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  1. yeah whatever.... 1. "the cabinet approved" the new rule. That doesn't mean it will ever come into effect or be enforced (TiT, after all) 2. there was a big hype recently about the altered 800k bank deposit requirement, in particular that the deposit now needs to be at least 800k for at least 3 months AFTER the extension. Well, I also renewed/extended about a couple of weeks ago, and nobody even mentioned anything at all about that. That in and of itself doesn't mean much either, that new rule may or may not be looked at then the next renewal is due in a years time.... 3. there was also some drama posts in a facebook group about immigration now asking for TM30 from the applicant (even though TM30 is technically an obligation of the landlord, not the tenant/applicant, but again TiT) and a big deal was made out of the fact that they have a separate setion at Immi for filing TM30, woohaa! Well, upon my renewal, that was also a complete non-event. My whole renewal went completely identical as last year (except this time it took much longer lol, ostensibly due to an internal meeting). I'm with Gaybutton here, such news are best ignored. But thanks anyway for sharing!
  2. they do change THB to any foreign currency at rates that are just as good as their buying rates. For the major currencies like EUR USD GBP the spread between buying and selling is minimal
  3. ... which happens to be right around the corner from Superrich Silom branch. If they have the same rates, it's certainly better than SR which usually has long queues at the Silom branch (Silom Complex branch I found to be less busy)
  4. maybe the Superrich "Visit Thailand Card" debit card is an option, too. It's advertised actively in their branches. I haven't checked terms & conditions as it's not relevant to me. Link: https://www.superrich1965.com/newDetail.php?id=5b922e21cf606c035e23e223
  5. Finally, after walking past it a couple of times I remember the third hotel I had in mind when posting about those new options. It is called "Resort M BTS Chong Nonsi". It is directly next to the MahaNakon building, in the very small narrow soi bewtween immediately to the left of the MahaNakon, between MahaNakon and The Infinity It's no more than 100m from the BTS station. VERY cheap indeed, less than 1000B. Though being very small it even have a small pool between the two wings (hence the name "resort" I suppose). Looks look modern and nice in the pics, though it seems some have no wondoew (not sure). This might be another great value option for esteemed hotel-hopper @vinapu Nope, alive and kicking. Drove past the other day and made a point of looking, as I was also looking for the hostel there, Minimis fromerly Thrive, sionce someone asked about that. That one is being demolished as part of the Twilight redevelopment, but not BBB. true and annoying. A way around that is searching for a hotel in google maps rather than the regular google. The hotel description there will have address, phone number and other info, AND a link to the hotel's own website (if they have one, sometimes for some businesses it's a link to their facebook page, but same thing if that's all they have) Note the difference in amenities: laundry SERVICE vs laundry FACILITIES. The former should be obvious what it is, the latter can be ambiguous. I'm the exact opposite haha. NEVER eaten any of the snacks, but sometimes had a coke or something from the fridge when there was an urgent need. Always paid for that, though, never even occurred to me to replace it from outside lol. Haha, I have actually taken remains of small bars of soap from hotels, which I do when staying at high end hotels and they have high quality soap rather than the cheapt shitty ones. And yes, I am entitled to those remains, as I already used it and it would otherwise land in the trash, wasted. This reminds me of an annoying habit of a hotel in southern France I stay for about a week every year. They replace the soap bar after about a couple of days, when it's still like 95% intact (I only use bar soap to wash my hands, never to shower). Why they do that is a mystery to me and I find a competely unecessary waste. I do take the remains (if they leave me one towards the end of my stay) with me too, as it;s a nice olive oil soap. I went there to look at their rooms a year or two ago, scouting hotels for a friend. The whole place (apart from the nice lobby area) looked dark and old and tired inside and I would NEVER consider staying there.
  6. if I remember correctly from his report, that was in Thonglor
  7. Great report indeed, sounds like two guys who know how to have fun :-) But as DM already pointed out, you are clearly mistaken about Chakran/V-Club being "far". For a mosai ride it is certainly (too) far, BUT going by BTS is a breeze, an airconditioned one to boot. The Ari area is actually well known and very happening when it comes to restaurants and cafes.
