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  1. what are the prices in puerto vallarta comparing to rio?
  2. complicated. you can not be close to everything. you can be outside on hotel beaches, mostly north of the city. or you can be in the barra, which is pointed as gay beach, but is more like a normal beach, but nice anyway. or you can be in old town for historic buildings, capoeira boys and ladies in national costumes, and some music nights in old town (once or even three times a week). salvador comes in clusters. safe and not safe areas. in between areas you travel with taxi or uber. i would not stay in old town, i would visit it a few times during my stay. i usually stayed in barra, i liked it, but is more a question of taste.
  3. As I may have mentioned, I have visited rio and recife in january. A little bit more than a week in rio and week in recife. All stores and restaurants were opened. The beach has usual crowds. Maybe there were less vendors on the beach during the week. I did not visit saunas, because a new wave of omicron just started to grow in brazil. I was said when I saw that my my favorite bar Tonemai on Rua de amoedo in Ipanema is closed. Now they are refurbishing the place and the domino pizza will move in short time. This was my first trip after January 2020. Maybe the prices of food did increase, however the exchange rate is taking care of the increase. What is more sad, is that I feel that quality of food is getting worse. As I said, I did not visit the saunas, because of covid fear. However, grindr is rich with boys who are willing to do anything. Some will start their offers with 500, some with 300 reais, but they will all settle for 200 reais. It was particularly interesting in Recife. I did not know, how the hotel will treat visitors. I have read on tripadvisor that hotel’s policy is liberal. And really, whenever, I came in the lobby with guest the security was looking literally away. No problems. Recife is not much up to, but village near by Olinda is beautiful old village. I would also recommend uber trip to beach in porto galinhas. Really nice, but avoid weekend.
  4. after 2 years i plan my next brazil trip in january. i will visit rio de janeiro and recife. if anyone will be there and has any interest for beer or something else, please send me a private message.
  5. i was wondering also about other places....(not only saunas). i am traveling at beginning of january. i would like to know, if they will accept EU or US certificates. in europe we have a digital certificate that is valid all over EU and in countries neighbours to EU. (this info is for non-eu citizents that are not informed about system).
  6. i wonder do in all this places accept US or european digital certificate of vaccination.
  7. i am traveling at the beggining of january. i made a deal with a cute 21 year old uber motorcycle driver yesterday via internet. we made a deal for 2 day motorcycle drive around rio to see some waterfalls and different beaches and to stay with me 2 nights for sex. also to go to some music places.... we agreed for 500 reais for each 24 hours.
  8. no, OF changed their mind. it will stay as it is. however, if a boy can make 2.500 usd as said in a post above, i doubt they would still escort. maybe to only selected clients.
  9. covid pandemic made skip a tour or a few to brazil. in the meantime we had oour contats with guys in ig or whatsup. in the last two years also only fans platform increased tramendously. also some guys who were escorting previously opened onlyfans accounts. i wonder what happens now. do guys get rich on onlyfans and stop escorting or they make small money only and the continue escorting. i didn't mention any name on purpose. any hints or inside information ?
  10. if there will be some nice videos with tommy i will join your join your just for fans account. let us know!!!
  11. i have found on instagram new gay bar - meat place in center of rio. name: espaco kalazans location rua buenos aires 21, centro RJ picture remind me of old meio mundo personal. is anyone familiar with the place
  12. this what i will write is not connected to vaccination... but it is from february 2021 and i did not want to open new topic. some buys on instagram run different polls. like do you prefer sushi or pizza. this morning there was an interesting one. on a question: would you have sex for money 65 % answered yes, 35 no. on a question did you have sex with a person of a same sex 74 % answered yes, while 26 % said no. obviously corona crisis made brazil enviroment even more attractive.
  13. well i have the same idea.... but i still have my doubts. i got pfizer shots. but is vaccine good for brazilian mutation?
  14. buzios... someone above has mention arrival of boys to buzios. i have checked instagram page of mr. david santos, a very nice guy i have met last year in rio. otherwise he is from sao paolo, but he spends between december and carneval in rio, because there are better customers. he is on the picture above, second from the right. he posted a picture from boys weekend, which i post here, because it is obviously public.
  15. i have been in rio for the last 10 days. i have returned on sunday. i have not been here and i have a feeling that the famous gay road is detiriorating. first, the hotel ipanema plaza is closed. renovation???? does not say anything. second, subsequently asian restaurant on the corner that belongs to hotel is also closed. logical. third, cafizinha the lovely coffee shop has moved somewhere in copacabana. no more italian capuccino here. another restaurant has been across the street from cafizinha. closed. tonemai, that has been packed during weekend is almost empty. even on weekends only 2 or 3 guests watching the men walking around. ipanema gay beach is still the same. crowded with a lot of cuties.... pointe and 117 are going well, but personally i prefer grindr. grindr is crowded. younger guys mostly for sale. they all go for 200 reais, but ususlly they are willing to go down to 150-170 reais. but what is going on with the area?
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