to keep track of them and find what you really want because it takes forever to find the info. I think it might be better if we find a way to sort information so that someone new to the scene can get it done quickly. Here is a quick summary of what i found:
    1. There are two types of massage places: you can choose boys and pay min tip. This kinda guarantees ES, so you need to tell your preferences such as top before choosing the boy. Most places have twinky guys if I understand it correctly, but places like Arena would specialize more muscular guys. Many places have a line account that publishes the photos and role of the boys. Would be efficient to contact via line first. Many of these places are in Silom and Sukhumvit area but I might be missing. This is good if you wanna have fun for sure. 
    2.  The second type is where they look like a normal spa but with some or many or exclusively male therapists. Here depending on the therapist, you can reach an agreement on the tip and what you can do. Wholly on your discretion. I understand you cannot choose the guy unless you know the guy and name them when you book in advance. No minimum type, usually cheaper (like most massage places in Thailand). You can find them everywhere as long as you see the male therapists there but members here noted spas in Inthamara area, close to the Chatuchak market but many seem to exist in Silom as well. If you don't mind a good massage without sex for cheap, this option is good.
    Maybe other more experienced members can add more info with details.  
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    BL8gPt reacted to Boy69 in Filipino boys vs Thai boys   
    Exactly my taste.  Just came back from one month trip in Colombia ,it was unforgettable amazing experience and the variety of twink types is amazing there from blacks to white blonde twinks many types for every taste,  Unfortunately I was with the same Colombian guy because we developed more serious relationship and he is very jealous person so  can't comment on the apps or massage parlors , the gay clubs and bars we visited were good less commercial than Thailand but vibrant and fun found it as a great challenge to what Thailand has to offer nowadays for sex and tourism surely will come back again. 
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    BL8gPt reacted to aussie_ in Filipino boys vs Thai boys   
    I like twinks and as in most places there are plenty of bottoms and tops of all sizes if that is what you are looking for. I was age 50yo when i first starting visiting Taiwan for over a dozen stays of one month each time and travelled to all the major cities. I met many guys online through Hornet, Blued and Grindr. I paid only once and never again when i started meeting some of the hottest twinks who never asked for money and would have been insulted if i had offered. Most are university students or have a job and had no interest in being paid for sex. The guys never asked but I was happy to pay for our meals together or go to to see a movie as i know their income is not great. 
    I will visit Taiwan later this year for Gay Pride and catch up with my friends there. Taiwan is worth a visit just for the sightseeing in the cities and countryside. 
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    BL8gPt reacted to reader in 50 Thais trapped in burning Cambodian casino   
    From Thai PBS World
    At least 50 Thai gamblers and employees of a Cambodian casino in the Poipet border town were reported to be trapped inside after the casino caught fire late Wednesday night. A number of people, mostly Thais, were injured and were taken to the Thai border town of Aranyaprathet, Sa Kaeo Province, for treatment.
    It is not known whether or how many people have died in the fire, as some witnesses claim that they saw some people jumping from the 5th floor of the building, which is located at about 20 metres from the border. About 50 people were seen on the roof.
    Five fire trucks and about 10 rescue vehicles and ambulances rushed to the scene to help extinguish the fire and help victims.
    At about 2am this morning (Thursday), it was reported that the Aranyaprathet district hospital’s emergency ward was full of fire victims, many of them Thai women. Some of the injured were sent to the Kasemrad Aranyaprathet private hospital.
    Witnesses said that they saw fire on the second and third floors of the casino and a lot of smoke billowing out of the building.
    The latest reports from the scene say that the fire has intensified and has spread to nearby buildings.  More fire trucks and rescue teams from other districts of Sa Kaeo Province been sent to help control the blaze.
    Poipet is a favourite destination for Thai gamblers, as gambling is illegal in Thailand and there are many casinos just over the border, some owned by Thai businessmen.
