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  1. just teases? Thought this was more of a full service shop..
  2. No worries, boy is clear priority over reading forum and meeting other members Next time, or in sg....
  3. That's very tame compared to these two, also seem in Silom:
  4. was originally kinda hoping to see you and paulsf tonight at Maxis, but that of course turned out to be impossible. Soi Twilight tonight: Deader than dead lol. Though the two guys in the pic chatted me up as I took these pictures and the right hand (weed smoking) one was quick to ask me if I wanted boy massage LOL. Like that was something special and hard to find in the general Silom/Surawong area haha. I didn't realize how far the redevelopment has already taken it's toll, with the steel construction fence up to the left of Fresh Boys, which was Bonny Massage, right? Bangkok Massage still intact though
  5. is that true? Saturday the whole Soi essentially closed? Why? They can't serve alcohol, but they can still serve boys and that's what people go there for, not alcoholic drinks. No?
  6. anddy


    parties contesting: a whopping 81 (there's even an LGBT party, I see there posters around Silom) source: https://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/asia/thailand-election-democracy-after-military-rule-11280022
  7. Agree on the "lots of handsome men". Since I added them on Line, I kinda like looking at their Line updates just for the eye candy. Some are on the hunky side, more like @vinapu types maybe, but also some cuter, less built ones with boyish faces, which I like.... Might go some day, though in general I don't really go to the full service shops, rather prefer the uncertainty of the "normal" ones hehe
  8. anddy


    hmm, again I'm not sure, but I'm pretty sure there is a separate line for the 70+/disabilities/small children, that is to the RIGHT of the main immigration lines, whereas the Thai business class is to the left. I know this because I recently used it when traveling with a friend who had sprained his foot on our trio and had requested wheelchair service at arrival. We were ushered to the right hand side. As for the labeling of that lane versus the other(s), I really don't know/remember....
  9. anddy

    Art Massage

    With the proliferation of Art Massage shops I thought it should have it's own thread. Guess what, there is yet another brand new branch, now smack on Silom Road under BTS Saladaeng, directly opposite Silom Complex. Exact location is to the right of Soi 2/1 which is the one going to G.O.D. (or now renamed G.Bangkok), see this screenshot with my annotations from google streetview: The shop has the same design as all the others with the beige brick walls. They must now have 6 or 7 branches by now: 3 or 4 (or is it maybe 5 now lol?) directly on Surawong, one in Soi Tarntawan off Surawong (opposite Tawan), one in Suan Phlu between Soi 6 and 8, and now this one. If we add a post to this thread for each new branch they open this thread could get very long very fast hahaha. I have limited experience with their shops, I think two visits only. One in the branch right outside Tarntawan Hotel (great experience), and one around the corner from Soi Twilight (not good).
  10. anddy


    for me it would clearly be Babe haha
  11. anddy


    to add to the confusion LOL: I believe "priority" is again separate and different from "premium" or "fast track" and designated for people with disabilities, with small children or the elderly. Again, not 100% sure, as I see those signs often in passing but never pay enough attention to actually register where they are and what exactly what they say. Just concerned with getting through immigration ASAP lol
  12. anddy


    Don't you worry, with Thai business class YOU WILL get fast track - whatever it's actual name will be, point being you won't have to wait in general queues. Ask staff where it is if need be. Also, you might want to ask the flight attendants about it when they hand out the arrival cards.
  13. anddy


    FINALLY someone posts a link where to book that service! I've heard it being talked about for a LONG time, even by people I met in person who have used it, but I never bothered to really find out how to actually book it haha. If I remember correctly one person I met in person said it was an option on the airline's website when booking the ticket. Anyway, thanks @reader edit: checked the price there, it says USD 99 for VIP Meet & Assist for international arrival. If I remember correctly (but again not 100% sure on this) someone told me it was only USD 30. Are there different channels to book such service and different service providers with different prices? Anyone know? edit 2: their service rate does not apply to economy class passengers, they ask to make special arrangements (and probably prices): To me, that implies they don't actually provide the fast track access, just assist in finding the way there and stuff. Well, I don't need a baby sitter or handler...
  14. My transfers are most usually 10k EUR, to my regular that is myself haha. Sometimes, I do more than 10k, or rather have to, but still do it in 10k increments as larger amounts (not sure where the threshold is, may be 12500 or even 20k) incur additional scrutiny (money laundering and all that BS). The current fee for that is 53.76 EUR. Never used a credit card for TW, never even considered it or thought it was an option. Might look into it, though my amounts are too large for that anyway.
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