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  1. Michael

    The Gay Cruise

    Great article. Thanks. I came out to my very southern mama over Thanksgiving in NYC. I took her to see Beautiful Thing and we had a great Thanksgiving meal together in the West Village. I told her before those events but when she saw men walking down the street holding hands, she looked at me and said, "you are home now aren't you?" She knew that the city was where I needed to be and never again asked me to move to Alabama.
  2. I went to the gay bar area last night and it was a bit drab and quiet. Not too many guys working that I liked and got a bit bored so I headed to Starbucks to get a drink. I met this really hot Nigerian lad around 20 years old and very handsome. We talked and he said he wasn't money boy and just liked sex. So, I gave him a try. We got a grab and on the way to my place he massaged me and then went down and gave me a great BJ. When we got to my place, he showered with me and we had great sex. He wanted to spend the night which I normally don't do but did. Again, this AM, we got up and had sex. Or, I woke up when he was starting to have sex. All in all, it was excellent. He asked for nothing and was a real gentleman (except he cuddled all night which I hate). But, I was happy I met him. BTW: Big things do come in small packages at times. He was about 5'7" and this dick was 9 inches.
  3. Good food takes center stage at Thonglor's loft-like community mall. I normally eat Daniel Thaiger Burger there but there are a ton of selections. But, the Thonglor area has tons of great places and is lively and fun. The Commons is one of those unique places that has tons of options and everyone can find something they like and want to eat. Good beer. Wine. Burgers. Thai Food. Just about a ton of places. Open air and relaxing. https://bk.asia-city.com/bangkok-places/attraction/commons
  4. The Breakfast Story is an all-day breakfast place near Phrom Phong. It is delightful and tasty and full of good food and good service. I really enjoyed the French Toast and crispy bacon! Yummy! I'll be spending more time there. https://www.breakfaststorybkk.com/ 593/27 Sukhumvit Road, 2nd Floor, (Soi Villa near 33/1) Bangkok 10110 Thailand (above Hair of the Dog) (66) 02-258-1461
  5. check out this thread! https://www.boytoy.com/forums/topic/31701-my-thirteenth-trip-to-brazil-recife-and-fortaleza/?
  6. Lazy Panda is great. I found them on Facebook and used Lineman to order and the food was good. It was not fantastic but it was something that reminded me of American style Chinese Food and at reasonable prices. I liked the General Zao's Chicken. Here is an online review. But, give them a try. They are good! http://www.khaosodenglish.com/life/food/2019/07/24/we-tried-the-latest-american-chinese-takeout-in-bangkok
  7. I loved reading this story as it says a lot about the acceptance of gays in the country. https://www.gaystarnews.com/article/taiwan-high-school-becomes-first-to-allow-boys-to-wear-skirts/#gs.rk9igi
  8. BTW: I always loved flying KLM to Amsterdam and staying over a night or two there. It broke up the trip and I love the city. Not sure I would venture out for 12 hours but I do like the one or two day stop overs. Many Middle Eastern Airlines let you stop over for free as they want the tourists. A good plan IMHO.
  9. Not sure how they will enforce the curtains drawn rule. Also, many places have balconies. Do they have to be vacated as well?
  10. Sometimes, it is a matter of money. My recent trip for Business Class on Hainan had a 10 hour wait. But, the fare saved me nearly 2k USD. It was worth the wait time. Not sure I'd do it again but it made a lot of sense at the time.
  11. I love Suits and it is from USA network (I think) and have noticed that the word fuck is wiped out each time. I assume this is from a local station or somewhere else but it has been consistently wiped clean from that word. Censorship of content takes place all over. All the gay Thailand websites have been blocked in the past inside Thailand and you have trouble accessing porn in many places.
  12. Did it look anything like this?
  13. Z, I have noticed this trend as well. When they pull out a camera, I gently take it and set it by the bed. When I see them bring it into the bedroom, I gently take it and set it beside the bed. If they reach for it, I gently say no. Like you, this is worrisome and I try to stop it from happening but have noticed this more often.
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