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    Bars Report 2019

    Hi All I'm just home from two weeks in Thailand I've been an avid reader of these forums since I started travelling to Thailand over 5 years ago, and it has been of enormous help to me! So I thought it was time to finally give something back. This is not a "full trip report" - no discussions of daily itineraries or offs - I've just written some general notes on the bars I visited on this recent trip. These comments / observations are based around my own experiences and preferences, and I'm sure there will be some disagreements and maybe some reiteration with other threads, but nonetheless, let me know your thoughts. Jupiter - I made three visits here. For me, probably the best selection of guys in BKK. If you like young guys, with boy-next-door / model looks and athletic bodies, then there is lots of choice here. One of the guys who takes part in the main solo and group dance numbers was particularly hot - I don't know if his name is Arm or Aek? (I'm going by the Jupiter thread.) What I also liked about this club when I first visited it last year was that the mamsans were not pushy. Neung was so nice and very helpful to me on that visit. However, this year he was on holiday to Pattaya, and I struggled to get the attention of any of the other mamasans at all. They all seemed to be glued to particular customers (big tippers?). Even when I asked one of them about pricing, he just told me how much it was and then walked away - didn't seem interested in helping. Nevertheless, I got what I wanted in the end, after some persistence. Another lesson learned here was to ask for the one you want early to avoid disappointment! They get taken quickly. Moonlight - I was so happy to finally visit Moonlight. The club opened just after my last visit in 2018, so for the last year, I've been following it through this forum and the live Facebook videos - so to see the stars was like seeing celebrities! Mr. Babe is beautiful and his dancing made him even more attractive. And I found Mr. Smart to be more handsome than his pics. Maybe it's his neat haircut, but he looks more like an educated, middle-class professional than most of the other boys. He was in a choreographed matador routine with Mr. Lucky which I wasn't a big fan of. Sadly no Nicky! Some of the non-superstar guys available here are also pretty good looking. But it made me wonder - why would you want to work in a bar like this where you are treated as a second-tier model, when you could work somewhere like Jupiter - where all gogos are created equal? Or do you think they hope to graduate to superstar? Mamasans here were very pleasant, and I'm also glad they removed that staircase that used to come down over the audience onto the front of the stage. It blocked the view. X-Boys - I love the crew here. They welcome my friend and I back with hugs and kisses every year - and our wallets! But I find them so charming and hilarious that I don't mind - it's always a good night. The boys here are typically on the twinkish side and I've enjoyed several boys from this establishment - but to be honest, for the last couple of years, I've found the best eyecandy here to be the Viet waiters. Mamsan here told me that they are moving after next month, but she doesn't know where. But as per the other threads on this topic, it seems like all the bars have been saying this for the last year, so it's hard to know if its real or not. As for the Soi itself - I wouldn't have described it as quiet - there seemed to be a steady stream of people at the lower end - but its certainly quieter as the years pass, and sad to see the corrugated iron fencing covering up the closed businesses at the far end. Dreamboys - the first bar I ever visited in Bangkok (as per a recommendation on this forum of course) so I always love coming back here. I find the shows here to be the wackiest of the bars that I regularly visit. I visited only once on this trip, and arrived late, so missed the giant inflatable cock soaking everyone, but was treated to screeching ladyboys plucking some innocents from the audience, stripping them and pretending to fuck them on stage before squirting cream everywhere. I find it so ridiculous it's actually funny. Always a varied selection of guys here - something for everyone. But the stage was not as crowded as it was on previous years. I've been hoping that the handsome coyote dancer who has been there for years will one day be available.... Tawan - the guys in this bar are not specifically my type - more mature, bodybuilder-types - nor am I a fan of masks and leather gear, but something always draws me to come back here. It's almost mesmerising watching them, just for their size! They had an interesting show with an airport security theme - you can imagine. BoyzBoyzBoyz (Pattaya) - I would say I come to Pattaya just for BBB. There is a varied selection of guys here and I've always found something that has piqued my interest - plus, I like taking someone to the short time rooms upstairs while the show is still ongoing. But this year the guys were all fully dressed in street clothes (except for 2 or 3 who were shirtless) - I was suprised how much this reduced the hotness of the selection. In the end I ended up getting nothing at all. BBB also has a fairly skilful show. There was an acrobatic/gymnastic routine at the very beginning, and then the regular breakdancers, who are always very impressive. The compere/owner of this club is also pretty funny, and a young waiter with anime hair is always really friendly to us. At midnight, everyone was ushered over to the new disco bar on the other side of the street. I didn't fully understand the point of this. The same selection of boys just stand on the stage at the second venue and everything continues as normal. Some general observations on the crowds: Not very many farang - mainly Asian customers now (Chinese). I guess that for the gay communities in western europe and north america, cultural/societal and technological changes mean that there is perhaps less of a desire to travel so far for paid sex. (I, on the other hand, don't know why everyone doen't want to come here for these adventures!) Also, a lot more women. This was particularly evident in BBB. On both nights, it was filled with large groups of both Asian and Western women. I find these loud, drunk young girls annoying to be honest. The Asian girls do seem to bring down guys from the stage to talk and party with them, but I don't think they off them. And the white girls just seem to come to gawk and laugh. But at the same time I understand, and reluctanly appreciate that a wider demographic may be required to keep these clubs open. I just hope they don't open their own women-only clubs and steal all the guys. I've probably forgotten a few things, but that's all for now - I hope this has been of some help, particularly to any newbies out there!
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    Back in Bangkok for 5 nights. Got room in Raya. This time, I arranged to meet my regular Vietnam boy, Y; at the hotel reception. I wanted two card keys so I got him to sign in and the staff made a photocopy of his passport. Off we went to room and did some catching up. He just came back to Bangkok on Friday after an extended Tet celebrations in Vietnam. Y works at Freshboys Twilight. I surprise Y with a Vietnam Football jersey that I bought in Singapore. Vietnam won last year’s ASEAN Suzuki Cup; a bi-annual Football competition for the 10 ASEAN countries. Y is a big Football fan who watches Football and plays Football games on his handphone. He wears the Vietnam jersey and is pleased. I got the right size for him. He takes it off and looks at the label inside. Made in Thailand. We laugh at the irony. We chatted some more then proceeded to sex. After that, showered and went down to Happy Beer Garden for dinner. Y asks me if I could buy him a pair of white shoes for work. (The Freshboys gogo boy look is white briefs and white shoes). His current pair is many years old. He shows me a photo of the Adidas shoes he wants on his handphone. I joke with him, “It’s probably made in Thailand.” Nevertheless, I agree and pass him money to buy the shoes while I go to Maxis to catch up with Paulsf. unfortunately, Paul wasn’t at his usual spot. I sent him a message on Line. He wasn’t feeling well and had to stay home to rest. We shall meet tomorrow night. I sit at the best seat at Maxis and had a great view of the boys in white briefs on stage in Freshboys as well as the massage boys next door. Of course, I could see the people coming in and out. An average night at Soi Twilight. Not packed but not dead as well. Z, a Vietnamese waiter from X Boys came over. He remembered me from last year. Happy to see each other. I tell Z that I cannot Long time him tonight as I as with Y. I agree to meet Z tomorrow. Then the X Boys Vietnamese mamasan came over as well having seen me too. “You want P?” P is a Thai boy whom I always see. But he never comes in early. He always comes in late after 10pm for big cock show. Yes, I replied. Thursday night please. So just like that, I have filled up my itinerary for Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday nights. I only have Friday and Saturday nights to meet new boys. i find out the latest news. It is true. Twilight is closing. In April, everything will close. Z says that he will move to one of the gogo bars at Patpong to be waiter / part time boy. I boy watch at Maxis. In fact, I see some promising offs at Freshboys. But I am unlikely to off them because Y works there. Y finally comes back with his shoes. I look at label. Made in Vietnam. We laugh. He is happy and I am happy. As we leave Twilight, Z together with other Vietnamese waiters from the gogo bars come out to chat with Y and check out his shoes. I realise now that Y and Z are good friends. I didn’t realise it because they are from different bars. Y and I go to a music pub at Patpong. The two bands there are really awesome. They play a mix of mainstream pop plus Japanese and Korean tunes. Their regular Japanese customers get up and dance and some even go on stage to sing with the band singers. Y finds the music too loud. I tell him to go back to room and chill and wait for me. I enjoy the music for an hour. At midnight, I drop by supermarket at foodland Patpong for drinks and snacks then go back to hotel room to be with Y for the night.
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    Thai Election Day