    From CNN
    Death toll rises and dozens remain missing

    Phnom Penh, Cambodia CNN  —  The death toll has risen to at least 19 and dozens of others remain missing after a fire engulfed a casino complex in Cambodia on Wednesday, according to local authorities.
    Another 70 people were injured in the blaze at the Grand Diamond City Hotel and Casino in Poipet, a city that borders Thailand, and the death toll was expected to rise as rescuers search for victims who were trapped in the building, Banteay Meanchey province spokesman Sek Sokhom told CNN.
    Thai rescue workers who responded to emergency calls from Cambodian authorities said some victims had jumped to their deaths from the burning building in a frantic attempt to escape.
    “Two people died immediately when they hit the ground and around four to five (others) broke their legs,” said Peerapan Srisakorn, from the Aranyaprathet Rescue Foundation.
    Peerapan told CNN his team alone saw 11 bodies, including seven who had died from smoke inhalation and were found in locked hotel rooms, and said it was very difficult for rescue workers to survey the building as it was full of thick smoke.
    Videos on the group’s Facebook page showed rescue workers in helmets and protective gear walking through smoke-filled corridors.
    Sokhom said the hotel used an electric system for rooms and elevators, so when the fire started and the building lost electricity, many people were stuck in their rooms and could not escape.
    Approximately 700 Thai citizens were rescued and sent to hospitals in Thailand, according to authorities.
    Peerapan told CNN his team alone saw 11 bodies, including seven who had died from smoke inhalation and were found in locked hotel rooms, and said it was very difficult for rescue workers to survey the building as it was full of thick smoke.
    Videos on the group’s Facebook page showed rescue workers in helmets and protective gear walking through smoke-filled corridors.
    Sokhom said the hotel used an electric system for rooms and elevators, so when the fire started and the building lost electricity, many people were stuck in their rooms and could not escape.
    Approximately 700 Thai citizens were rescued and sent to hospitals in Thailand, according to authorities.
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    BL8gPt reacted to ChristianPFC in Filipino boys vs Thai boys   
    Philippines is the only country in SEAsia I haven't been to. The reasons are multiple:
    A bit more expensive to get to because further away from Thailand. I said the same about Taiwan, but after a friend who has been there urged me to go, I went and was happy with what I found, total 5 trips.
    I have met over 5 Pinoys in Thailand, none of them convincing in bed. I chatted with more, the same crap as with Thai boys. A few years ago, I was pondering Philippines for my next visa run, a particularly negative exchange on online dating, crossed Philippines off for that visa run.
    A friend who has been to Philippines says hotels more expensive and poorer standard than in Thailand, that's something I'm sensitive to. And he says bringing locals back can be a problem.
    It seems Philippines will remain at "I want to go some day, but currently there are much better options".
    Similar applied for Brazil, until in autumn 2020 for Covid I was stuck in Germany with nowhere to go (warm, cheap, boys) than Brazil. I made it to Brazil and I'm glad I did! Will be back as soon as possible (reasonable flight prices and times).
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    BL8gPt reacted to Olddaddy in Filipino boys vs Thai boys   
    A lot of you guys leave the Philippines out when you talk about Asian boys , you all mention Cambodia etc 
    But anyway that's not what my topic is about !
    It's about what I saw last night in the gay sauna in Sydney Australia.
    I particularly like Tuesday nights in 357 Sauna in Sydney as it's "trans night " , I'm not interested in the free entry to trans people but what I like particularly is that you can wear your clothes on this night and I wear my t shirt and undies .
    So I arrived at 8pm $32 entry fee .
    Put my stuff in the locker and yes kept my t shirt on.
    Saw a few trannies walking around including Thai ones but didn't interest me 
    A few Aussie Bears touched me but being a bear myself I wasn't interested so kept walking around 
    What I noticed was about 7 or 8 Thai guys ,most were that feminine look walking or prancing around,none were interested in me it seems and I didn't chase them .
