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  1. 200+ gay pride events in 2022 and 2023 - international gay pride calendar (nighttours.com)
  2. Muscle Factory is s huge bodybuilding gym, might take 30min travel from Silom but was only 320 baht entry back in 2019 and is worth a trip. Muscle Factory – Hardcore Training Gym (mfbkk.com)
  3. also there are many "straight" or married men who won't advertise on apps or websites due to wanting to keep their anonymity but are happy to show up at saunas and this is when we get lucky as many of them are gods. I also like to inspect the goods prior to purchase, if some of the so called tops cannot get hard when inspecting I move on!
  4. It looks like Brazil will be heading off the red travel list and no need to quarantine on return to UK so I after an almost 2 year wait it's time to return to Brazil! Looking to go Sao Paulo in mid December then Xmas and NYE in Rio. I already have airbnb booked in Sao Paulo and Rio and I have a night flight from Rio so was thinking of renting a love motel for 4-6 hours to fill in the day before the flight, never done a love motel so was hoping you guys could give me some pointers. Was looking at Love Time Motel in Rio: http://www.lovetimehotel.com.br/ Has anyone tried this one or recommend another? I am big on the fucking armchair (poltrona erotica) which some of the suites here have (and 117). Was planning on hiring one of my regulars or a newbie from Club 117 I am yet to meet! Into big muscle tops if anyone has a recommendation too!
  5. Hmmm big muscled Brazilians....I'm looking at wknd trip next month to Barcelona
  6. Great topic! I often think about retirement or semi retirement in next 10 years. 5 years ago I was thinking I'd like to spend 3-6 months in Bangkok each year with London as base. Now Thailand not so cheap and air quality not good but good health services. Last few years I have focused travels in Brazil and the sauna scene so would love to semi retire in Rio or Sao Paulo, especially now with Pound against Real but concerns about safety as full time resident (never experienced any danger as tourist though). I generally stay in airbnb but like others said renting apartment and possibly sharing sounds like a great idea. Has anyone retired and obtained some sort of retirement visa in Brazil? I wonder how much you would spend on rent boys and how often we would visit saunas if a full time resident!
  7. I've found gyms in Bangkok expensive for day passes. Not in Silom, but if you want an outing, I get the BTS Skytrain then walk to Muscle Factory Phrakanong, it's huge and cheap entry.lots of muscle guys to perv on and also have lots of healthy meals to buy: https://mfbkk.com/
  8. I also have 10 posts but still not able to access escort discussion after logging out and back in
  9. bangdom

    Bali, anyone?

    M.A.N. must be new. never heard of it, but will check it out of my next trip...thanks for the tip!
  10. bangdom

    Bali, anyone?

    Not strict, never had any problems, but the thing to do in Bali is rent a villa (look up on airbnb), most come with own private pool and give you privacy. Recommend staying in Seminyak. it's where the gay life is and full of nice restaurants and beach.
  11. I've been a member for few years but one of those that never posted. Now I have more spare time during lockdown in UK. Also miss the Latin section! I've been a regular to Bangkok for the last 13 years but the last few years my preference is Brazil. Sex for me in Brazil doesn't compare, but also love the lifestyle, weather, food, coffee, caipirinha Usually spend time n Rio, Sao Paulo and Salvador. But would like to visit other cities in Brazil. Last trip was Jan 2020, had planned to go for xmas but put on hold due to Covid, hoping March bit now thinking July.
  12. There is a muscle bar in Bangkok called Tawan which is full of muscle guys, they perform sex on stage and have numbers on their speedos and you can hire them. I've never hired but it is a fun night to have a few drinks and watch the show.
  13. bangdom

    Bali, anyone?

    Bali is VERY gay friendly. Gogo boys dance on the bars in speedos in Seminyak. Many gay tourists also. You would not know you were in a Muslim country.
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