    An amusing anecdote to share. I went for massage and came back walking along Patpong an hour ago (4pm). Two more hours before all alcohol sales is prohibited. I was looking for a pub or bar just to get a beer. Zilch. All bars closed. Then as I reached Surawong Road, heaven! One small pub open. Two farang were drinking. Three Thai aunties in their 40s were working. “One Heineken please”. One of them got one for me then she pointed to herself and asked ,”Buy me a drink?” I nodded. After that, the other two Thai aunties asked me as well! I said yes. And lo and behold, another Thai auntie appeared from the bar toilet! “Buy me one drink too?” ”ok but only 4. No more!” I replied. I felt like Macbeth encountering the witches. But they were so friendly and funny. Two of them came out and gave me back and hand massages and we chatted - the usual “how long you in Thailand? Where you stay?” It was an enjoyable half hour encounter on a hot afternoon. Bar tab was 750 baht for my Heineken and 4 drinks for them. how is this related to us? This particular bar is directly facing the new Dreamboys bar! Will this be the new Maxis? The four Thai aunties have not realised it yet but they have just hit jackpot come April!
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    After we left Moonlight we decided to go to Screwboys since they open late night. We entered the bar, initially shocked by cigarette smoking ambience and on second look, the place was packed with 30+boys all shapes and sizes, very very thin almost starving looking boys included.I couldn’t see the back of the bar clearly but the bar seemed full of customers. I found ex Jupiter boy smiling at me, he moved to Moonlight last November but now he is at Screwboys. We sat at near stage as the good seats were already filled with customers. All boys were wearing white and blue striped underwear and the place looked like an old fashioned sleazy gogo bar from old times. The difference of boys attitude was striking, boys looking at you smiling, obviously eager for an off, my friend commented it’s a quite refreshing as he got so used to Jupiter/Moonlight boys. Unfortunately, mamasans, customers and boys are all smoking cigarettes like there’s no tomorrow adding the place is very compact and stuffy, I decided I could not stay any longer since I wasn’t wearing gas mask. Mamasan said the show starts 1:00 am. The drink was 300 baht.
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    Dreamboy Paradiso