    A few went Into the rooms with guys of middle eastern backgrounds and I presumed suck their Lebanese dicks ,I could hear it outside the room then sucking the arab guys cocks 
    There was one Thai who was good-looking but he was waiting for me to ask him and I thought fuck that he can ask me so he walked slowly past me towel around his waist shirtless nice chest but I didn't say anything and then he bumped into me so I said want to go to a room 
    He said " how will you pleasure me?
    I said I can rim your ass ,he said show me your daddy dick with a screeching sound and then tried to touch my dick .. ahhhh not big enough he said , I 
    I said fuck off I'm bottom anyway and walked away 
    I then watched this group of Thai sluts going and out of rooms with guys of middle eastern and indian backgrounds.
    So anyway about 11pm 3 hours after arriving I sat down on level 3 to have a free coffee only to be approached by a young Filipino ,hey he said this is my first time here he said to me .
    He was brown skinned 20yo hot cutest smile with very white teeth  🔥
    I thought fuck this can't be true ,😳😳😳and then I started to get nervous as other old guys walked past but they stopped pretending to stare at the wall paintings to listen to our conversation.
    So I just said to him ..let's go to a room and he said yes ,I thinking if he said no I would look embarrassed with the old guys hovering nearby to listen 
    In the room on he told me us Filipino boys love daddies .
    He loved touching my beard and kissing , hugging ,I thought I just want him to fuck me but he was incubated with my beard and belly 😂
    He said I'm from Manila and I come to Sydney for Xmas 
    His brown dick was big thick biggest Filipino dick I have ever saw 
    After he licked my beard, yes he liked to lick my beard , no idea why but anyway after he done that ,I laid on my back on the bench inside the cubicle and he stuck his 20yo dick into my asshole , I was using the popper to sniff as he mounted me standing up and I was on my back with my legs in the air on the bench 
    I suddenly dropped the popper and it spilt on the red coloured mattress I quickly put the top on but the aroma was so strong and he easily put his young  large cock in my old anus stretching it as he looked down on me ,the strange thing the thoughts going thru my head as he pounded my asshole was me thinking he had the same face as that boy in Tarzan ,remember that kid in Tarzan he looked like him !
    He was pounding me and I could hear someone trying to open the locked door then I could hear guys outside the door I guess trying to listen in as I moaned louder so they could hear ,"yes yes fuck me with your young cock " I shouted ,he started to laugh as he really pounded me ,then all of a sudden his body shook and he let out a grunt and I could feel him filling me up ,his cock was about 10 inches and it was buried into me right up to his hairless brown balls ,I could actually feel and I kid you not but actually feel his load filling up my asshole ." I didn't cum in 10 days" he said .
    Then.. after guess what ANOTHER Filipino guy approach me hey he said tapping me on the shoulder " want to go to a room? In his Filipino American accent cute smile with white teeth brown skin , he was a bit older 40's?  But he had recedin
    g hair but I thought beggars can't be choosers and if he is offering why not 😂 but he also topped me and loved kissing ,small dick though but wide and hard ,but wasn't as exciting as the first because this guy cum in like 1 minute and insisted on a condom,he said my son already fuck you 😳😳😳😳that's what I thought he said ? My son already fuck you !😳😳
    But .😂He didn't have to use to much lube ,as my asshole had the previous young Filipino guys lube ,
    So to me thais last night wanted me to approach them obviously because they think everyone wants them and expect me to beg
    I'm starting to get over thai guys I'm saying you guys please try the Philippines,
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    BL8gPt reacted to TotallyOz in Hi Club Karaoke - A Review from November 19   
    I finally decided to get out of my apartment. I had a bout with Covid which took longer than expected to heal. The cough is still there but the ATK tests negative. The doctor said the cough may last a few months. A few rounds to the hospital over the past month made me just not to want to stray from the necessary places. However, tonight, I ventured out and I wanted to see if Hi Club was like their videos on LINE.
    First, there is a thread here that discusses the place.
