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    • That may be true, Nathan_B. Ignorance can be bliss but that doesn't lend any credence to the tale.
    • If the Pattaya gay ex-pat community is a small and close knit as you say, surely the identity of the farang and the story is known to most already? For the majority of us who aren't ex-pats, well we're none the wiser!
    • If you're looking in A-Bomb a little after 9pm you're too early. Go back at 9.45-10pm. There are normally 8 or 10 guys, most of whom are quite hunky. A-Bomb is not one of those tightly regulated bars, the guys turn up when they want. 
    • I'm sure you know this guy. He's a snappy dresser who likes to call himself Vinapu. Claims he always dressers for the occasion. Never wears shorts or tee shirts and is frequently accompanied by a man servant. Here's a photo of him taken during last trip, peeking in door of Screwboys on Patpong 2. (Full disclosure warning: this photo may not bear a strong resemblance)
    • I went down to boyztown quite early today. It has been raining since my lunch time, in episodes of drizzle that has been an off and on few times. I waited for the rain to calm down before i go down, and its easy to check from ambiance terrace. Even saw tables being removed from the rain, and then set up back again which is a que for me to head down, around 8:40pm. Having thought that i missed the BBB parade yesterday, i should be able to catch it tonight. I set myself down on a table in at panorama, ordered a drink and wait while watching boys arriving to their bars. I waited and waited and 9pm passed by, still no parade. After a bit more of wait, i decided that there wont be any parade.  Since its still to early to just head to bar, i made a quick walk around the three sois and made a peak in few of the bars, abomb (only 2 boys not my type), kawaii, 4-5 boys, xboys-again greeted enthusiastically by all boys and mamasan when the door is open, so i have very brief look, and then excuse myself lol. Also looked copa/scandic and ambiance guys, some muscular guys. I actually saw one guy in the morning before my visit to sanctuary of truth, quite muscular guy and someone mentioned is their trip report before about this guy. In the morning, i told the guy i would come back in the evening to take him, but i didnt pay or anything, just in passi ng, which can easily meant as a way to say no. Anyway, i didnt see him tonight, so i asked the copa guy if the masseur is around, amd they say he already went back. Ahh, a missed opportunity. Anyway, since i really like BBB shows, i went to BBB again tonight, both for the shows, and just observing the guy i tool yesterday and maybe look for a different boy to off. Shows have similar calistenic and bbboys routines but there are variations to the choreography and boys who perform. I see some familar face and some new ones performing. Other shows have little variation other than some show boys is not the same as yesterday. It is full house again, and i get a better seat today with unobstructed view. The guy i took yesterday didnt really see me, but he was called to sit with a female customer, who are with another female and one gay friend. Three of them each have a boy sitting with them, unfortunately sitting in front of me, giving full view of the guy i lust for yesterday entertaining another customer. Yesterday, he told me he didnt like show. And yet today, he stays with the girl for the whole freaking show lol. Owh well reality sucks when it is presented in front of you haha. While i fully know some or most of the guys i like are usually straight, its still not nice to see the different treatment in front of you lol. I stay focus on the show though and after the show ended, their group left, either to other bar or club or back to their hotel, i couldnt care less lol The other guy i like yesterday and had the opportunity to shake and tip during big cock show didnt come to my side to collect tips this time. But before i left and show boys start to move to boyz music, he walked next to me and i stopped him a bit, to asked him for a potential off, asked his role, and if he do long time and he says he didnt do long time, so i gave him a pass.  Anyway, the night is still young, close to midnight and i still didnt have a boy, walked out, scan again the massage area, no guy id take, but saw one good looking masseur at copa, and thought he is the guy that might be reported also here that demanded the high price. While his face is definitely model like, his body isnt as impressive as id like, especially if i am expected to pay high price. And i recalled that xboys have a late show. So i made my way there, peaking one more time at abomb, no improvement, and then to xboys, same treatment but this time i finally stepped in. There are already some customer inside, maybe 8-10, and 8-10 boys are on stage, two boys with customers. Mamasan shows me in and i choose my seats in front row. Got my drink and mamasan sit next to me asking if i like any boys. I take a look carefully at the boys on stage, most of them too skinny for me, one twink with muscles, but looks slightly older, one average body hairy guy and one guy who looks beefy, short but have a bit tummy but very good looking face. Out of the whole lot, the last guy is probably the top of my list. Mamasan come to me few more time, and since the night is getting late, i looked again at the beefy guy and saw him smiling at me. Well that smile deserve at least a drink lol. So i told mamasan to call him down, and the boys and bars cheers lol. Sitting with me, i started to chat him up and went through my standard questions. Agreed with most of my request, didnt take long for me to off him, and got another cheer lol. Boys on stage are dancing while on rotation and having fun. Some come to me and trying to tease me and my guy of the day/night. One even asked if i am top of bottom using hand signal, and i replied cheekily combining the two signal and got a laugh haha. I asked if the late show will be held, after mamasan checking with boys who do the show, and i guess for my sake for asking, they says show will be on. There are only 3-4 other customer now. Shows was entertaining, my guy sitting next to me, in my embrace. I asked if he kiss and a kiss was planted on my lips. At one point he recorded a show, basically a routine where the guy wears led/neon tubes and dance, solo. My guy said he did the show before i came, and show me the video, where two of them doing the show together. He didnt do the show since i already off him and chose to stay with me. I like this guy more and more, another regular guy i wont even bat an eye if he is in bbb, but being in this bar this late, my standard drops but it also leads to finding a guy who are really a joy to be with, but still as cuddly. The mamasan who toom my order also do one drag lipsync show, which i dont dislike lol.  So after show is finished, i told my guy that we should get going. Tip mamasan and on the way out, the other mamasan, one who had been coming to my seat even after i already have a boy, because i am happy with my guy, by no help from her, i give her small tips, and she was very2 happy to get that tip. Maybe i should just not give her anything, but im feeling generous, especially the agreed tip with my guy is actually pattaya standard and not the inflated muscle boy peak season pricing lol back at hotel, my guy said he like the room, we chatted a bit, he got passable english for basic conversation but nothing further. He is thai from chiang mai, and been working in xboy for 7month. Service was good, and very huggable and handsome in bed too, i dont sleep much that night too lol. We had another light session in the morning too. We had lunch at ambiance restaurant downstair in the morning and i only realize he had been talking some chinese phrases in the room which i mistook as thai. Because when we were chatting during breakfast, he tried to google translate something and then show me the translation and its in romanized chinese lol. I told him i dont speak chinese and only speak english. Another successful long time off, and i head back to my room to sleep a bit before checking out today. 
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