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  1. I have to say, this country has pulled together since the tragedy and not become the side show that America becomes after tons of these incidents. This video really moved me. https://www.theguardian.com/world/video/2019/mar/18/students-perform-haka-to-pay-tribute-to-classmates-killed-in-christchurch-video
  2. I am an expert on buying mobile phones for guys in Thailand. If you need any advice, let me know. Seriously, if you like him and you have the money, I don't see a big deal. But, I know you may not like to spend money on things like that, but in the end, most of us are very wealthy compared to most Thai guys.
  3. Yes, I think so. There was a hotel beside it.
  4. A true surprise and delight yesterday. I was celebrating with friends and they wanted to try an authentic Greek restaurant in Bangkok. I was leery but went. I am so glad I did. The place was delightful. The food was amazing and the prices reasonable. It quickly became one of my favorite places in Bangkok. The baked Feta was amazing and the kabobs were incredible. We sampled 10 or so dishes together and every one of them was fantastic. If you are in this area, stop in and give them a try, parking above the place for those of us that drive. https://www.avrabkk.com/
  5. Hank, the rate for escort agencies in 2001 was 300 USD per hour or 2400 USD for overnight. If out of the area, transportation must be provided. I had friends in the business and they would be booked for two months in Dubai for 2400 a night. Long appointments needed an advance payment for some portion. When in NYC or LA, a private escort (not agency) will usually be over 200 and usually 300 USD per hour. Thailand is cheap but I do always think that I can often get for an overnight what I can for one hour in NYC and I often know the experience will be far superior.
  6. I understand the concept. I don't quite get what is going to now happen. What are the next steps? Will Brexit happen or be put to another referendum?
  7. No, I did not pay for anything in advance. I have never done that in Thailand and never would. However, with some USA well-reviewed escorts, I have put down a retainer for well-known porn stars and with agencies. But, this was not one of those occasions.
  8. I gave him two comfortable rides. Both on the same day.
  9. Does anyone that uses FoodPanda App notice they stopped taking reviews? I have ordered from them a few times recently and no opportunity to review. I also liked the option to see the reviews.
  10. OK. Confession time. I paid for the taxi from Pattaya to Bangkok. He was asking about the trip and location and BTS, etc. and I just told him I would send him a car. I would have gotten him one going back as well but he said he was staying over for a bit so I left him on his own for that.
  11. No. He took a taxi to Bangkok but not sure how he got back.
  12. Michael

    The 13

    3 Million baht can make a massive difference in their lives.
  13. Sorry, I wasn't clear. He offered 2-3 days for the 8k total, not per night.
  14. Yes, I did. Most of the guys have friends in different cities. That did not surprise me.
  15. I would enjoy seeing him again but seeing on a regular basis is not going to happen. I like more the bad boy types and he was just too sweet. Agree!
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