  8. Patpong 2 left hand side (coming from Surawong), second floor to the right hand side of Fresh Boys (which in turn is directly above Screw Boys). Can't miss it, huge neon sign. If you sit in the front row of bar stools at New Hotmale you can see comings and goings at Dreamboys P. as well as their shirtless boys across the soi, a bit off to the left.
  9. did a quick survey of the new patpong twilight. Starting from Silom, going through Patpong 1 and saw chillout boys (empty), and Sweet Banana (a handful of boys on stage, no or almost no customers, kinda pushy door people). Didn't see Superboys. Went to the old Twilight to have a quick glance, no fully boarded up, including Hotmale which still looked open a few days ago when driving past. A quick sidetrip to Soi Wallstreet revealed a closed G Boy bar. Then on to Patpong 2. Had a drink at New Hotmale beer bar with one of the waiters who likes me. Was kinda hoping to find @paulsf there, but didn't. Couldn't look inside the bar as they collected admission fee of 350 outside. On to Dreamboy P., they even said "can look first", so that's what I did. Told one of mamasan's (in Thai) that I was there only for a quick look at all the new establishments and would come back another day for show etc. No issue with that, friendly chat. DBP looked rather small to me. Many shirtless guys outside the bar, none of them really my type lol. Next stop Lucky Boys. Suprised how large it is. Looks fancy, too. Mamasans did seem pushy trying to escort me to a seat. I just stopped before entering the actual bar area, had a look around, a boy massaged my neck from a seat above lol. On the way out spotted an unusual looking boy in the dressing room. Unusual because he had VERY dark skin and facial features were somewhat reminiscent of an Indian/Pakistani/Bangladeshi guy (not normally my cup of the, but he was cute with lively eyes) We made eye contact and I asked him where he was from. Laos. Kinda surprising given the looks. Told him I'd come back another day (which I am indeed planning to do). Number 42. On the way home passed Soi 4 and saw the new Banana Boys but didn't go in. All in all, as Michael said in the other thread, things are alive and kicking indeed.
  10. interesting... will try to have a look when I get around to it
  11. he could actually GIVE me that money and I wouldn't take him LOL
  12. funniest thing were two of yesterday's Bangkok Post headlines, side by side: What I'm wondering is what the generals are thinking how they could govern if, on the one hand, they command a majority in the combined session of lower and upper house (easy for them) and thus elect Gen. P. as PM, but, on the other hand, do NOT command a majority in the lower house. How do they envision to pass legislation????? And couldn't the lower house then actually table and pass a motion of no confidence? Bloomberg actually carried a story highlighting that very possibility. Of course I don't know if their new constitution and parliamentary laws allow for such a motion, and under what conditions etc etc....
  13. Sofitel SO is a gay popular choice. They're hosting gay pool parties frequently, too. Might be expensive over Songkran though, obviously
  14. if Patpong becomes the new Twilight then it's essentially the same location though! actually not true, walking distance from Bandara to both is 1.0 km according to google maps, so it's smack in the middle
  15. Having a dedicated hotel thread, I'd like to throw in some new (to me) discoveries: 1. also in Silom Soi 3, essentially next door to Baan Silom, is a new very nice looking boutique hotel called Kessara. It is in a wooden house that looks more like a large family home than a hotel. Seems to be on the slightly pricier side in the 3k range, but probably well worth it. 2. with famous hotel-hopper @vinapu in mind the brand new T2 Residence Sathorn in Suan Phlu Soi 6 might be an option to consider for some not minding the distance to Silom/Surawong/BTS. Rooms are smallish, but adequate, modern and being new of course spotless. Cheap in the 1k range. A friend stayed there recently, so I had a chance to see the rooms personally (rather than just internet pics). They even have a tiny swimming pool!! And special feature: it is basically directly opposite Prince massage 3. I think I had a third one I wanted to post here, but forgot.... if it comes back to me I'll add it
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