    Second, their LINE group is very active. I was told it opened at 9PM so I got there around 9:30. No one was there and I was the only customer. So, I had my pick. Being secluded for a month I got greedy and invited 4 boys to sit and have drinks. All were young and manly and cute. A few six packs and very cuddly. All were straight and none were open to gay encounters except to get sucked and to fuck. Well, that was not what I was looking for so I told them to fuck off.
    Just kidding. I liked two so I took them home with me. On a scale of 1-10, well, perhaps the fun factor can't be properly rated so I'll pass on the service rating as it would not be fair. But, on a cute scale, at least a 9. I enjoyed their company for the night. I told them 3k before we left the bar and they were both OK with that for an overnight.
    Having to do it again, I think I would have chosen more carefully to make sure they could at least do a few things other than get sucked or fuck. But, hey, they told me in advance and I should have believed them. All from were from Laos.
    The cost of the bill at the place was 3899. That was 1699 for the mixers and whiskey (which they throughly enjoyed and played some games). The off was 500 baht each. And, there was a fee per hour for boys to sit with you. That was all a bit odd and I'm not sure if that was BS but I paid anyway.
    All in all, the place is very clean, newly renovated and comfortable. No smoking inside that I saw and the boys with me all went outside to smoke. The music was not too loud when I was there and it was good music and not Thai music. I was told it did not get busy until 2AM, so apparently, I get older and the night must start earlier.
    The place was easy to find and on the main road near the other massage places.
    131 7 Sutthisan Winitchai Rd, Samsen Nai, Phaya Thai, Bangkok 10400
    QHQ3+JP Bangkok
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    BL8gPt reacted to Travellerdave in Why can't Jomtien Complex become an International destination   
    i had a short affair with an older guy who worked part time on reception in a bkk hotel where I stayed 12 years ago towards the end of my trip. He liked chatting to me, explaining that he needed to improve his English to get a better hotel job. Once when he was off duty I invited him to have a drink with me in the hotel bar, during which we talked about his life in Thailand mentioning that he used to be married but was now gay. He asked me about my life, work, and interests during which I told him I was also gay, which he said he suspected because he had not seen me with lady. A few drinks later he accepted my invitation to go to my room for sex and to sleep with me. 
    He had a good body and we had a great time - not just that night but for the rest of my trip. But what made those days enjoyable more was the breadth of our wide ranging conversations. One day we went on the tourist train to Samut Songcran where he had worked before and could explain to me the Thai fishing industry. A totally better experience than I had had with young money boys. I did give him significant money and a leaving present of course. He did admit that I was not the first farang with whom he had such an experience.
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    BL8gPt reacted to Londoner in Why can't Jomtien Complex become an International destination   
    I learnt very quickly when I became a Pattaya regular that older guys were more fun, that they were more likely to be able to converse in decent English and that their experience of sex made them better practitioners. And that they kept their looks.
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    BL8gPt reacted to PeterRS in Why can't Jomtien Complex become an International destination   
    I had several fascinating conversations with bar boys over the years. When Classic Boys had to be closed because of a fire in the premises above, most of the boys were farmed out for a few weeks to other bars. A friend and I were then quite regulars at Solid Bar near Mango Tree. On one visit we noticed a new guy who I asked over for drinks. He had a smile to die for and, surprisingly, spoke very good English. I took him off twice. On the second occasion he came back to my flat where we chatted for at least two hours before moving to the bedroom. What really surprised me was that he was 34 - and looked no more than 24, he was married with two young children, yet happilly bottomed - and sex was among the best I had experienced. Had he not been married and straight, he would certainly have been bf material.
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    Some years ago, a straight escort explained it this way: he found it hard to get it up while with clients, so he couldn't top. Yet he knew that he would be losing out on clients if he only insisted on handjobs, so he learned to bottom. That said, I suspected he was one of those who, two minutes into the session, might say it hurt too much because "you too big."
