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    Min got a reaction from VancBCMan in Senso Massage   
    Somehow I can't put "you" and "shy" in the same sentence
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    Min got a reaction from a-447 in Min's tidbits about my Thailand and Vietnam experiences   
    (part 13) The story of 2 unfriendly boyfriends
    It was a rainy night in Jomtien Complex. Rain wasn't heavy but non-stop for hours. Most bars in the soi were empty. Many boys didn't bother showing up for work and pickings were slim.
    Wet and cool weather put me in the mood for a massage, so I put up my umbrella and checked out the nearby places. I saw no one at Soda but there were 2 boys standing in front of No. 1 Massage, both of whom I never saw before. Both are cute in different ways.
    The shorter one was medium-built with a cute face and poreless complexion. The taller one has a slim, taut body and big eyes. While I was approaching, Taller threw a cold glance in my direction then walked away. Not a friendly way of greeting potential customers. Shorter stayed put but didn't look any friendlier, avoiding eye contact as much as he could. 
    Normally, I would give it a pass and look somewhere else as friendliness rates very high in my book. But the rain didn't give me much choice and boy was my type. So I stopped and said hello. Fortunately, Shorter's English is quite good (would be hard to try Google translation outdoor in that weather) and he himself was talkative.
    His name is S, 25 years old, from somewhere near Bangkok. Today was his first day working in No. 1 Massage but no customers because of the weather.
    "How much do you want for a massage with happy ending?" "1200, but no sex" 
    What, do we have other kinds of happy ending that do not involve sex? 
    Turned out by "sex" he meant anal f*cking. He can kiss, suck and chuckwow. That worked for me. So I asked him to go with me to my hotel. 
    "No, I only do it in the shop. I don't go customer's place."
    It was only around 11pm something but his shop already closed due to lack of business. It looked like we can't do it that night.
    "How about the other boy? The one who was with you just before now. Does he go to customer's place?" 
    "He's my boyfriend and he's same same. No go outside" 
    Interesting, what he just said reminds me of Boy No 6 and his boyfriend (reported in parts 8 and 10) who have been working in the same go-go bar in Bangkok and who doesn't mind the other going with customers.
    Anyway, that doesn't solve the problem at hand. 
    "Look, my hotel is right there" I point in the direction of Agate, which is literally 20 meters from where we was standing. "You have nothing to be afraid of." 
    S looked unsure. I think he really could use a customer that rainy night but the idea of venturing outside the safety of his shop somehow scared him. So we stood there for ten more minutes in the rain while S debated the pros and cons.
    He talked to another co-worker in Thai, then made a call to (later he told me) his boyfriend. Finally, he said "Ok, I can go. But promise me you don't try to fuck me in the room."
    Do I look like that desperate rapist, who wouldn't even spare a goat???
    Inside my room, things got much better as I usually have a way of putting people at ease and and making them open up. S started working on my legs and back, while telling me about his relationship.
    His boyfriend is 3 years younger than him at 22, and they've been together for nearly 5 years. Impressive. It looks like their relationship is going strong (No 26 and his boyfriend been together for only about 6 months). That long time also means it's easier for them to handle a sexually open relationship. 
    S has been doing massage job for almost 2 years. He and his boyfriend made a deal: they can do almost everything with customers but no fucking either way. S is bottom and his boyfriend (who started the relationship with S when he was barely 18) is the only one who can f*ck him.
    That's why he didn't do out-call lest a customer force him to do something he's not willing to. 
    "Then why you go with me?" 
    "Because you don't look like a bad person" (by "bad" I think he meant "goat rapist") 
    "and farang customers are big" 
    I think I can connect the dots. I have the same body type as his boyfriend, smaller than his so he thinks he could handle me if things go rough  
    Still, when S jumped on top of me for the after-massage part, he checked again "Promise you won't try to fuck me" Something must have happened in his "massage career" for him to be that careful.
    I just rolled my eyes. What could I do? He was even on top of me. Unless he tries to sit on my flag...
    Anyway, S kept his end of the deal. He did everything else, vigorously. Sucking, kissing (very much into kissing), jerking off (he came all over my body) and more importantly, he did it with feeling. I feel we really connected that night. I also kept my end of the deal of doing nothing around his bottom area although my other end kinda hoped that S would sit on it.
    It was just an okay massage but with a very happy ending. Later, we showered together and he touched the hickey he left near my collar bone, smiling and saying "Sorry". He could be sweet if he wants to.