    Dream Boy and Boys Bangkok will be relocated to Patpong 2 and will now be called Dreamboy Paradiso which will open on April 1, 2019, here's the pics of the new bar, location map and Available drinks soon...according to their FB page they will have a new show, new style and new prices for the drinks.
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    After Baan Tewa, I walked back to hotel. The moment I got back into my hotel room, I received separate Line messages from Y and Z asking if I would like to meet tonight. Yes, of course! I told them drinks in my room and even asked if they wanted to be together. Y said he preferred seeing me alone so I said ok. I ended up seeing Y from 8.30pm to 10pm then I saw Z from 10pm to midnight. The timings suited everyone. Z had just come back from overnight visa run and he didn’t sleep much on the minibus so he slept back at his room until time to meet me. We just lounged in the hotel room, chatting, listening to Vietnamese songs on my Ipad and Bluetooth speaker and drinking (I still had that bottle of Johnnie Walker from previous night at Jupiter and of course I bought some beer from Family Mart before 6pm). Quite interesting to get to know both of them better. There was news of a road accident on Saturday morning where 10 people going on visa run were killed - 5 Laos and 5 Vietnamese. No mention in the news of their occupations. Both Y and Z were sad. They have long term plans. Once they have earned and saved up enough money, they will return permanently to Vietnam. I consider it my pleasure to have known them, especially for Y whom I have known for 3 years now. I hope to see them again sooner rather than later but due to my busy work schedule, it looks like I must wait till December.
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    Day 3 For some reason, I woke up early at 7.30am even though Z and I only slept at 3am. I woke Z up and asked him if we could have breakfast together. He said yes. We showered together then went for breakfast. Z loves eggs. He had 4 eggs over 2 rounds at the buffet. I noticed his Iphone with its cracked screen. Z said it dropped out of his pocket when he was cleaning his bar. He showed me the side of his Iphone. “Ban”. I was perplexed. He brought his Iphone closer to my eyes and I realised what he meant. Bent! i asked him if he could get it repaired at nearby Silom Square. “MBK,” he said. Ok. Half an hour later, we were in a taxi to MBK. 4th level is where gadgets are sold. Z took me to a shop, where he had repaired his previous phone’s battery. “2700 baht,” the lady said. “Let’s shop around,” I suggested. A few minutes later, we found a shop that could do it for 1500 baht plus 250 baht for screen protector. We went to foodcourt for drinks and waited half an hour before going back for the Iphone. Z’s face lighted up when he saw it repaired. I then suggested buying a proper case to protect the Iphone. We went to another shop, got a sturdy looking case. Z bargained the 300 baht price to 280 baht. Total cost was less than the 2700 baht first quoted. We left MBK happy both him and me. Spent the rest of the day in bed with Z in hotel room. At 5pm, Z got up to get ready for work. Waiters have to report at 6pm to clean the bar thoroughly before opening at 8 plus. I said goodbye to Z and gave him his long time tip.
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    Day 2 I woke up at 9. Y was still asleep. I ask him if he would like to have breakfast with me. He said he preferred to continue sleeping so I went down to the hotel breakfast. After breakfast, I went back to room, slipped back into bed with Y and started fondling him. He got the hint. I didn’t want to cum as I wanted to go for massage so i made Y cum instead. He showered then I gave him his tip and he went off to join his friends at the gym. He has a group of friends who gym every afternoon. i lounged around in room until 1pm then made my way to AEC massage Sathorn, a new place recommended by DivineMadman. After massage, it was late lunch and a bit of shopping for souvenirs at Silom Square and happy hour beer at the sports pub along Surawong Road. The workers were setting up Patpong Night market just next door. Weather was bearable even though it was 33 degrees because of a strong breeze. I headed back to hotel, watched some Netflix until 8pm then went for dinner and off to Maxis. Paulsf was already there and I joined him in an hour of delightful conversation. Vietnam boys came to greet him as usual. I was flabbergasted when Paulsf told me about Sunday’s election which meant no alcohol from 6pm Saturday which meant all bars are closed. Oh no! What will I do on Saturday? Paulsf suggested that I make arrangement to book a boy in advance. Excellent piece of advice! From our view at Maxis, we could see a particular boy at Freshboys peeking behind the curtain of the door. He was in his white briefs and covering himself with curtain. Cute twinky looking lad. I was tempted to go into Freshboys just to buy him a drink and chat with him. Besides him, there are many other boys who have piqued my curiosity. But Y works at Freshboys and I have this rule not to off other boys working in same bar as my regular boys. Paulsf replied it doesn’t really matter and the boys don’t really mind because they are basically working just for the money. I decided I would check out Freshboys tomorrow. Paulsf said he would go tonight and find out more about curtain boy. Crowd at Twilight seemed busy. By 10pm, both Freshboys and X-Boys started their shows. Paulsf and I talked about how XBoys used to be popular compared to Freshboys (now it was the reverse) but declined due to poor management. We found out that XBoys would close next week and we speculated that it would be the end as there wasn’t any indication that they were looking for new premises. The barkers along the Soi seemed less aggressive. Even the famous Hot Male barker let people through without much resistance. The end is near indeed and guys seemed to be just turning up for work and enjoying the final moments. Z, the Vietnamese waiter whom I had prebooked waited patiently for me while I chatted with Paulsf. In fact, I found out from him that I had mispelled his name, having heard it wrongly when he said it to me last year. His name starts with T instead of Z. Anyway, for continuity purposes, I shall continue calling him Z. I asked Z what he would like to do. I suggested Fake Club and DJ Station but he said he didn’t like the crowds and loud music. So we ended up paying pool at Patpong with some girls. Z enjoyed himself. On our way to Patpong, we passed by Freshboys Patpong. Z greeted the barkers standing outside. He would be working there as a waiter from April onwards. He managed to secure a job through a Friend. Happy for him. Quite a number of waiters, gogo boys and mamasans at Twilight are still waiting. “Wait and see” is their common response. After pool, Z and I stopped by convenience store for supplies for the night. He would be staying until 5pm the next day when he would have to report for work at his bar.
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    I think it's great to have and cherish all the good memories, as long as that doesn't keep us from enjoying how things are now. I expect we'll be hearing about new places being opened by familiar names/faces from soi twilight, so by all means stay tuned. Certainly over the past six months Soi Twilight has been busy some times and has been slow some times. It's unfortunate that some people have stopped by when it seemed lifeless. Time it right and you can still have to run the gauntlet of young guys from Banana and Hot Male bars and the barkers from the gogo bars - at least for a a few more weeks. Last month -- or possibly January -- there was a very busy period and the manager of one Soi Twilight establishment told me that they had two of their best nights ever. Soi Twilight is a state of mind.
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    Soi Twilight closing....what?

