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  1. I had a very nice Italian dinner tonight at Azzurro. It is a nice and small Italian place near Phra Kanhong. The food was good but the deserts were excellent. If you are in this area, they have a really great lunch special until 4 or 5 each day that is really reasonable. http://www.azzurro46.com/ Address: 46/2 Sukhumvit 46, Phra Kanhong , Klongteo Bangkok Phone: 02 392 5989
  2. 2 things I forgot to mention. Saturday was a holiday so all the bars were closed in Boyztown. But, XBoys was open for business. Hornet was VERY active. I logged in each day and found someone within 20 minutes and had a great time with each. No issues at the hotel with guests.
  3. I like both Best Tailors in Bangkok and Tailor on Ten. The last one is more expensive but both are great!
  4. I had some friends from the USA who wanted to see Pattaya for a few days and I took them for a visit. It was not a gay bar visit as this was a straight couple from the USA. We stayed at the Royal Cliff Beach Hotel and it was great. Beautiful view, great room, good breakfast, and good service. I didn’t book the room, so I don’t know the rate, but breakfast was 715 baht for extra guests. https://www.royalcliff.com/ We had one dinner at Natan’s in Jomtien. It was excellent. Beautiful restaurant, good food and tasted great. I had a crepe and it was very good and I had a good dessert. The service was excellent and I was happy with the food. https://www.tripadvisor.com/Restaurant_Review-g293919-d1500638-Reviews-Natan_s-Pattaya_Chonburi_Province.html One morning we ate at the Sky Gallery Pattaya. Food was OK but the view amazing. A good breakfast place. https://www.facebook.com/theskygallerypattaya/ We had dinner at HOPS on Beach Road. I had the lasagna and it was good. http://hopsbrewhouse.co.th/ We also had some good drinks at the Hilton Sky Bar. Beautiful view and 2 for 1 drinks for 340 baht. The sunset over Pattaya was beautiful from this place. https://www3.hilton.com/en/hotels/thailand/hilton-pattaya-BKKHPHI/dining/horizon.html My favorite place was La Baquette Phratumnak Hill Jomtien. The food was amazing. The atmosphere was excellent. I ended up purchasing some extras for taking away. I loved the atmosphere and food. I’ll visit this again each time I visit the city. All in all, 2 nights and 1 full day and filled with activities. I loved the pool at the Royal Cliff and I loved staying there in the day after breakfast.
  5. I found it interesting on the Pulse site that it talked about taking PrEP in various ways. We had a discussion on boytoy recently: https://www.boytoy.com/forums/topic/31424-adjusted-prep-plan/page/2/?tab=comments#comment-221171 Some people are angered by the fact that people suggested taking PrEP for traveling sexcations. To me, it makes a great deal of sense as opposed to daily dosage if you are not actively involved in sexual activity. But, I have not heard about this until the last few months and curious of others use this just when they travel to Thailand for vacations or if it is something they take year round. Also, the cost of this seems very low for here 1500 per month. And, I have seen a massive rise in the number of profiles that say they are on PrEP with Thai guys. Lastly, did I read somewhere that taking PrEP lowers risk of other STDs? I thought it was for HIV only. So, you see, I know little about it but do see a rise in users.
  6. Been three times and had a great time each trip.
  7. I have zero interest in just an HJ.
  8. Back in 2001, there were multiple clients of NYC escorts who would fly the guys to Dubai, France, Italy and Hong Kong. The rate was 2200 USD per day plus business class airfare. One guy paid 2200 per day in Dubai for one hour per day and happily kept the guy for 6 months.
  9. I agree! And, if I had been alone, I would have been lured in. But, then I would have missed a sexy lad from LuckyBoys. So, I am glad we stuck to the schedule. I did like the vibe of the new Soi and look forward to seeing other areas in the future. I was also pleasantly surprised at how nice the new places were. The owners have put time, money and thought behind the new places. (except the old mamasans who have the waiters ask you for a drink) I guess some things never change.
  10. I counted 60 boys. But, the mamasan said 80. There was a full stage of guys with a ton of variety. That is the bar I chose a guy from and had a lovely time with him. PaulSF will have to give you more details as he planned the night for me and we hit 4 places. The goal for him was for me to see the bars but miss the shows as I don't really care for them and he planned things perfectly. I think the drinks were 350 baht per drink. The bars were not packed but plenty of customers in each. LuckyBoys is huge. Screwboys is the same makeup as before and nothing changed. I was able to meet another poster from this lovely board last night that I have wanted to meet. All in all, it was an excellent night. I am not often into the bar scene as I like massages and the like. But, I was very happy to see that the scene is still fun, enjoyable and lots to choose from.
  11. I have been worried since Soi Twilight closed as so many have said the area was gloom and doom and the gogo scene in Bangkok was dead. I have no idea where these ideas came from. The scene is just as active and vibrant as before. The venues have changed. The beer bars are gone but the bars and the gogo scene is great. I was in three bars tonight on Patpong 1: FreshBoys, LuckyBoys, and Screwboys. All three were excellent. All had a plethora of sexy guys to choose from and the boys were just as plentiful as before. In fact, I think the bars have been upgraded as I certainly did enjoy the new seats, new looks, and lighting. Do not listen to the naysayers. It may take some time to walk around and see everything. But, the gay scene and the gay gogo bars are great in gay Thailand and Bangkok's scene is fun and active.
  12. Michael


    I think there are a few points of clarification here. You are most likely one of his many female customers. That is fine with me too. For guys who are not gay, they are not often as into sex with men as gay men would like to think. We often fantasize about them turning gay. It doesn't happen. Sure, who doesn't like to get his dick sucked? But, there is more to an encounter than that. His emotions are not destroyed because he is seeing men. His emotions are most likely destroyed that he doesn't like this business with either men or women and thus would prefer a different life. That is the case with a lot of guys. However, I have met many who love the job. In fact, one of my best friends in NYC told me he was born to be a whore as he loves the lifestyle and can work a few hours a week for what I had to work 40 hours for.
  13. Went today and had a fabulous time. Gave best tip I have given in a while. They sent the guys to me via Line and I want and picked a gay boy. He was cute and sweet and a great massage. Well, decent massage but a great ending. The place was clean but not upscale. The table was comfortable. I didn't like the shower in the hall. But, I'll definitely go back. There were three boys I thought were cute and all three were there today. http://www.jeyspa.net/ Address: 15 ซอย สุขุมวิท 41 8/1 Sukhumvit 41 Alley, Khlong Tan Nuea, Watthana, Bangkok 10110
  14. I tried to search for this on here but only one thread. Any others have good experiences with this place?
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