    "Don't worry, I won't show it to your boyfriend." 
    Speaking of whom, I checked with S if I can also do his boyfriend. Actually I enquire if I can engage his boyfriend's professional service as a masseur at an appropriate time in the future. 
    "Yes, but he is not friendly" When an unfriendly person claims that another person is not friendly, that's saying something, isn't it?
    "Well, I can tell. Before he looked like he wanted to kill me." 
    S laughed and gave me his boyfriend's contact. They share a rented room right there in Jomtien complex so they should be available anytime. 
    Staying true to himself, S was back to being cold and distant the several times I walked by the massage shop in the next few days. I never saw him greet a customer, eyes always glued on his phone, avoiding all eye contact. He never noticed me if I didn't call out his name and when he did, didn't even acknowledge it with a smile. Does he really expect customers to pick him just based on cuteness?
    Since then I was a bit worried about how things would go with S's even unfriendlier boyfriend. We made arrangements to meet at the hotel lobby a few nights later. Throughout the awkward silence of the ride up in the elevator, I kept thinking "Was it a mistake to do this?" 
    Once in the room, he silently stripped down to his underwear and all my wistful thinking went out of the window. His body looked exactly my type (S was a bit too chubby for my taste but he had a cuter face to make up for it). So I decided I'm gonna just enjoy his massage and his body despite the apparent lack of connection.  
    Then I noticed he fumbled around, trying to open a bottle of oil massage with slightly trembling hands. 
    "Are you nervous?" 
    "Yes, my first time in hotel. We don't go hotel before"
    Then I remembered seeing his profile pictures wearing all Uniqlo clothes. 
    "Do you like Uniqlo?" 
    His face brightened at the mentioning of his favorite brand. "Yes, very much" 
    "Me too. Big fan. Half of my clothes are Uniqlo"
    I even got up, opened my suitcase and showed him my collection of Uniqlo apparel. Now he truly smiled. The ice was broken. 
    Boyfriend of S's English wasn't as good as that of S, but he survived simple conversations. Again, we talked about his relationship. They met online in a game, got talking and fell in love after just one month, and been together since. They were both from poor families, so still have to support their parents back home. They shared all the money they made but didn't make quite enough so if S's mom gets the money this month, Boyfriend's mom would receive money the next.
    Unlike S, Boyfriend kept his underwear on the whole time he was doing my back. When it was time for me to turn around, I felt he was warmed up enough so told him to take off his underwear. 
    To my surprise, something already stood at attention, saluting me. I think I found the friendliest part of his body.
    Understandably, things just got better, even better than with S, because Boyfriend was more of my type. Like S, he was also very much into kissing. His cock is shorter but much thicker than that of S - this couple really complement each other in many ways (except for the friendliness part). 
    I think I know what you guys are now thinking. S would do a threesome, a four-hand massage with another boy but not with his boyfriend. Boyfriend wouldn't do any kind of threesome. I'm sure I want to do them both, but not at the same time. So we were all good.
    Although Boyfriend remained very hard throughout, he couldn't cum because he already came earlier during the day with his boyfriend (I was his only customer of the day). After, we also showered together for an amount of time inordinate for a normal rinse-off. We kinda played in the shower. Every time I saw his cock starting to get soft, I gave it a nudge and it was instantly back to a greeting position. And its owner, the unfriendly, cold and distant Boyfriend of S, kept giggling at the exuberance and friendliness of his cock, showing no sign of wanting to get out of the shower.
    Once we were done and said goodbye, Boyfriend gave me a hug (S gave me a hug and a lingering kiss on the lip so I think he still wins the friendliness competition), I gave his cock a final nudge and voilà - he left the room with a noticeable bulge in his loose pants. 
    A minute later, Boyfriend sent me a smiling blushing emoticon through Line without any words. I checked if he was still hard. "Yes". I asked if he wanted me to come downstairs and make it bigger again. He replied with 5555. So much for being unfriendly huh.
    (to be continued)
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    Min got a reaction from reader in Why this Thai boy was offended?   
    Well, on this trip, three different boys from Pikky and Divarium, when asked how much they expect for a short time, told me 1500B then explained: the bar requires them to ask for at least 1500.

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    Min reacted to vinapu in Why this Thai boy was offended?   