    Workers are busy above Banana bar in Silom soi 4 getting ready for the shift to new premises. If more bars move to this location, the place will be vibrant. There are still vacant shop houses at the end of the cul de sac just beyond Jupiter. It will only be a matter of whose pocket is the deepest and penetrate furthest, and stay longest.
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    Day 4 woke up, had breakfast and off to Siam Paragon for movie (Captain Marvel) followed by shopping for friends back home. At about 3pm; went to Ganymeade for massage. The Viet guy who serviced me twice in December no longer worked there. I didn’t have any preference so I just chose the first guy who came out to greet me. Lucky for me because he turned out to be gay! His massage strokes were pretty good and he gave me a great blowjob without hesitation. We did a 69 and it was my best cum in a while. He speaks English well and is Cambodian. Name is Ken and I am writing it here because he asked me “if you like, please recommend me to your friends”. after massage, it was back to hotel for some aircon respite from the 38 degrees weather. How I wish Raya Hotel has a pool! at 8pm, I walked down to Twilight. Hot male tout saw me and took my hand upstairs to Hot Male. I discovered later from Paulsf that DivineMadman was at Maxis at 8pm. So sorry I didn’t get to meet and talk to you. Was busy at Hot Male! When I went inside Hot male, I remembered the old days when every bar had dancers to welcome customers. Hot Male had 5 coyote dancers (in white briefs) dancing energetically while the other boys (in blue briefs) were on rotation. I was the only customer but I wasn’t bothered at all. I was so Glad to see dancing boys once again. The guys at Hot Male are just slightly more muscular than those at Freshboys. I saw a twinkish boy who was my type and asked him over. Thai boy. 22 years old. Name starts with W. “Short time, 2000 baht ok?” I asked. He said ok and I asked him to get dressed while I continued enjoying the dancing boys. When W came back, I tipped all 5 coyote dancers 100 baht each. I hope to see them again when they move to new location at Patpong. Back at hotel, W proved to be even cuter undressed. He’s shy as he has only been working since last year and his English is hesitant but I thoroughly enjoyed my session with him. I would have loved to sleep overnight in bed with him but I had prior arrangements for the night. After our session, W and I went down. W went to Family Mart while I turned into Twilight. Hot male tout saw me and asked “happy with boy?” I smiled broadly and hugged him then went to Maxis. Most of the tables were taken including the best seats. But it didn’t matter because Freshboys closed their curtain. Paulsf had only just arrived because he had been trapped in terrible traffic jam. We chatted about our plans for Saturday when all bars would be closed. I was feeling a bit sad as it would be my last time in Twilight. I will miss the people watching. Z comes out from X-Boys and asked me if I would like to be with him on Saturday night. He’s going on a visa run at midnight and would be back at noon on Saturday. I told him to Line me when he’s back and we shall see. P also comes out from X-Boys. He says no customer at X-Boys so unlikely to have show for him to perform. He asks if we can go to Jupiter now. It was 10:30pm. Yeah sure. I said my goodbye to Paulsf. I don’t know where I will see him again end of the year with Twilight and Maxis being gone but for sure we will meet again. P and I walked past Thaniya to Jupiter. 500 baht entry so I paid 1k for both P and me. Show had already started. Place was packed. Since I knew we were staying until 2am, I ordered a bottle of Johnnie Walker. 3500 baht. Definitely overpriced but ultimately worth it because the mamasans left us alone and the waiters provided good service by topping up our glasses. After the show ended, the Jupiter boys came up. One boy had a 1000 baht garland placed on him by a Chinese lady customer. Applause from audience. P was taking in the whole experience. He was going to apply to join Jupiter and work after X-Boys closes next week. We go outside for smoke break. P speaks to owner and mamasan. Seems like he got the job due to his handsome face. But mamasan said he must work out to get body in shape. P smiles sheepishly. A Jupiter waiter goes up to introduce himself to P and shakes hand. P and I go back in to watch the second show. After second show ends at midnight, Poppy and backup singers come on stage for singing and karaoke night. PJ didn’t come as he’s away in Chiangmai. Wide repertoire of songs from Poppy - English pop hits, Chinese classics, some Thai oldies and even a Japanese song. I saw the regular Jupiter ladies getting up from their seats (surrounded by their Jupiter boys) to go on stage to sing. I tell P that next time they will be his favourite customers and not me. “No, no, I always like you. You good customer. Thank you bring me to Jupiter tonight,” he says. Such a sweet reply. I give him a kiss. P and I couldn’t finish our bottle of Johnnie Walker and I can’t keep it at Jupiter because bars are closed on Saturday so I decided to take it back to Singapore when I fly back on Sunday. As we left Jupiter at 2am, I tipped the waiters who had refilled our drinks the whole night. Two of them are really cute. P walked me back to entrance of Raya, even holding my hand as we crossed Surawong Road. He thanks and hugs me. “See you next time in Jupiter,” I said and that was the end of one of my most memorable nights in Bangkok.
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    X-Boys was the total opposite of Freshboys. While Freshboys has 30 boys on rotation and many customers, X-Boys only had about 10 boys and 1 other customer beside me when I went in. I sat down and ordered a drink. Z tells me that P is getting changed. The boys at X-Boys are not as polished as those in Freshboys but there were two boys whom I would off. P finally appears and we get ready to leave. Lo and behold, a Japanese group of 10 businessmen came in. The X-Boys touts had done a superb job of snagging them. The Japs were definitely all straight and had gone there out of curiosity just to watch the show. Highly unlikely they would invite any boy from the stage, buy boy drinks, give tips and pay off fees. The bar won’t mind. They earned 350 baht from each of their drinks. i brought P back to hotel room and we spent the next two hours together. Somehow, I have never done long time with P. It had always been short time with lots of conversations. I found out a lot about Thailand from P. This trip, he introduced me to his favourite Thai singer, Pu Pongsit, a rocker who sings and plays guitar. P and I watched his music videos while we drank and smoked in the room. Pu Pongsit seems to be the Thai equivalent of Bruce Springsteen. P tells that whenever Pu Pongsit has a concert in Bangkok, he and some of his friends would skip work just to go to the concert. P is a very carefree person. When I first met him 3 years ago, he was in great shape. He had pecs to match his handsome face. But over the years, he drank too much (“customer always bring me go drinking”) and lost his abs. But what attracted me to him then was his handsome face and boyish personality. I asked P why he didn’t leave X-Boys and go work at Freshboys (which pays the boys more than X-Boys for customer drinks and show appearances). He said he wanted to stay with X-Boys until the very end. And anyway it’s just one more week. I love his sense of loyalty but of course another reason why P didn’t leave is that he’s Thai and can still get by despite few customers while many of the other foreign boys had to jump ship to earn money. Having found out about P’s appreciation for music, I decided to go out with P again on Friday night. I would let him do his shower and big cock show first then pay his off fee and we will go to Jupiter for the singers at midnight. P was happy and he left my room with short time tip at about 1am.
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    Info on a bunch of BKK Massage Shops

    I've posted reports on individual massage experiences during recent trip in other threads but am posting a capsule account here as this is the go-to place for Bangkok massages info. Total massages: 12 In-call: 5 (1 guy x 3 and 2 others both known from previous trips) and all were fine. Nakarat: 4 total (1 x 2 and 2 others). All good. I recommend this place. Decent selection afternoons but more arrive after work. AEN: 1 visit and fine. Recommended. Think it is probably better to go after 5 when availability is better. Indra on Soi Tarntawan: 1 visit and fine. Be sure to get room with en-suite shower shower. Many VN guys with good selection most hours. Art Massage on Soi Tarntawan: 1 visit and fine. Good selection most hours.
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    Latest Soi Twilight Rumor (Nov 2018)

    The new Dreamboy called “ DREAMBOY PARADISO “ in Patpong 2. As you can see the premises is very small so some staff would be reduced. Many boys,staff are worried what they are going to do next, move to the other bar like Jupiter or stay. The good new is the place is only a few steps away from Screwboys. No need to cross the Suriwongse road to risk your life.
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    Dreamboy Paradiso

    Patpong 2 gets more diverse foot traffic that includes many locals and many international visitors who've never heard of Twilight. I tend to think the show will be try to attract those who found the old Dreamboy show alluring plus something to reel in the uninitiated passer by. Perhaps a dollop of wholesomeness with handsome guys with good bodies sure to attract the ladies. Sure, most of us with prefer fewer females but we have to face the financial facts of life. In the end, it's preferable to have a venue with a mixed clientele than no venue at all.
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    Dreamboy Paradiso