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    BL8gPt reacted to vinapu in Type   
    this is exactly what I heard, almost word for word from one of boys I offed and he even commented that he was surprised he kind of liked it.
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    BL8gPt reacted to vinapu in Bangkok Gay Massage   
    go to Arena and have a nice f...k
    Sabaidee Spa, Jey Spa, VCK, Senso
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    BL8gPt reacted to reader in Thai navy vessel with crew of 106 sinks in rough seas in Gulf of Thailand   
    From Thai PBS World
    Two bodies have been recovered from the sea between Sak and Samet islands off Chumphon.
    The first body, without a life jacket, was found drifting near Sak Island of Chumphon province by an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) this morning (Tuesday). A Fisheries Department boat was sent to recover the remains, according to Vice Admiral Pichai Lorchusakul, commander of First Naval Area Command.
    He said that it is very likely that the body is that of one of HTMS Sukhothai’s missing crew, because of the mechanic’s jumpsuit he was wearing, commonly worn by mechanics and electricians on Royal Thai Navy ships.
    The second body was found by a Fisheries Department vessel in the same area. The second body was wearing tracksuit bottoms and a dark blue T-shirt but no life jacket.
    The two bodies were recovered by the Fisheries Department vessel and taken ashore in Chumphon. They were then sent to Bang Saphan district in Prachuap Khiri Khan for identification.
    If they are confirmed to be crew from the sunken HTMS Sukhothai, the discovery brings the number of crew still unaccounted for to eight.
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    BL8gPt reacted to 12is12 in Report on 4 Pattaya hotels   
    My Pattaya reports are aimed at newbies by a newbie (third time in Thailand, first time in P), so please read and react with that spirit in mind.
    I decided to offer them thematically rather than chronologically, bcs I think it's more useful for searching info.
    The hotels:
    I botched my hotel reservations. Won't bore u with the humiliating story, but it explains why I m able to comment about a number of hotels.
    Spent 1st night at Avani - $100.
    The resort justifies the rate; great brkfst buffet. Cmfrtbl 6 mnts walk to Boyz Town.
    Then moved to Jomtien's Agate. Even though I had been following the forum and researching ahead, I was surprised at how compact the whole gay complex is. The 4 most mentioned hotels are literally within two minutes walk from each other.
    I had a 1 night rsrvation for Agate, followed by 5 nights at East Suites. However, when I crossed the street to check into the latter, per my reminder of an in-advance request for a quiet room not facing the street, I was told there is no such room (available?). The manager was VERY nice about it; took me to the room; and offered to cancel the rsrvation if I prefer to go elsewhere. I went to check out the others and decided to return to Agate.
    Their rates for a standard room:
    Zinq 900
    East 1400
    Poseidon 1600
    Agate 1900 (half Avani's rate).
    East and Poseidon r small, no more than 12 rooms.
    Zinq and Agate have scores of them.
    I liked the way Poseidon looked. The nice Getman manager said the windows have triple noise isolation. Cldnt offer availability; I think I'll try it out next time.
    I didnt like the way Zinq looked; the open spaced terraced way to the rooms reminded me of a prison.
    Agate is quite satisfactory. I like the spacious room; brkfst buffet is ok for 200 baht; welcoming attitude and service.
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    Thank you. You always bring really good advice to this forum.
    BTW, I don't do fancy restaurants, only those in and around Soi 4, and maybe some street food stalls. My Thai friends and I, however, do enjoy room service dinners around 5 in the morning, after we've done our partying and bedroom gymnastics, and before we crawl back into bed and go to sleep. These dinners are always a highlight, a chance to go over all the things we did that day and look forward to tomorrow.
    My Thai friends also seem to enjoy ordering drinks and maybe some food around the pool, though I'm rarely around to partake. I'm usually at a high-end coffee shop, the kind I've learned to go to by myself so as not to make anyone uncomfortable. So it works out. My friend can relax by the pool and feel like a tourist, and I can sip some high-end coffee made with Thailand-grown beans and feel like a tourist.
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