    I had that before from different boys and different bars so it may be bar policies indeed. This is the way bars are trying to take care about their employees and prevent them from undercutting each other I guess.
    If fee expected is too high nothing stops us from trying to bargain it down, the same way we are not stopped from tipping higher than quoted.
    1500 , while sensible , in Pattaya is not competitive with what boys from apps may be happy with though but as we all know advantage of bar is that we know whom  we are taking home so it warrants a bit of premium.
    Way boy responded to conversation  ( immediate justification ) shows that he may think fee is on higher side.
    I like way Min conducted that interview, short, brief "yes or no"  without killing fun by excessive exchange. I try to do the same way each time.    
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    Min got a reaction from vinapu in Why this Thai boy was offended?   
    It's actually 125 times. I keep count.
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    Min reacted to colmx in Why this Thai boy was offended?   
    I think all of the above can be condensed to:
    There is a very small minority of farang that try to manipulate the boys and treat them badly, we all know that.
    There is also a very small minority of boys that try to manipulate farang to do their bidding. I see this day in day out on Facebook where the same guys try to guilt trip some unlucky guy into doing what ever it is they require. Similarly I have seen them play mind games on the gay apps and throw a hissy fit when they don't get their way.
    Either was both camps are best avoided!
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    Min reacted to floridarob in Why this Thai boy was offended?   
    I can't look at the KFC logo now without thinking, there's a wise man 😉
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    Min reacted to vinapu in Min's tidbits about my Thailand and Vietnam experiences   
    I can't say I feel sorry for him though , on both accounts , age and fee stiffing
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    Min reacted to Londoner in Why this Thai boy was offended?   
    Gay falangs get a good deal in Thailand for 99% of the time. There's nowhere in the world where beautiful guys , a night out, good dinner and hotel are so cheap.  And equally important, safe. The vast majority of us recognise this and are thankful for it.  It was entirely reasonable for Min to show sensitivity and concern. There really are guys in desperate situations, the like of which  few of us have faced. And sometimes  we may be exploited.
    We make the decision to travel there, or even to live there; anyone not able to cope with the occasional (very occasional, in my twenty-five years experience) exploitative guy should stay at home and pay UK or US or European prices for beautiful guys, a night out and so on.  We are in someone else's country, where the vast majority of citizens are  much  poorer than us. Put up with it.  I hope we continue- and this forum suggests that most of us do- to take the seriously the feelings of the guys we meet, even if that sometimes makes us vulnerable to the occasional con-man. Just as Min did.
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    Min reacted to vinapu in Why this Thai boy was offended?   
    I,  for one,  am not complaining. Not all boys I met were angels, some  had problems to keep their promised side of bargain, but often improved given second chance ( I said it 127 times already my second worst off  and THE BEST were with the same guy perhaps  2 trips apart ). Few enthusiastic on the first off started slacking a bit on the next one but overall picture is rosy one . It's why , like many, I  keep returning and returning.
    Like Min , I believe money should be earned and don't send them money when they ask and needs to be said some are shockingly straightforward with their requests ( " I need 20000 baht and my account is xxxxxxx " , I'm kidding you not ) but I treat is as part of folklore. Not discounting fact they may be in genuine need, I just don't intend  carry somebody else's problems on my shoulder. 
    But at times it pays to be generous. W  hen in covid time I learned guy I like is in problem on my own I sent him some money not even being sure he remembers me. Year later we met by chance in soi4 , he not only recognized me but also thanked me for the money,  so obviously he valued it more than me.   
    So at end of day guys are in it for money and we can't blame them  for trying to earn it by , after all,  honest means. We have our brains and from time to need to use them not to fall into entrapments skillfully set.
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    Min got a reaction from vinapu in Min's tidbits about my Thailand and Vietnam experiences   
    @zoomomancs The age of consent is 16, but to provide certain "professional" services, the service provider must be 18 years old or over. That's what makes it confusing.
    So if you have a boyfriend, who is 17 and is willing to sleep with you with no money (iPhone should be ok, I think) changed hands, that's no problem.

    Like in Thailand, prostitution is "illegal" in Vietnam, so if you are caught red-handed as a paying customer, that's considered a misdemeanor, and you will be fined (not jailed). But if you are caught red-handed paying for someone who's between 16 and 18 years old, it's considered a more serious offense and you face more serious consequences. Of course, if that person is not yet 16 years old, it's statutory rape.