    Work is still in progress, although today is election day. The premises appeared rather small, the frontage is about 4 metres wide, and the length probably less than 15 metres. There is an upstairs in the rear half. A lady(ladyboy)? supervisor allowed me access to the interior to take some pics. Expected date of completion sometime in April.
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    Day 5 woke up, had breakfast then back to hotel room to rest. weather outside is hot. In afternoon, went to Baan Tewa for massage with regular guy. Same excellent service. Showered together after massage. When I came down to reception, there were 2 young Chinese customers. Both of them were there for first time. The main guy was asking questions in English, “Pay now or pay after massage? Minimum tip give now or give to boy?” Then the massage boys lined up (6 of them including my guy who just finished with me). China guy told his friend in Chinese, “Point to who you like”. They chose two boys - not my regular guy though. After I finished wearing my shoes, I cut across and passed him my customary 2,000 baht tip but folded. Thinking back, I should have given my tip openly just to see the reactions of the Chinese customers. Anyway, I am happy for Baan Tewa that they have Chinese customers. It means that they have been receiving good word of mouth in the Chinese forums. More business for them and their boys. Baan Tewa is my favourite niche massage shop and it’s thanks to Divine Madman’s recommendation years ago.
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    Moonlight review - a Tuesday March 2019 My friend is a little curious about Babe and suggested we should go to Moonlight and chat with him. He wanted to know what is his personally like. So we met at Starbucks at Montien Mall gossiped about boys a bit and we crossed Suriwongse road and marched to Moonlight around 10:20. I think entrance fee was 450 baht. Inside the bar, we sat on front back stalls. There were about 15 boys on stage including Sky but couldn’t see any twinks like #24 I saw in January. The crowd was a healthy 25-30 for a Tuesday night throughout the evening , I thought, the bar is definitely getting famous/popular than previous visit in January. The models in display was Babe, Tam, York, Tae, Smarch, Mark and 2 others. Babe was already sitting with a large Asian older gentleman, looking very friendly. My friend was a little disappointed that Babe seems already taken, in fact they went out the bar together around 12:00. None of other models were with customers as far as I could see. I was impressed by the twinks show especially #24 on previous visit but there wasn’t any shows by twinks that night. Very disappointed. It isn’t I like twinks but I like boys who can dance a bit in gogo bars. I think Babe & Tam did 3 shows, towel show, dance routine wearing waistcoat, and sons of Zeus kind of wearing gold crown ? Shower show was done by two floor guys with full erect c**k. There were no models walking around in customer seat or no big cock show boys walking between customers. The shows in general was disappointing compared to the previous visits. We both looked around audiences and agreed Moonlight customers are much older than Jupiter’s and according to my friend who speaks Thai fluently, the percentage of Thai customers are much higher than in Jupiter as he could hear customer chatting in Thai. We thought that Moonlight customers are meaning business, haha, here for offing floor boys rather than Jupiter’s party atmosphere, show watching Chinese younger crowd. Although compared to my previous visit where you could see 3-4 models were called only Babe was with a customer this time. In fact we found the percentage of offing floor boys are much higher than Jupiter’s off rate. At the 12:00 there were hardly any boys left. Oh and another thing, my friend found Babe in toilet alone, posing and smiling in front of mirror, my friend thought it’s bit creepy. LOL
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    Off fee and short long pricing

    1500-2000 short time , 3000 long time is your standard.And this is for quality guys, of the mill ones may be much less demanding Everything above is acceptable if you really want to test that guy. I my opinion it's better overpay and satiate curiosity than live with guilt of missed opportunity. Nothing wrong if you stick to your pricing levels though and refuse to swim with boys demands. Sometimes they are greedy , sometimes they just fishing for naive and sometimes they know their market price and demand it. Nothing wrong with you acting the same , sometimes cheap, sometimes fishing how low guy go and sometimes stick to what you can afford. Don't hold against guy if he wants too much and feel free to try again next evening. Even most popular guys need money and may experience drought periods. If they like you they may be more amendable. Be prepared that so called stars may be a bit disappointing at close , both looks and service wise so pack your brain along with condoms and lubricant and chill yourself with beer before starting hunting action. Don't let money pinching to spoil your vacation fun but if you have a feeling that you were taken for a ride by bar boys switch to massage guys instead , at least you will get some muscle relaxation and 1-1.5 hr to ponder your next move
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    I think there's a place called Moonlight, but no one ever seems to discuss it here. Still that could be on your list. If x-boys was where the mamasan dragged your guy away from the other customers, then I win 20 baht because that was my guess. But X-Boys has been on the skids lately anyway. Freshboys Soi Twilight has been very popular lately. I guess the rumors are that it will relocate to Soi 4. So probably keep an eye out for that in May. (I had heard the boss from Freshboys was doing something on Soi 4 but it wasn't that it was going to be the exact same as current Freshboys, but maybe the rumors are about two different places.) G Boyz on Wall St. Successor to X-Size and about as popular as X-Size was. There's Freshboys 2 and Screwboysin Patpong. I haven't ventured down to Classic Boys so don't know what's going on down that end of the soi. And of course as you know Jupiter for the millionaire club and Tawan for those guys. I haven't heard about Hot Male. Same owner as Moonlight of course. Combine staff? Perhaps the Moonlight insiders know. As far as gogo bars are concerned, compared with l-2 years ago, we're: -1 X-Size, +1 G Boyz, +1 Freshboys 2 (net +1). If in the next couple months we're: -1 X-Boys, -1 Hotmale (?) -1 Freshboys (Twilight), +1 Freshboys Soi 4, -1 Dreamboys (Twilight), +1 Dreamboys (Patpong) (net -2 for March/April) Net-net we're only down 1 gogo bar, 2 if Classic boys disappears. But we do lose all the beer bars and Dick's and who knows what will happen to Maxi's. But there's so far one new bar (Chill Out) on Patpong. Not the end of the [gay] world.
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    I take a different approach and say if someone wants to check out a particular shop or particular guy(s) outside central Bangkok, then by all means do if you have the time and the desire. These days the easiest way to do it -- for me at least -- is to have the shop send their location on Line. I then just use that with a click or two to book a Grab Taxi. It avoids my translation errors and I never have to try to explain exactly where I want to go. (I think the workflow actually is, after the usual back-and-forth about booking particular guy(s): (1) shop sends map "location", (2) Line gives me the option to open that location in google maps, then (3) use the google maps option of booking Grab. For some reason once that worked better for me and that's how I've done it ever since. I don't think you can book Grab directly using Line, but I haven't checked that in a long time). If it's in an unusual neighborhood, I also invariably check out the location using street view on google maps - just because I'm that sort of nerd and like to pre-orient myself, even though very often particluar sub sois/alleys are not covered. Getting a Grab home is just as easy (or easier). A more cost effective approach is often to take MRT/BTS to the nearest station and then get a Grab, but booking straight from my condo is so much easier I indulge. "Faces say nothing-no relation with quality of services at all." Truer words never written. Personally, I don't think quality/skills/enthusiasm increase or decrease with distance from Silom, but certainly facility with English decreases outside the main tourist zones. Even in Silom, these days my expectations are a fairly middling massage and who-knows-what-will-happen as far as the special services. More often than not I'm pleasantly surprised by the massage and I enjoy the thrill of discovery as far as the special services are concerned. [Keeping a list of "regulars" who meet massage skill requirements and also rock-my-world, but always leaving time to try some new guys/places, is the best. IMHO]. So definitely if someone drives 45 minutes and thinks that the massage is going to be better as a result of distance, he's likely to be disappointed, but that's because of the his unreasonable expectations. But if some particular cutie grabs your eye, you have the time and the money, why not go - just go with reasonable expectations. Up to you. Crowns Club has been around 2 years, and a lot of the guys who work there seem to be regulars, to the limited extent I've kept track. That's a very good sign. It seems well-managed. I know two people who have been there (one intimately). No reason not to go there as far as I can say. The guys there aren't 100% my taste, but for some there might be a major league hottie there. It does seem that there is a common complaint about "where are the twinks" in Bangkok, so I try to point them out for those who care.
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    AEC Massage Sathorn

    I went to AEC this afternoon at 1 plus. Didn’t fancy walking there so called a Grab car. Good thing about Grab is their Google map navigation. Driver dropped me at exact spot. I just needed to cross road to other side. A big helpful “this way to AEC” led me to shop. It’s at end of alley of shops. only 3 guys at 1plus when I visited. All 3 are twinky but with moustaches. All Thai. I didn’t have any preference so I chose the dude who opened the door for me. His name is An as pronounced in Hoi An. He spoke good English and we had good conversation. Place is small to be frank. 4 rooms or shall I say cubicles in all - formed by partition walls along a corridor. Barely enough room for masseur to move around the bed as the walls are packed closely. Toilets are end of corridor but must pass through one room with a bed. I imagine it would be awkward if there’s a session taking place in that room and guys have to walk past it to shower. i chose a one hour oil massage. Bed has a cut out for head. Cloth on bed to soak in the oil during the massage. Masseur was clothed throughout including the cap on his head. Very relaxed dude - kind of reminds me of Snoop Dog - but his massage strokes and touches were so sensual! Half the time of massage was spent on back and the other half spent on front. When it was time to turn, masseur places a pillow over the head cut out for me to rest my head. Even though he didn’t strip like in typical men’s massage (Prince, Arena, Ganymede etc) he did allow me to play with his goods. He did pull down his slacks towards the end. Love his strokes and his happy ending. Showered alone. Paid 450 baht for massage. Gave 1,200 baht tip. His smile was wide and happy! So were the knowing looks on the other 2 guys around. I totally agree with DivineMadman about the massage techniques. Different from the norm. Worth trying. Not everything is about bodies and looks. Skill does make a massage more enjoyable!
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    The memory of money boys is exceptional

    When visiting Borobudur in Java I was positively mobbed for that purpose and I must be on at least 50-60 of those selfies including whole class , one by one with teacher first
  24. 4 points

    Dreamboy Paradiso

    Of course full report and review coming soon when I visit this new place on my next BKK trip!!! I also invite all of you to share your experience (when it opened) and any info in Dream Boys Paradiso on this thread. Many thanks!!!
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    I think it just happens to have a disproportionate number of fans who post in this forum. Clearly Balcony/Telephone are far more "popular". The food is perfectly fine and there's usually something for everyone on the menu, a nice staff that manages to be fun and friendly and competent. The scene on the soi is both louche with all the sex trade going on, and for the longer-term visitors, even wholesome, with the kids playing football in the street, watching the "family" meals at Bangkok Massage, etc. -- so for me the people watching is better. Seats a bit more comfortable and with a fraction more space than Balcony/Telephone, IMHO. But overall for me it's the staff. They're non-offable, so it's just more an island of relaxed fun with friends and maybe a little harmless flirtation, surrounded by an ocean of fairly amusing depravity. I'll certainly miss it more than any part of soi T.
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    Latest Soi Twilight Rumor (Nov 2018)

    I doubt if those of us who visited Bangkok all those years ago are stuck moping around with our memories. We are all a lot older now. Some have settled down with long term partners. We have all changed and our interests re nighttime entertainment have changed/evolved over time. We may also have discovered other countries. The scene may not be as vibrant as Thailand but its there in many countries. I for one take life as it comes. I change. The entertainment scene changes. There is still a great deal to enjoy. Theres no doubt that the rise of the apps is one reason for recent changes in the nighttime scene. But internet hook-ups did not start just with smart phones, grindr, hornet and their like. In the second half of the 1990s there were several internet sites where Thai guys put up the same sort of information found on the apps now. There were also gay dating sites like gay.com. I met many guys from those sites. Chatting took a lot longer but the hook ups when they finally happened seemed at least to me a bit more meaningful. I reckon the decline in the bar and nighttime scene actually started around 2000. Blame the first Thaksin government's Social Order campaigns. I think for the first time the existence of male gogo bars, saunas and massage spas was brought home to the average man in the street, especially in the countryside. This was the first time government Ministers were pictured holding up used condoms and hints given about gay farangs coming for sex tourism. Of course Thais had been enjoying their own much larger underground sex scene for many decades. Farangs filling girlie bars were different. That was OK. But in a very conservative society the thought of their country having a reputation as a sex haven for gays was not welcome. The countrywide popularity ratings of that homophobic Minister rocketed. Interesting I think that in the 80s and 90s Thais always seemed to outnumber farang in the bars. Yet from 2000 the Thais began to disappear. Where they went to and why I never thought about till now. Also that bars rarely seemed to bother changing their business model. Owners failed to realise that the general farang customer was ageing and not being replaced by enough younger ones. The only one making radical change was Twilight which completely changed and became Hotmale. Probably the most popular bar Barbiery moved from its ideal Suriwong location opposite Soi Twilight into larger premises close to Mango Tree. The atmosphere was dead, the mostly twink boys became more manly and customers stayed away in their droves. It quickly died. Even though the gay world has got much bigger over the decades there is still nowhere like Thailand. Long may it continue . And long may we continue to cherish memories of so many wonderful times whenever we experienced them.
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    Latest Soi Twilight Rumor (Nov 2018)

    In a way, i feel blessed not knowing how soi twilight or bangkok used to be. I dont have to mopped around thinking of what it was and what itll never be again and just enjoying the current scene. Ive read few articles that the main culprit of the downfall of gay gogobars was the advancement of apps, and the increasing popularity of live cam website and of course, free porn are so easy to get nowadays. It will not replace what gogobars can offer but there are other benefits that also gogobars cant offer. Its cheaper, u can chat with boys without middle man, and nothing beats free, porn or sex.One of the more significant advantage of apps is its 24/7. I still prefer bars, seeing and touching the boys are definitely better than online assessment, but the cost adds up pretty quick as ive experienced during my last trip. Gogobars will still be a unique experiences for the tourist but less so for the local, and i believe local support to a business are more important for a business to keep running compared to the seasonal tourists. Thus explained why some bars like jupiter and bbb are enjoying a rather great stream of locals and tourists alike, with more of the hot guys sticking around the bars. As a tourist, i dont have time to wade through bunch of profiles in multiple apps to find the one boy who might not look the same in person. Massage places are almost similar with what i have back home, so that leaves gogobars and overnight, the two main reason id still go to thailand. All i need is one bars full of hot guys and for one night, i just need 1 boy, and thats all it takes to keep me happy
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    Hotel Reviews Bangkok