    So in principle, you should always stick with boys 18 years old or older and always check their IDs as younger boys frequently lie about their age just to get customers. Since boys in Vietnam often look much younger than their age, you can never be sure (when I was doing my first Master's degree, a lot of people thought I was still in high school and I was always asked for ID entering gay clubs).

    There was this money boy in Hanoi, who was only 14 years old at the time but told his customers he's 17. A young guy from the Czech Republic (24 or 25 I think), who had been doing his family business in Vietnam for several years so he spoke decent Vietnamese, was very familiar with the local gay scene and knew a lot of money boys, became the boy in question's regular customer or probably the "so-called" boyfriend (the boy even put a picture of their having dinner together on his FB). Later business wasn't so good so the guy frequently stiffed the boy on his fee. The boy then got his revenge by working with the police to set a trap. The Czech guy received a 10 year sentence and I think he's still in jail as we speak.
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    Min reacted to reader in Why this Thai boy was offended?   
    The OP presented a legitimate concern and many (myself included) responded with what I'm sure is well-intentioned advice. My comment goes to the irony of it all; when we finally got what we wanted--an open door policy to the LOS--we are now quick to see bad intentions in those we've traveled long and far to meet again.
    Couldn't it just be a simple misunderstanding between people who speak a different language and come from a different culture, as I believe Min alluded to in his opening post? It doesn't necessarily have to be a sinister plot to coerce money out of us, does it?
    Because they provide a service we seem to highly value, it's tempting to place them on a lower plane and see ulterior motives in their actions. Can't we just give them the benefit of the doubt. What I'm suggesting is that we not jump to the worst-case scenario based on anecdotal examples of what some other guys did in the past.
    I think all of us have likely done stupid things in our earlier interactions with mb's. Maybe it was a harsh word and inappropriate reaction. They most likely gave us a second chance. That's all I'm suggesting here.
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    Min got a reaction from hotbyu in "Tourists don’t come to Thailand for nightlife but for beaches and temples"   
    I’m sorry but Thailand has temples?😮😮😮
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    Min reacted to macaroni21 in First time Pattaya   
    I watched the entire show a few weeks ago. Not once did it remind me of Magic Mike (not that I've been to see the real Magic Mike show, but I've seen videos of it). It had a combination of lip syncing putting-on-the-pounds gatoeys and (biggish) boys half obscured by tattoos and masks. In nearly all the show items in which boys participated, erect appendages were the centre of attention, not their "dancing" skills à la Magic Mike of which there was none -- by the 4th such act, it got really old....
    The worst part was the screaming by the women who made up 40 - 50% of the audience, and the loooong (80- 90 minutes?) duration.
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    Min reacted to Gaybutton in Why this Thai boy was offended?   
    The only thing you did wrong was thinking you did something wrong.  You did nothing wrong at all.
    You make a good point about trying to joke with them, at least until you know the kinds of things they think are funny and the kinds of jokes they just don't get.  Rodney Dangerfield would be a total flop in Thailand.  And don't take it personally or feel insulted if a boy calls you old or fat or bald.  That's one of their ideas of humor and they mean nothing by it.  Understanding their sense of humor takes time.  For example, if a boy calls me fat, I just laugh and tell him I'm not fat.  I'm having a baby.  That's the kind of thing they think is hilarious.
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    Min reacted to Gaybutton in Why this Thai boy was offended?   
    No argument there.  I'm writing from the perspective of someone who lives in Pattaya, so even during Covid I didn't have to be worried whether Thailand was opening soon or not.  Lucky me . . .
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    Min reacted to vinapu in Why this Thai boy was offended?   
    and we can't wait to be subject of that entrapment again and again !
    On serious note, it does happen but not too often  Most boys we met are behaving professionally , providing requested service for  a fee  and closing door when done.
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    Min reacted to reader in Why this Thai boy was offended?   
    I was just thinking back about 18 months ago when all we talked about was how much we missed Thailand. We hung on any news of declining covid cases; any indication that the country may open up again. Now we find ourselves warning each other about the snares waiting to entrap us in Thailand.
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    Min reacted to gayinpattaya in Why this Thai boy was offended?   
    Everything said here is 100% spot on. I had a real world example of this recently. I always had the rule, don't shit where you eat. 
    2 months ago I broke that rule, and took a boy from a bar I visit almost daily. 