    Prices are approximate, due to variation in charges Baan Silom Soi 3 (1250 ~1500 baht) Remains my preferred hotel, with spacious clean & comfortable rooms at a very reasonable price if booked some time in advance. Good size room safe & guests OK. I stayed there for the first 4 nights of my holiday again. However, as my long holiday also included several 1 night stays in Bangkok, I tried some other hotels, so that I have some "backup" hotel options. In some cases, I was booking at short notice & choice was restricted. The Nantra Silom (Approx 1100 baht) Overall, this is a terrible option. Despite great location, nice sized rooms and white décorl. It is not cleaned properly, has grubby sheets, grubby showers and the plumbing is in need of some serious maintenance. The shower valve needed special technique to switch it on and off. The toilet run continuously unless switched off at the wall. I shall not stay here again whilst under current management. Fixing all of the above issues should add no more than about 50 baht to the room rate. Adequate room safe & guests OK. But AVOID it. V-Place Silom (1000~1400 baht) This is located close to Sala Daeng BTS, upstairs from the KFC. A short walk to the public transport for a 1 night stay. Large room, but windowless, which I generally avoid,but of course it means you have no noticeable road noise. However, door to the room is flimsy and doesn’t attenuate noise from the corridor, so I was woken by other guests returning at 3:00 am. Also, the aircon temp is fixed at something near 20C, which is too damn cold when I have been getting used to 26C. Adequate room safe & guests OK. D Varee Express Pula Silom (approx. 1250 baht) Also close to the BTS, located on the same soi as G Bangkok gay night club. My room had no noise from the club or the road, but was on the 5th floor, which must help. The room was compact, but quite sufficient for my needs. Nice fresh modern décor & comfortable bed. There was a long desk, with a moulded chair which was actually comfortable enough to sit in. This did not have opening windows, but some of those glass bricks. The only apparent method of ventilation appeared to be the extractor fan in the bathroom, but my room was certainly fresh upon arrival. Aircon OK & controllable. Adequate room safe. I didn’t test the guest policy as I went for a naughty massage instead. However, the place was clearly popular with other gay couples & I would be very surprised if guests were a problem. I like this hotel. Unfortunately, it can take quite some time to find out which places have room safes and so on, with booking sites. Therefore, I'm thinking we could collaborate and compile hotel options in a table, something like the following example, which contains the information I first need to look at. Any thoughts on format ? Any volunteers to add something ? I suppose I need to figure out where to put a shared excel file. Note distances are by google maps, walking. I have only stayed in the first 4 hotels on the table.
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    Dreamboy Paradiso

    Now that would be a nice turn of events
  31. 3 points

    Soi Twilight closing....what?

    never too many threads about soi Twilight, I agree it was interesting to read all those rumors and speculations and compare to future reality. Painful reality for me I haste to add because not only I like soi Twilight but at the same time I don't like soi 4. But I guess if we don't have what we like we must like what we have
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    Soi Twilight closing....what?

    All bars are closed tonight. A banner outside Fresh Boys tonight. Door opened but no boys, just a few minders loitering about. One of them told me that they will be open on Sunday.
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    was originally kinda hoping to see you and paulsf tonight at Maxis, but that of course turned out to be impossible. Soi Twilight tonight: Deader than dead lol. Though the two guys in the pic chatted me up as I took these pictures and the right hand (weed smoking) one was quick to ask me if I wanted boy massage LOL. Like that was something special and hard to find in the general Silom/Surawong area haha. I didn't realize how far the redevelopment has already taken it's toll, with the steel construction fence up to the left of Fresh Boys, which was Bonny Massage, right? Bangkok Massage still intact though
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    G Boys

    This thread provides an object lesson in how bars differ on different occasions. G Boys was formerly the old XSize in Twilight. One of the first bars to relocate out of Twilight. As XSize its attraction was its range of twinks for all tastes from slightly fem to moderately built and a range of nationalities. Thai, Myanmar, Lao, Cambodian, Vietnamese. However, it was variable. Some nights a stage packed with a multinational array of charming twinks. Some nights walk up the stairs, look, and with a rueful smile descend back to street level. Often on these occasions the authorities were cracking down on non-Thai guys. I had some of my best experiences with guys from there, also the worst. One of the mamasans was my pick for All Time Most Irritating, and I usually get on well with mamasans. Last trip I wanted to see it in its new location and, based on that one visit, I would go back. Twinks of all types, multiple nationalities, two stand-outs. But only three customers. Although to be fair it was quite early. That was September. Now we have reports that December was muscle and January rough trade. My guess is that the Soi Wall Street location is not helping business. Go and take a look. If it is a good night, great. If not, just appraise the room, smile and leave.
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    Unless you have substantial mobility issues, you should be able to walk. Do not despair. Bangkok guys are masters at re-flation.
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    Latest Soi Twilight Rumor (Nov 2018)