    We had a short time and 1 long time in a week, and I was kind of done. I told him I wasn't looking for anything serious. But he made it clear he was. He turned on his stalker mode. The next week was a mix of begging on LINE, and overly affectionate when I was in the bar, to the point of annoyance. He knew what he was doing. I didn't play along, just waited for him to get bored. 

    A week later, it has devolved to dirty looks from across the bar. That lasted a week. 
    For the last week or so, he doesn't even make eye contact with me. I no longer exist to him. He's moved onto new targets.
    If you are a regular at M2M, and there is an issue, just pull Beer aside (the cashier with the cap) and mention something, tactfully. Having said that, as GayButton said, I don't think it will be needed. Just smile and carry on with your routine. 
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    Min reacted to Gaybutton in Why this Thai boy was offended?   
    Here's my opinion:
    You know how much attention I would pay to this?  None.  Zero.  Nada.  And the last thing you should do is be reluctant to go right back to that bar.  I would sit down as usual where you normally sit.  If he approaches and wants to talk, that's fine.  I would greet him with a smile and a nice hello.  I would talk as if this non-incident never happened.  If it is brought up, let him be the one who brings it up.  Tell him you never meant any offense and he misunderstood what you meant - and then take it from there.  For sure you don't need to walk on eggs to talk to him.
    I doubt he was actually offended at all.  I've seen this same kind of manipulation tactic used by boys many times over the years.  I've had some of them try it on me too.  It's all a part of trying to get what's in your wallet moved into his.  And on you it seems to be working.  He's got you feeling guilty and wondering what you did wrong or what you could have said differently.  In other words, now he's got the control.  Don't let him have it.  Don't let him put you on the defensive.  Don't worry about whether you have offended him.  Let him be the one who has to worry about whether he has offended you.
    If you are interested in him, fine.  If not, I'd give him nothing more than a polite nod and move right to a boy who does interest you.
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    Min got a reaction from floridarob in Min's tidbits about my Thailand and Vietnam experiences   
    I lost count years ago. How many years? I lost that count too
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    Min reacted to Londoner in Why this Thai boy was offended?   
    Language difficulties abound in our relationships with Thais. I can recall, even now, how hurt I was on a couple of occasions many years ago when my innocent and good-natured comments were completely misunderstood. I suspect that this is what happened with Min.
    A guy for whom English is a second- language will probably employ particular  predictive phrases on his phone, sometimes choosing badly. And Shonen is correct about sarcasm. It's also true of teasing, which for us is is often an expression of affection. I once saw a falang teasing a waiter in a  bar- a guy whom he'd offed frequently and rated very highly- by laughing at his new teeth-braces. It didn't end well.
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    Min reacted to Shonen in Why this Thai boy was offended?   
    They don’t really understand sarcasm. They take most things literally. And why not? English is not easy for them. My boyfriend is amazed at how many different words mean the same thing.
    keep things simple and try not to joke around on the apps, unless you’re trying to aggravate them.
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    Min reacted to PeterRS in Why this Thai boy was offended?   
    Being partnered in Thailand, my bf is aware I have some apps still on my phone which I use occasionally when I travel. Yes, I know I could temporarily delete them but it's just easier to keep them there. I therefore have some experience of chatting with Thai boys as most weeks there are a few who click on me.
    In my limited experience can I suggest that as others have suggested unless you know a guy at least a little, joking with Thai boys often backfires. What a westerner considers a joke, very often Thais do not. Years ago I used to go out on Sundays for dinner and a visit to a bar or two with a good friend I have known for decades. He loved to joke with the boys. Although I suggested several times that he stop doing it as virtually all the boys had no idea what he was talking about, he just kept on doing it. In a bar setting he could get away with it - just. I suspect on the apps there is always a danger it will be taken the wrong way.
    Then if someone clicks on me whom I do not know or do not want to know, I keep everything simple and merely end the conversation as politely as I consider appropriate. So I usually say "sorry I do not know you" and then enter into no more communication. Or in the OP's case above, perhaps a "sorry I was only there for the shows and was not looking for company" might have been more effective. My feeling is that expressions of "I like/love you" or "I love your photos" rarely mean anything other than sex with you might be fun - tip or no tip depending on how the chat continues. So best to end the chat quickly and make sure nothing follows.
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    Min got a reaction from vaughn in Min's tidbits about my Thailand and Vietnam experiences   
    I lost count years ago. How many years? I lost that count too
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