    The new Dreamboy bar is near Patpong police box. The exterior is nearly done, they are working on the interior but the venue is apparently very small. Therefore the Thai owner is planning to reduce drink price to 350baht from 500 baht.
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    I really think this was circumstantial. I find farangs and Asians equally welcome as first time visitors, and only segregated into “preferred” and “non preferred” once the bar gets a sense of their spending. Like everyone else says, mamasan could see you were there to seriously engage an off, there was the expectation of business for the bar and a tip for boy and him. Perhaps they knew something about the group of farangs that you did not? Many well meaning but clueless holidaymakers come to the bars to drink and have fun, and take up boy’s time because they enjoy chatting to a real “Thai gogo boy” but leave without offing or tipping because they simply are not aware this is where the real money is made. I see this at Jupiter all the time. On mamasans, I have had both good and bad experiences. But some can become good companions once you cut through all the initial flattery and guff. One mamasan I’ve gotten to know well shares with me his career and family anxieties, and not in an effort to lobby for tips either. He doesn’t enjoy mamasan work in Bangkok, finds it boring most days, feels heart stricken when he and fellow mamasans have worked hard all night to chat up customers and they leave with no offs because they don’t like the boys or other reasons. I have offed him to join me for a drink in other bars just to liven up his quieter evenings. I was very touched when he tried to steer me to bars where he has an open bottle so I don’t pay for all the drinks. Now when he knows I’m in town, he hopefully texts “Tonight I can leave by 11.30!”
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    This is my own opinion, but a guy who is alone, regardless farang or asian, are more likely going there to look for an off? So if u are alone, chances are mamasan would prefer to get u the boy. Might be wrong but i believe this also play some part
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    Welcome to the board! First of all, you're not responsible for the actions of a mamasan. You're kind to notice the issue, but don't worry. As to the question of attitude towards Chinese and/or western customers, I think overall it ends up being no different from any other customers. If you're a bit younger then you're likely to be a more desirable customer for the guys, and walking with you down the street to the hotel might be a little less cringe-worthy than for some customers (e.g., me), and they might find the sex a bit less of a chore. But it's still just a job. I know some guys at the bars who prefer farang, but I know many more who find other asians more attractive (as do I), so color of money not nationality prevails. The job of the guys working at the bars is to figure out and be more attentive to the customers who might tip / tip well. If you are engaging with a mamasan then the mamasan will try to earn his/her tip, and if that means getting your guy to come to chat with you, they're just doing their job. Certainly if I tell a mamasan I want to chat with ##, I expect the mamasan to go tell the guy and if he's available bring him over. If the mamasan says he's busy or not available, not problem.
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    I never read The Men of Thailand but I have read lots of posts on various chat rooms about what Bangkok was like in the 'old days'. I also have my own memories of the era. Difficult to know how much views have changed as people have grown older and the spectacles pinker. One thing does seem certain though. The gay bar scene was much more active 20 even 25 years ago. My memories differ a bit from BiggusDikkus. The original Twilight bar was quite dark on entry. It was lorded over by a couple of older trans women who fluttered around behind the long bar. There was also a small guy who always seemed to be rushing around adding extra seats on the large floor area at the weekends when the bar was packed more with Thais than farang or pushing boys to get dressed when they were offed. These are only a small part of my memory. The lasting one is of a large number of amazing boys. Until about 9 pm they would do s rather bored soft shoe shuffle 4 at a time on the tiny stage behind the bar. But one of the mamasans would then bark an order when the short pants would then come off and the boys would dance naked. Many were a bit shy and covered their assets. After each group of four came offstage still naked they would walk round through the customers and stand around one of the mirrored pillars. The best place to sit was at the left side of the bar. Once the order had been given, the 4 boys due onstage would sit crouched behind the bar desperately trying to get themselves even slightly erect. They didn't care that a group of Thais and farang were sitting watching them. Later in the evening there would often be a show (maybe only at weekends - not sure). Two pairs of boys would start on the stage, With a degree of athleticism they would then clamber over on to the top of the bar. Theyd then manoeuvre themselves slowly along the bar and back again. Im sorry BiggusDikkus did not enjoy Twilight then. I loved it same as I loved the better run and more fun Barbiery across the road. Also the various bars like Super Lek and the original Super A near where Mango Tree is located. They were in full swing then. There was a lot of fun there, just as there was in the still young Soi 4 and in the small DJ Station soi. Babylon had opened and offered a myriad of delights . The only problem was having to queue to get in at the weekends. Several other saunas had sprung up along with quite a few gay massage spas. The choice was quite amazing. I agree. I also consider myself so lucky to have enjoyed that era. Bangkok was heaven.
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    Guys on layaway....

    The latest models of phones by Chinese manufacturers as well as Nokia with good specifications can be had for 5k baht. More than good enough for the common prostitutes to do all the promotions in their daily life, communicating with the family and friends, playing games etc, and then put the rest of money in the bank for future needs. That is living beyond tomorrow.
  42. 2 points

    Latest Soi Twilight Rumor (Nov 2018)

    yes, I remember is from my first trips in 2001 and 2002
  43. 2 points

    Bars Report 2019

    I too find BBB's now fully clothed boys far from satisfactory. A multitude of sins - such as body hair:) - could be hidden. It seemed only the muscular guys took their shirts off. There were a couple of potential offs last time, but I passed because I couldn't really check them out properly. They've also removed the proper seating directly in front of the stage and replaced it with small stools so they can cram a few more punters in for the show. Last time I was there, this resulted in a shrieking girl on the front row knocking drinks over behind her, as she recoiled from the fake cum in the big cock show. I had to sit through the rest of the show with beer soaked shorts.
  44. 2 points
    Le Meridien to new Dreamboy. Less than 200m. @BenG1000
  45. 2 points
    ? Not dead just yet. I don't expect people to be coming from around the world as if it were a circuit party, but with luck this week and upcoming weekend will be jam packed with funseekers trying to catch the Twilight of the Soi. It will be a good chance to have fun, firm up some memories, lighten your wallet, and get Line or Facebook contact info for hotties on your "to do" list, while they're all in one place. (I've already started doing that.) I admit once the "right" side of the soi is all closed and fenced in, sitting at Maxi's or Hot Male will lose a certain amount of it's charm, but 'cross the street eye candy or no -- like the band on the Titanic -- I certainly expect to playing there until the last call -- which as of two days ago, was expected to be April 16 or 17 (after Songkran) for Maxi's.
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    Jupiter 2018 is open!

    Just got back from Jupiter. Was there from 10.30pm till 2am. PJ away in Chiang Mai so he didn’t sing tonight. Lots of customers. It was one of the boys’ birthday so the singers sang birthday song and a birthday cake was brought out for him. Jupiter boys usual high standards in appearance and performance on stage. However, two cute waiters caught my eye. Tipped them when leaving.
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    Beautiful Tribute

    I have to say, this country has pulled together since the tragedy and not become the side show that America becomes after tons of these incidents. This video really moved me. https://www.theguardian.com/world/video/2019/mar/18/students-perform-haka-to-pay-tribute-to-classmates-killed-in-christchurch-video
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    Beautiful Tribute

    The speed at which the nation's leaders moved to ban assailant weapons stands in stark contrast to the feeble reaction US lawmakers can be counted on to display in the wake of similar tragedies.
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    Latest Soi Twilight Rumor (Nov 2018)

    yes , this is what I think and hope as well. It's nice to have memories but I'm one of those who rather think about next trip than cherish memories of previous one. Like spoon said above , at end of day and beginning of night all we need is one bar and one boy from that bar
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    I'm excited about the change. I'll be in bkk early April after being in Pattaya. I can't wait to see the seeds of change taking root. No need to walk through the old soi kicking cans and looking sad. The soi lost my money a while ago with their expensive drinks and this is a chance for them to try and reinvent their bars.
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